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The Cullens Voted "No"!

The majority vote told Bella that she would be staying human so she's taking matters into her own hands. Bella journey's back to Italy with an unexpected friend. She plans to surrender her life to keep the Cullens safe! But Aro sees a waste of potential power in her request! What will Bella do? Live forever or die for good!!!

Crazy, I know, right???!!!

1. Isabella Swan... Volturi Guard Member???

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Isabella Swan... Volturi Guard Member???

Bella’s POV

I thought about that night one more time as I walked toward my death. The majority of my voters had ruled in favor of my staying human. Only Alice, Jasper, and Esme stood with me. Carlisle was the deciding vote, but wouldn’t go against Edward. I suspected that Edward had managed to threaten him with something. I knew that Alice saw him kidnaping me. She told me so, herself, right before I came up with my plan, and told Edward to leave. He thought I was hurt by the decision, but I was crying because I had to fool him just long enough. He took me home, and I ordered him away. I could tell he was hurting, but I had to protect him. Now, I was almost to the Volturi. It had taken a lot of narrow escapes to get here, but I was glad that I had some help. I was surprised when my frequent visits to La Push led to an awkward but strong camaraderie with Leah. She was my ticket to Italy without interference, and I was her ticket out of La Push. When we, boarded our plane and I had smiled.

“There’s a look I haven’t seen in a while,” Leah mused. I smiled wider.

“Italy is beautiful,” I explained. “You’ll have some great landscapes for your artwork.”

Now it was her turn to smile. “I hope so. London is beautiful, too, though. I may have to go on a tour of Europe sometime. You should come with me,” she said. My smile faded. She didn’t know about my plans.

“I’ll be staying in Volterra. Don’t freak out if you smell a vampire, though. I know that there are a few of them around, but it’s no big deal,” I said. “There are vampires pretty much everywhere.”

“Stupid leeches,” she muttered. “Okay, let’s just sit back and enjoy the flight.”

I nodded and leaned against my seat, thinking about what was going to happen. I wondered if it would hurt. As long as Edward didn’t try to stop me I was fine with whatever happened. The plane ride seemed to end too soon, and now I was walking back into the building I had narrowly escaped from. I had said goodbye to Leah at the airport. She wanted to avoid the vampires because her control wasn’t strong enough to keep her from phasing. I had smiled and nodded. We made no promises to meet up in the future. I took a deep breath as I opened the door, and stepped into the waiting room. The receptionist was new. I wondered what had happened to Gianna, but I had a good guess, too. She said something in Italian, but I shook my head.

“English?” I asked timidly. She smiled.

“Of course,” she replied. “How may I help you?”

“My name is Bella Swan. I have an urgent matter to discuss with Aro, please,” I said evenly. She nodded, and picked up the phone. Soon after she hung up, Alec came through the doors.
“Ah, Bella, Aro is most anxious to see you. I must say, I’m surprised to see that you’re still human. Did Edward change his mind?” he asked. His tone was formal, but kind.

“It’s a long story. To sum it up; I know what I’m doing, and I don’t care,” I said nonchalantly. He cocked his head to the side in slight confusion, then shrugged. I followed him to a chamber that was much different than the one I remembered.

“Bella, how lovely to see you again, but human? Surely, young Edward didn’t go back on his word,” Aro said. I shook my head.

“Not all of the Cullens were as fond of me as Edward and Alice,” I replied. “My decision to be here is purely my own. Edward doesn’t even know unless Alice saw me. I know what I’m doing, though.”

“And what is it you think you know?” Caius asked in harsh tones.

“I came here to save you the trouble of a trip to America,” I answered politely. “My only request is that you kill me quickly. Though I’d never dream of revealing your existence to anyone, I know that a law is a law. My father is the Chief of Police in Forks so I was taught to always obey the law.”

Aro looked shocked, Caius grinned cruelly, and, as he was the last time I saw him, Marcus looked bored.

“Dear Bella, you do have another option. You don’t have to die. Join us and live forever,” Aro said persuasively. I hadn’t thought about that. I remembered Aro’s interest in being unable to read my every thought. He was looking for another useful talent. I considered it for a little longer.

“If I were to join the guard, what exactly would that entail,” I asked curiously. Aro’s eyes lit up.

“Anything you wanted would be provided, within reason. You would go with the other guard members on missions to deal with law breakers, depending on your talents. Train with experienced fighters, and protect the anonymity of vampires everywhere,” he said. His voice had slipped back into the persuasive tone. I considered it for a few more seconds.

“Alright, I’ll join,” I said confidently.

“Excellent,” Aro replied. “I warn you, this will hurt.” He led me to a different chamber.

“I know,” she said, shuddering at the memory. “I was bit a little over a year ago, but Edward sucked the venom back out.”

“Yes, I seem to recall that memory in his mind. I was so surprised that he was able to stop. Such powerful control,” he said, mesmerized. I nodded. “Are you ready?” Aro asked.
“Yes,” Bella replies. He bit my neck and wrist. I screamed as the fire burned through me. It hurt more than anything I had ever felt, more than Edward leaving, more than me telling him to go away. I couldn’t feel anything except for the flames inside my veins. They consumed my thoughts until I learned to think around them. Edward. Maybe, I could talk to Edward. Maybe I could apologize for the way I behaved. I hoped so. Alice. She could probably see me now. I wondered what she thought. I tried to concentrate on something other than the inferno raging inside me, but it wouldn’t be ignored, so I dealt with it. Eventually I stopped screaming. The fire retreated after what seemed like forever. It withdrew to my heart, and after another lifetime vanished altogether except for a dry burning in the back of my throat.

I opened my eyes. Alec, Jane, Demetri, and Felix were standing in front of Aro who was smiling benevolently. Some sort of protective instinct triggered in me. I flew off the table hissing and backing away from them. Aro chuckled.

“Dearest Bella, none of us will harm you. Welcome to the family,” he said, reaching his hand out toward me. I hissed again, but soon realized that I was overreacting. I was a member of the guard now. It was weird to think that they had scared me so much, but now I was one of them. I walked forward and took his hand. A flash of disappointment crossed his face before it could be replaced with a blinding smile. “I still hear nothing from you. How interesting.”

“Perhaps, we have found another shield, master,” suggested Jane. “You cannot hear her mind. I cannot use my talents on her.”

“That would be splendid, Jane. Yes, Bella must be a shield,” marveled Aro. I looked at him with confusion.

“What do you mean by shield?” I asked.

“In the guard, we have groups of different talents. A shield is one with a gift that allows them to protect some part of themselves from invasion or attack. Your shield seems to protect your mind only. You will make an amazing addition to the Volturi. But first, you have a visitor,” he said, smiling widely. Who would be visiting me? We walked to the chamber I had entered just three days ago where a short vampire with gold eyes and dark, spiky hair was waiting impatiently.

“Bella!” Alice exclaimed. She walked forward cautiously, but I closed the distance quickly and hugged her. “I got on a plane as soon as I saw you becoming a vampire and joining the Volturi. I even ran into Leah while making my connection in London. I know why you hid yourself from my visions, so I didn’t tell anyone.” She looked me in the eyes. “I’m the only one of the family that knows you’re a vampire. If you want, it will stay that way.”

A dim memory of Edward’s face leapt into my mind. I felt a stab of pain and bit my lower lip lightly. I didn’t know what to do about him.

“How is he?” I asked. She averted her eyes.

“Jasper has to keep a constant influence over him. He doesn’t like it, but I begged him to. Edward was trying to do the same thing you had intended when you came here,” her voice trailed off and her eyes slid out of focus. Dread contorted her features.

“Alice, what are you seeing?” I asked frantically.

“Damn him,” she yelled. “Damn him straight into the fires of hell! He got away from Jasper.” Just then, her cell phone vibrated. “Hey, Jazz, I know. I just saw a vision of him coming here.”

I could here Jasper on the other line. “What’s going to happen?” he asked.

“He’s not going to hear what he’s expecting to hear,” she said, and then looked at me pleadingly. I knew what she wanted to say. I waved my hand in acquiescence. She smiled.

“What’s he going to hear, Alice?” Jasper asked.

“Well, it’s more what he’s going to see that will be shocking. He didn’t give Bella enough credit. She used Leah Clearwater as a companion to hide herself from my visions and went to the Volturi. She’s a member of the guard, Jasper. Just finished the transformation today,” she said. I heard his gasp of shock on the other end.

“She went to the Volturi all by herself,” he said. “You followed her to Volterra!” Jasper sounded shocked and worried. Alice’s eyes slid out of focus for a few seconds.

“Jasper, I’ll be safe, but there might be a chance for you to beat Edward here. He’s trying to hide his true intentions from me, so he’s going a roundabout way. Tell the others and bring the ones that want to come. He needs to think reasonably.”

“Alice,” he said in a reverent tone.

“I know. Me too, Jasper,” Alice replied, and I realized that this was their ‘I love you’. She flipped the phone shut, throwing me an apologetic look. “I leave for two days, and everything falls to pieces. So, Bella, Edward will be here in the early hours of tomorrow. The rest of the family will beat him to Volterra by an hour.”

She turned to Aro. “Please promise me that none of my family will be harmed. When Edward sees Bella, he’s going to be shocked. Let Jasper handle him. My husband is more than capable of keeping control of him,” she pleaded. Aro considered this. Alice sighed. “If you let Jane or Alec loose on him, it won’t work. Bella will protect him. Her shield is more powerful than even I could have foreseen from the beginning.”

Aro’s eyes widened, but he didn’t speak his mind. He simply smiled and said, “Bella, how awful I am being. You must be thirsty. Come, we have an excellent selection waiting.”

Alice narrowed her eyes, but soon let it go, muttering, “When in Rome,” and stalking away. “I’m going shopping, Bella,” she said as she walked toward the door.

“Okay, I’ll see you later Alice,” I said. I didn’t really like the idea of killing a human being, but once I caught their scent it didn’t matter. I couldn’t stop myself. I drained two humans before I was full. The dry burning in the back of my throat was mild, but still there.

After I had fed, Aro took me to meet the other guard members. I was amazed at how kind they could be. Felix reminded me of Emmett; big, brawny, and hilarious. It was odd to see them so lax. What surprised me the most was how easily I got along with Jane and Heidi. In all actuality, they seemed like great people. Chelsea and Afton made such a cute couple, too. Demetri was really smart, and Santiago was a total flirt! We talked for hours, and I almost forgot what was going to happen. But then, Alice and the rest of the Cullens- besides Edward- walked in.