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Truth hurts

Bella just got out of an abusive relationship, and is falling in love again. This time, when she is being abused at a Halloween party, Jasper is there to help her. Will Bella have the strength to kill the man that hurt her so badly? If she doesn’t, somebody else will. Jasper kills Bella’s ex- boyfriend, and leaves him in the woods. Or so they thought… What if he didn’t die, and he came back to get his revenge? Will Bella and her gang be able to escape the horror house? Chapter 5 is done. I just have to send it to my beta and then i can posti it:)

This is a BellaXJasper story. Only there are several twist along the way. They have to fight hard to keep what they have strong. There will be violence, i don't know how extreme yet, but i'm cetain you're going to see it somewhere.

5. The escape

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Renesmee's POV

I'd came to the conclusion that I would be stuck in Mike Newton's basement forever. That is, until I met Edward and his friends. They gave me hope that the outside world still existed. Taking in all that information in one day had my brain fried. To top it all off, I hadn't slept in three days. Jake and I had devised many plans to get out of there, none of them succeeding. In one day, I found out that I had a long lost twin brother. In one day, I found out that my older brother was a psychopath. In one day, I found out that I might die in the near future. I refused to believe that. No way in hell was I going to die in Mike Newton's basement.

For the past hour, I'd been pacing back in forth the length of the minuscule room. I'd been trying to think of a new plan to get out of here. Since there were more people, it might've been easier to escape somehow. Emmett had told us that he was going to kill us. Why? What the hell did we even do to him. He didn't even seem to care that I was his sister. It was sad that for all those years he had known Edward, he could just discard him like a piece of trash. It truly broke my heart to see that. I had to get out of that place. I needed to get out of there! I threw my arms up in frustration. "Ugh," I muttered.

"Ness, stop stressing yourself. I promise we're going to figure this out soon," Jake said. He was huddled on the couch with Edward and Jasper, making plans.

Five days ago was when I learned about everybody's secret. Alice and I talked a little while after that and we found out that we had a lot in common. We both loved to shop. She promised me that she would take me on a shopping spree as soon as we got out of there. I prayed that day would be soon.

"Any new plans?" I asked. Jasper shook his head sadly.

"Nothing will work. I think we have to trick him somehow," Edward said, "but these guys just want to go straight for the kill."

"It's the only logical way," Jasper said, sitting up.

"Well, we just can't kill them, especially Emmett. I mean, he's still our brother," I said defensively.

"What the hell, Ness? You heard what he said. I'm not trying to be an asshole, but he wants to kill you, too. Do you want to wait until he kills one of us to take action?" Jake stood up and ran both of his hands through his shaggy hair, and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Jake, that's not what I mean. I think we do have to trick him. Mike, I mean."

He opened his eyes and looked at me skeptically. "Oh, really? And just how do you plan on 'tricking' him?" He crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow.

I hadn't given much thought to that particular plan of mine, and I had no idea if it was even going to work. I knew if that plan failed we were pretty much screwed. I had to try. I had to do something. I didn't want to wait around for a miracle to happen. "I can. I can trick him," I said.

"How?" Jake persisted.

"I was going to... I thought maybe I could... distract him and get the keys and come back and get you guys out."

"Ness, that's... actually not a bad idea. Okay, yeah, that just might work. Good thinking," Jasper said.

"I think it's a great idea," Bella said.

"Jake," Jasper began. "You're probably not going to like this, but she has to flirt with him. She has to make him believe that she likes him. He's really not that smart, so I'm sure the plan will work." Jasper nodded decisively.

"If he touches her, he's dead," Jake said.

* * * * *

Jake cupped my face with his huge hand and kissed my cheek. "Renesmee, please, please, be very careful." I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his chest. I tried so hard not to cry. "Jake, I love you so much. I hope I don't screw things up."

He massaged the back of my neck with his hands and laid his cheek on top of my head. "You're not going to screw things up. Just do what Jasper said and everything will go as planned."


"I promise. I love you, honey, but you have to go now. Mike will be down any second." Jake kissed my forehead and walked into the gray room with the others. Bella gave me a quick hug. "You'll do great, Nessie. We're all here for you," she said. I nodded and walked into the bright room.

There wasn't much I could do as of making my appearance better. I smoothed down stray hairs as I waited by the door for Mike. I took a deep breath just as the door opened.

It's now or never.

Mike didn't look surprised to see me standing by the door. In fact, he sauntered right past me and started rummaging through one of the drawers. No matter how disgusting it was, I knew I had a job to do. I walked up behind Mike and snaked my arms around his waist. "Need help finding something?" I whispered in his ear.

"Renesmee?" he asked.

"Yes?" I placed three gentle kisses beneath his earlobe.

"What the hell are you dong?" He wiggled out out my grip and turned to face me. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you kiss me?"

I tried to wrap my arms around him but he pushed me away. "I want you," I said.

"What kind of game are you playing? Where's everyone at?"

"It's not a game. It's just me. Us."

"Renesmee, don't tempt me. Why are you doing this? Stop. It's too much. I can't take it." He squeezed his eyes shut and I inched closer.

"Mike, come on. Think about what we had together. Don't you want that back ?"

He opened his eyes. "Why are you asking me now? Why would you want things back when you were the on who broke up with me?"

So far, the plan wasn't going as well as I wanted it to. I had to make him believe. Really believe.

"I didn't want to break up with you. I just thought that you were getting bored with me. I never got to show you all the things I could do."

I brushed my fingertips along his chest and his back as I walked in a circle around him. I stopped when I was in front of him again. I wrapped my arms around his neck as if we were slow dancing. "Would you like me to show you?" I asked.

Mike gulped. I could see his Adam's Apple bob in his throat. "Are you serious? Or are you just fucking with me?"

"Oh, I'm not fucking with you- not yet."

"Why did you wait so long? What made you..."

"Shh. You talk too much."

I pressed my lips to his. Finally I got him top shut the hell up. Mike slid his hands down my back and cupped my ass. I repressed a shudder. He lifted me up and I hesitantly wrapped my legs around his waist. Okay so if the plan was going to work, I had to get upstairs and find those keys. He tried to sneak his tongue into my mouth and I pulled away. "Can we go upstairs? I mean, it'd be more comfortable than these steel counter tops," I said.

"Yeah, let me carry you." Then, I thought what about Emmett?

"Um. Emmett?" I asked as Mike opened the basement door. "Shit. You're right. Hang on a second." Mike set me down on my feet and ran out of the door. I hoped that Jake didn't see or hear anything, it was too embarrassing. And if he did, I hoped that he knew it was all a part of the act. I never meant anything that I had said. Mike came back five minutes later and picked me back up.

"He'll be gone for an hour or so. I sent him on a mission." I didn't want to know nor did I care what that mission was. We emerged into the kitchen, seemingly normal, had there been windows. We turned the corner and ended up in the living room. No windows. Odd. I saw the door, and it took everything in me not to just jet out of there at that very moment. I had to think of Jake. My brother. His friends. I kept my eyes on the door for as long as possible. When it was out of sight, I wanted to cry. I felt that if I couldn't see it, that I might've just imagined it. We walked into a bedroom and I heard the door slam behind us.

Mike, surprisingly, set me down gently on the bed. He used to use such force when he handled me. Then it got tricky after that. How was I going to get the keys? How was I going to get away from him? Could I hit him with something? Ha! That was it! I just had to get him in the right position and I could hit him with the... the... lamp! I pulled Mike down on the bed and straddled him. I kissed his lips really quick, to make him believe that I still wanted him. Thank God the light was on.

"Let me shut the light off really quick," I said.

"The switch is broken. You have to unplug it." Even better...

"Okay." I got up and looked behind the stand to find where the lamp was plugged in at. I found it and then I hesitated. Could I really hurt him? Then I thought of all of the things he did to me. Making me drink his piss and all of the beatings. Yes, yes I could hurt him. I snatched the cord out of the socket. I looked over and saw that Mike had leaned back on the bed and closed his eyes.

"I can' t believe you changed your mind," he said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, well, having to see you everyday was hard. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

"Well, it' s a good thing. I haven' t been laid in a while. ." That did it. I grabbed the lamp and held it high over my head.

"And it's going to stay that way!" I didn't miss the look of horror on Mike's face before I brought the lamp down and smashed it on his face. He didn't scream, didn't even move. I hoped I killed him. I reached in his pockets and searched for the keys. Nothing was in his pockets. Not cool. I pulled open the drawer and searched in there. Nothing. I searched under the bed and the pockets in his coat that was lying on the ground. No keys in there either. I spent twenty minutes tearing up the house searching for those damn keys. I knew I only had a little bit of time before Emmett returned. I didn't want to be stuck upstairs looking for the keys when he got back. I ran down to the basement and started pounding on the door. I was hysterical and I kept screaming for no reason.

"Jake? It's me. It's Nessie," I sobbed. I heard feet pounding up the stairs.

"Babe? What happened? Are you okay?" Jake's sweet voice asked from the other side of the door. I looked down and examined myself. I had a huge gash on my leg from where I cut myself on the bed. I didn't tell Jake that.

"I can't find them, Jake. I can't find the keys." I started crying even harder.

"Okay. Ness, calm down. Where's Mike and Emmett?"

"I don't know where Emmett is, he'll be back soon though, and Mike is... I think I killed him, Jake."

"Okay baby. It's going to be okay. You have to get out of here. Get help."

I shook my head, then realized he couldn't see me. "No. I can't leave you guys."

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, listen to me. You have to go get help. We'll be fine. When you get outside, run. Run as fast as you can and never look back. Please be careful."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm so sure. And Ness?"


"I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

"Be careful. Go now and remember, don't look back."

I did not so much as glance in the direction of Mike' s room as I ran past to the door, my escape. I breathed in my first breath of fresh air in over a year. You really take things like that for granted when you think you have everything. It was dark outside and I could barely make anything out. I stepped down the three steps and broke out into a sprint. My leg was throbbing and I almost stopped running until I heard Jake's voice in my ear, don't stop, never look back. The only thing I heard was my blood pounding in my ears and my bare feet scraping the concrete.