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****SPOILER***** When Edward is hunting for Victoria he runs in to some one who knew Bella. Edwards POV


2. Chapter 2

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I was standing on a cloudy, vacant beach somewhere in West Mexico, and I was thirsty. There wasn't much wildlife around and I was not about to turn back into the evil red eyed monster I once was by eating a human. So this left me with no other choice...

I had never eaten fish before, and I coulnd't remember what they tasted like in my human life. Or if I had had fish in the first place. I wondered if Natalia could be right. If by eating fish I could somehow sleep. I still didn't trust her. But maybe she had been telling the truth...Maybe.

Most likely not.

I walked along the beach heading towards a cave that no human could easily get to. It was right on the face of the cliff. I stopped at the base of the cliff looking up. I was fairly sure I could reach the cave in one jump. I crouched. My muscles tightening, getting ready to spring. I was about to jump when I heard someones thoughts calling my name...

Edward Cullen

I snapped my head around to see Natalia walking towards me accompanied by a young man. Natalia's eyes were darker than from the last time I had seen her. They were no longer that shade of piercing ice blue I had first seen. Now they were a deep midnight color. She was thirsty too.

The boy standing next to her looked like her twin. He had dark brown hair - almost black, with the same reddish brown streaks that Natalia's hair had. He was very tall with a fair bit of muscle. But it was nothing compaired to Emmet's braun, of course.

"Hello again Edward." Natalia said smiling warmly at me. "This is my twin brother, Joseph."

Twins!! I was right!!!

Joseph inclined his head.

Hello Edward. My sister has told me much about you. She says you know our friend Bella Swan.

I inwardly cringed, hearing him think Bella's name. Just thinking of her caused physical agony. Trying to hide my pain, I glared at Natalia. Her eyes were wide and inocent. "You followed me." I accused. Trying to restrain the anger in my voice. This girl was really starting to get on my nerves. "No, I wasn't." She said. "I was looking for my brother. He's been studying at a University in Colombia for a few months. And we had planned to meet at a Tea Shop a few miles down the road. But when I caught your scent, I thought Joseph would like to meet you. So we ran down here to say 'Hello'."

"I'm sorry if my sister gives off the eerie overbearing stalker vibe" Joseph said grinning at me. I swear, she doesn't mean to do it on purpose. Now it was Natalia's turn to glare. She stared at her brother with such a murderous look in her eyes, I was suprised Joseph did not flinch away in discomfort. "Joseph, please try acting your age for once, instead of your IQ. Which you and I both know is not very high." Joseph snarled, lifting his upper lip, exposing a row of ultra white teeth.

"Enough!" I yelled. Now Both of them were starting to get on my nerves. "Is there something to tell me, or are you just here to annoy me?" I hissed, no longer caring how angry my voice sounded.

"Actually," Natalia said, tearing her gaze away from her twin. "We were wondering if you would like to go hunting with us."