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The After life

Bella was turned into a vampire during the battle between Edward and Victoria at the end of Eclipse. Her love leaves but he swears he'll come back for her. Seventeen years later she meets a human boy who resembles to her long lost love, or is he?


4. The beginning

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Chapter 4 –The beginning-

Several months passed through as water between my fingers. We visited the Denali clan after moving from Forks. They just couldn’t believe what had happened, it was impossible.

Eleazar, Carmen and Kate were in a deep shock, they made their best effort to confort us.

Tanya received the news in the most awful way, she felt guilty for being angry at us earlier when Laurent had been killed by the wolves because of me. Her sister Irina had left the clan after that.

“If only we knew you had been threatened by Victoria I would’ve convinced Laurent to tell me all about her plans, I could’ve helped.” She said with her voice about to break.

“There’s nothing we could have done, neither Alice saw what was about to happen.” Carlisle replied.

“And of course having the wolves there didn’t help her visions right?” Tanya answered angrily.

“I know you don’t care but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them, maybe none of us would!” I shouted.

“Relax Bella, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you, you were Edward’s beloved and for that simple reason you’re part of this family too, and of course we all care about you.” Tanya’s words were so convincing that I didn’t have to do my best to cool down.

“It just reminds me that Irina left so broken hearted when she heard Laurent was dead, by the wolves.” Tanya added. “I just miss my sister very much, we know nothing about her.”

Actually I simpathized with Irina. We both knew what it is to lose the reason of your existance. I understood Laurent didn’t want to hurt me, it’s just the way it is, some live as the predators we actually are, some others don’t; and I truly felt sorry for Irina. I wished the wolves hadn’t finished with her partner like that. There must be a way to coexist without carrying for centuries the hatred and the sense of revenge. Speaking for myself I didn’t need revenge at all, nor did then neither do now. All I ever needed is peace.

One night I heard Carlisle and Eleazar talking, they were whispering actually. “I am still astonished by how fast Bella has gained self control, she doesn’t look like a novice. And you say she’s never felt attracted to humans’ blood?” Eleazar asked.

“She has never shown herself eager to feed on humans, she ignores them. I guess the pain of having lost Edward distracts her from that part of her beign.” Carlisle answered. “She swears that he will come back for her.”

The Denalis asked us about our plans. Actually we didn’t have any. Alice and Jasper had been gone for some time then, no news at all. Rosalie and Emmett wanted to stay, they promised to themselves that they would take care of me after Edward and so they did. We all became very close, as real siblings. I guess we all needed, including Carlisle and Esme to stay together, it made life more bearable.

While staying in Alaska, we all talked about Edward very much. I found out so many things I didn’t know about him, but most of all, I found out I hadn’t forgotten a single minute since we met.

We all laughed for the very first time in a very long while, recalling this and that. It almost felt as if he was there with us.

And he was. With me. He never left. I could feel his presence in every move I made. So I decided to go on, I could live with that.

I suggested to move to Chicago, it was my best shot to be near him, to learn more about his human life. Who was the sick masoquistic lion now?

“I don’t think it’s a very good idea.” Carlisle suggested. “It could be worst for us, we need to let him go.”

“Please, I don’t want to be selfish, it’s just I could never say goodbye.” I begged. “It doesn’t have to be forever, I just want to know the place where he was born.”

“Fair enough, the girl has a point.” Carmen said. “You all need to embrace him so you can finally let him go.” She concluded.

But I was sure I wasn’t going to let him go.

Esme supported my idea, so it was decided. Even though Chicago isn’t always cloudy, it has long winters with very short days, so Carlisle would get a job in the night shift at the General Hospital.

“I’ve always wanted to try arts!” Emmett said. “I could try the Art Institute of Chicago, it sounds like a good idea.”

We arrived to the windy city during a cold autumn night. A car was waiting for us at the airport. We were heading to a house Dr. Cullen owned.

“I need to see the place where he lies before nothing else.” I suggested.

“Ok, let’s go, we want to say hello too.” Carlisle agreeded.

“I’d rather go by myself if you don’t mind.” I replied.

The car stopped outside the Oakswood cemetery. I got out of the car and I could feel the cold breeze though I had the same low temperature. The wind was blowing hard. The doors were shut by then, no visitors were allowed at that hour. I knocked the door of a little house

and an old man with alcoholic breath came out, he was the guard. I don’t know if it was fear or the look in my face, but he let me in without even asking.

“I am looking for a family grave, I wonder if you could tell me how to find it.” I told the man.

“Of course young lady, I’ve worked here for thirty years, I know every grave.” He said. “Just tell me the family’s name.”

“Masen, Mr Edward and Elizabeth Masen.” I spat each word slowly.

The man who was carrying a flashlight turned at me when he heard the names. “Ah, I remember that grave very well, a relative from the Masens was buried some months ago; it was a very lonely service, only a slim blond man and his wife came to say goodbye. I wonder who they were. I didn’t know the Masens had any descendants, I heard their only boy lies with them, they all died of Spanish influenza around the 1920’s.” He taught me.

“1918 for being exact, and yes, that’s the one I’m looking for.” I said.

The guard seemed confused and curious, what could a young girl would possibly want in a cemetery that couldn’t wait until next morning. He was afraid, so I said trying to calm him “He was the Masens’ great grandson, and I am the widow. I couldn’t be present at the funeral because I was recovering from the terrible accident where he lost his life, so now I’m fine I decided to come, and it’s the first thing I’ve done since I arrived to the city a couple of hours ago. I’m sorry for the hour, I know I shouldn’t be doing this.”

The guard seemed to understand, he headed me to the grave and offered me the light. I accepted it though I didn’t need it, I can see perfectly in the darkness.

“I will leave you alone, there must be so much you want to say, so just turn off the light and on again several times and I will come back to guide you to the exit when you’re ready mam.” He kindly told me.

I got nearer with very slow steps. That grave was the physical confirmation of his death. I kneeled in front of it. I could still read the epitaph written on the gravestone.

“Edward and Elizabeth Masen lie benath this stone taking care of their son Edward’s eternal sleep”. The date was all blurred. A second epitaph had been added recently and I touched with the tip of my fingers the engraved letters “Edward Anthony Cullen Masen, dearest son, brother and husband. We will miss you eternaly.” I felt a bolt of electricity when I touched the grave, he wasn’t my husband by law, but indeed by feelings. And I realised that eternity wasn’t long enough for missing him.

I was so focused in my thoughts that I didn’t notice it was snowing, maybe the first snow of the season. The wind blew fiercely so I looked around, there were no leaves or grass left, it was too cold for it to grow. I turned back to the grave and saw lavender, lillies and freesia little wild bushes moving with the wind, growing all around the grave. I felt the bolt of electricity again. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, it was as if Edward was standing in front of me, it smelled like him. I could have stayed in there forever.

“There’s no need to talk.” I said out loud, “I know you know I’m here, and I will always be waiting for you. It doesn’t matter if I have to wait for centuries, you waited for me too. I am not saying goodbye to you.”

The old man was standing behind me, he coughed a couple of times to make me know he was waiting; there was no need for that, I had already smelled him.

“I am a widow too.” He mourned. “I know what it is to live without the one you love the most, booze helps a little.”

I let him guide me to the exit where a black car was waiting for me.

The car’s door opened and I let myself in. I saw through the mirror that the old man was still looking at me, I guess he knew all the time he had been in danger with me by his side, alone. I wish I could’ve read his thoughts.

“I hope you had a nice talk with him.” Emmett said. He stopped the car in the next corner and in an unexpected movement, he turned around and hugged me very tight. He was about to collapse.

“Oh Bella forgive me! You are my little sister and I’m supposed to take care of you, it’s just I miss him so much.” He shrieked. “I admire you, you are so strong, I don’t know where you take your strenght from, how do you manage to continue?” He continued with dispair in his eyes.

“Emmett I need to tell you something, and I’m sure you’ll think a fool of me but it doesn’t matter” I shrieked back. “He’s not gone, I know it, I feel it, he is somewhere waiting for us.”

“It’s a beatiful fantasy Bella, you’re not a fool if it makes you happy to think that way.”

I didn’t reply back. Maybe it was like the fantasy of hearing his voice when I did stupid things back then in my human life, between the dispair of being left alone. But this time I wasn’t alone. Beyond my vampire senses, there was another sense of company, like when you’re being watched; like when you are alone in a room but you know there’s someone else in the next door. I couldn’t ask Emmett to understand that, he would probably think I had lost my mind. Maybe I had.

We drove through the lightened city and then through the suburbs.