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Truth hurts

Bella just got out of an abusive relationship, and is falling in love again. This time, when she is being abused at a Halloween party, Jasper is there to help her. Will Bella have the strength to kill the man that hurt her so badly? If she doesn’t, somebody else will. Jasper kills Bella’s ex- boyfriend, and leaves him in the woods. Or so they thought… What if he didn’t die, and he came back to get his revenge? Will Bella and her gang be able to escape the horror house? Chapter 5 is done. I just have to send it to my beta and then i can posti it:)

This is a BellaXJasper story. Only there are several twist along the way. They have to fight hard to keep what they have strong. There will be violence, i don't know how extreme yet, but i'm cetain you're going to see it somewhere.

1. Unnecessry Memories

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Rosalie’s Pov

My friends and I shuffled our way up the stairs to Emmet’s new condo. It looks like Alice has already bombarded the house, because there’s Halloween decorations everywhere. I don’t know how she found the time to decorate all of this in two hours.

“ You like it, babe?” my gorgeous boyfriend, Edward asked.

I put on a huge smile and hugged him.

“ It’s perfect,” I said, glad that I would be spending most of my time here with him.

I wasn’t lying, the house is fantastic. The house was wood, but had a numerous amount of windows. There was a huge staircase leading up to the front doors, made of glass. There was a string of lights winding up the railing on the staircase. There were many creepy things popping out of random places, no doubt, done by Alice. I love her though, she kept our little gang together since fifth grade. We finally made it inside. I just kind of stopped in my tracks because the house was so huge.

The entire interior was painted white, even the carpet was white. The furniture was black. Two leather recliners were nestled right in front of the fireplace. There was a coffee table in the middle of the living room, surrounded by two wrap around couches. A 65” plasma sat mounted on the far wall, above the shelf of books Emmet will never read. I was highly impressed. Emmet was living it up, with his brother Edward right by his side.

“ Shit, Em. How did you pay for all this?” my brother, Jasper asked.

Emmet grinned and winked. “ I have my ways,” he said mischievously. “ I assume you guys want to check out the back yard,” Em said.

“ Duh,” Bella said.

We all laughed and followed Em outside. If I didn’t think the condo could get any better, I was sadly mistaken. The pool itself was amazing. There was a soft purple light illuminating the whole back yard. And there were tiki torches scattered around the whole yard. We all sat down in the lawn chairs by the fire pit.

“ So are we just gonna sit here and stare at each other all night?” Bella asked.

“ Not all night. We’re going to chill out here until the party starts. And of course my dear friend, Emmet, will be supplying the liquor,” Jasper said, grinning like an idiot.

“ Hell yeah. Already taken care of. Don’t worry,” Em said.

“ I hope you got some good shit,” Edward added.

“ No, I didn’t get anything good. I got us wine coolers,” Em said sarcastically.

“ Just making sure bro,” Edward said.

Suddenly, Edward leaned over and rested his head on my shoulder.

“ What’s wrong, Rose? You’re being really quiet,” he said. I looked into his big green eyes and kissed his cheek.

“ I’m fine,” I lied. I was actually getting a bad vibe, and I don’t know why.

“ At least she’s not being a bitch,” Jazz said.

“Hey! Shut the fuck up Jazz! She didn’t say shit to you,” Edward yelled. He was trying to get up but I held him back.

“ Chill, dude. She’s my sister and I can say whatever the hell I want to say to her,” Jazz said trying to get up, too.

And that pissed me off. I jumped out of my chair and started marching towards Jazz.

“ Oh shit,” Em muttered as I walked past him.

“ Rose…” Bella said. I ignored her and stood in front of Jasper.

“ I don’t know why you think you can say whatever you want to me,” I told Jazz, “ but it needs to stop. I’ve had enough of your shit. Just because you’re two years older than me doesn’t mean you can boss me around!”

Jasper smirked at me, and then he laughed. He laughed.

“ I should knock your blond, Curly head right off you’re shoulders,” I threatened.

“ I wish you would,” Jazz said. I raised my fist to hit him, when Edward came up behind me and grabbed me by the waist.

“ Relax, babe,” he said. “ We came to party, and that’s what the hell we’re gonna do.”


Jasper problem aside, we partied. And we partied hard. Emmet wasn’t kidding when he said that he had already taken care of the liquor. There was about two whole cupboards full of it. I’d say there was about sixty- five people, most of them outside by the pool. Our little gang stayed inside, dancing to the intoxicating music. All of sudden, Emmet stopped.

“ Everybody get a glass,” he said. We did as he said and crowded around him.

“ Cheers for friendship for 11 years,” Em roared. “ Cheers!” we all said as we clinked our glasses together.

Bella got up and headed for the stairs. Jazz gently grabbed her by the arm, and said, “ You okay?”

Bella nodded. “ Yeah. Be right back. I have to pee,” she said.

“ Okay. Hurry up and get back to me,” Jazz whispered. She giggled and walked up the stairs.

Bella’s Pov

Okay, maybe I lied when I told Jazz I had to pee. But I wasn’t going to tell him that I really was going to puke my guts up. I was just about to twist the knob for the bathroom, when I heard a very distinct, very familiar voice drift up behind me.

“ Hey baby! I missed ya! Come here for a second,” my psycho ass ex- boyfriend said.

None other than, Mike Newton. Ugh. “ Hi,” I said.

He took that as an invitation and wrapped his arms around my waist, burying his face in my hair. I tried pushing him away, but he wouldn’t budge.

“ Come on, baby, Don’t be like that You know you still want me,” he said as he trailed kisses down my neck.

“ Not really,” I said, “ I think it’s more like: you still want me.”

He moved back a little and laughed mockingly.

“ Of course I still want you. I’d do anything to get you back. I don’t want you with that douche bag… what’s his name? Casper?” Mike said sarcastically.

“ It’s Jasper,” I said lamely.

“ Whatever. Can we talk for a second. You can’t ignore me forever.”

“ Fine. Just make it quick. I feel like I might barf,” I said.

He grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to an empty bedroom. I quietly sat down on the bed and rested my head on the headboard. Mike sat next to me, a little too close for comfort. He sure didn’t waste any time beating around the bush.

“ Do you love him?” he asked.

I just stayed silent, because it really wasn’t any of his business. He lifted my chin so that I had to look at him.

“ Answer me,” he whispered, staring intently into my eyes.

“Yes, I love him,” I said. Mike sighed and dropped his hand from my face. He wasn’t looking at me anymore when he asked his next question.

“ Are you fucking him?” he asked.

“ Now that’s where I stop you. It’s none of your business,” I spat.

“ So you are! Great. We just broke up two months ago and you’re already in love. And fucking some other guy. Bella, I’m done trying to be the right person for you. Everything I do seems to be wrong. I just…. I’m so pissed because I still love you. It hurts like hell to see you with another dude,” he said, tearing up a little.

It kind of made my heart sink because I did love Mike. I used to anyway. He was my first love, my first everything. I just can’t love him anymore. He’s not the same. I’m not going to bring up necessary memories. I’m not going to go back to the beatings.

“ Mike, I can’t love you anymore,” I said, turning to face him on the bed.

“ Yes you can, Bella. Just try. Have faith in me.” Mike grabbed my hands and held them to his chest.

“ Please, Bella…”

I shook my head. “ No. I’m not going back to you like I always did. Not this time. You changed. You’re not the same, sweet, caring Mike I used to love. You’re….. you’re Psychotic and way too overprotective- that’s why I broke up with you,” I said, instantly regretting the words once they were out.

That’s when tears poured out of his eyes, tears of rage. He wrapped his hands around my wrists and held my arms up over my head. He pushed me back into the headboard, causing me to hit my head really hard. He was squeezing my wrists so tightly, that I thought they might break. I screamed out in pain.

“ Mike! You’re hurting me! LET GO!” I demanded. When I looked at Mike, I swear all the vessels in his eyes had broke. He was scaring the shit out of me. I screamed again, this time, vomit came out with the scream. It went all over his face and on his clothes.

“ You bitch! You just puked on me!” Mike screamed. He wrapped his arms around my throat, slamming my head against the head board. I heard a loud thud when someone busted in the room.

“ Get. Your. Fucking. Hands. Off. Of. Her,” Jasper said calmly. That was the last thing I remember before I went dizzy and everything blacked out.