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Love & Hurt

Edward wants to make sure Bella still wants him after Bella kisses Jacob so he doesn't stop her in while they were in the tent.Something happens that no one wanted to happen. Read to find out what it is! May be OOC.

Thanks to writer_person_thingy for writing the lemon and also being my Beta in the story I wrote the rest.

1. Hurt

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"I don't care that it's cold here. I don't care if I stink like dog right now. Make me forget how awful I am. Make me forget him. Make me forget my own name. Fight back!" my love said. I would make her forget him. She wouldn't smell like him much longer now. She had never been awful but I’ll make her feel wonderful. I would make her forget everything but me and that she loved me. I was ready to fight back.

"I will fight back love…" I kissed her with as much passion as I could. "Bella, do you love me?" I asked after breaking away to let her breath. "Yes, I love you so much Edward. Please!" I wasn't worried about hurting her now. I knew I couldn't even if I tried; I loved her too much. So I would give her what she asked for.

I put a thick blanket under Bella and began to undo her shirt slowly. Her heart was beating so fast now. Once I had her shirt off, I just looked at her. She was so beautiful; I took my shirt off after I stopped staring at her."Bella, I want you…right now." I said, my voice becoming huskier."Then do what you want." She whispered to me. Seth had left a while ago, so I didn't need worry about him.

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I lowered myself on top of her. Her breathing was heavy, eyes lidded with lust, gazing at my bare chest hungrily. She was still somewhat covered, but it was still her first time. Even with my mind clouded with rage, lust, and jealousy, I still knew that I needed to go slow and be gentle.

When my skin came into contact with hers and trails of fire blazed beneath my skin. Her breathing stopped altogether, and I laughed slightly, imagining what her reaction would be…later on. I sobered, and gulped as the thought progressed. What would my reaction be, to kiss her or go for her throat?

I shook it off. I could do this for her, for me. I knew this was selfish, undeniably so, but I couldn’t help myself as I dipped my head and pressed my lips to hers.

Warm and soft, light and feathery her lips were. Our kiss began as it always did, and I nearly pulled away. But then I recalled what we were doing, what we were going to do, and pressed on. I steeled myself, and hesitantly opened my mouth, feeling her lip with my tongue. Without warning, her lips parted, and her taste was exquisite as I explored her mouth.

I reached around her, gently lifting her back as I released her lips, moving down to her jaw line as she gasped for air. I unhooked the little clasps with ease, and pulled her bra down slowly. I brushed as much skin as I could on the way, enjoying the fire building within me.

I lowered my kisses, down her neck to her pulse point. I experimented, opening my mouth to taste the vulnerable and soft skin there. I was not disappointed as a small noise came from her. It was a mix between a growl and a mewl, and it spurred my actions on as I continued down my journey.

Her flesh was succulent and silky, soft and firm; perfect.

I was now in uncharted areas of her body, areas that just a few hours ago, I would’ve kept as a fantasy. A very common fantasy, I might add. I raised my head, communicating without words. She nodded at my unspoken words, her eyes never leaving mine. Somehow, the soft and compassionate gaze put me at ease, and I lowered my head again.

Nipping and sucking, relishing in her softness, I made quick work of her belt. Mine was soon to go, and her lower undergarments along with my boxers were all that was left. I hooked my index fingers through the sides, and began to tug hers down lightly, never letting my eyes stray from hers, no matter how much I wanted to. Her face flushed instantly, her embarrassment palpable. I smiled gently, and whispered, “You’re beautiful, never doubt yourself.”

She gulped, and that stimulated my desire. The look of her throat muscles working in such a way…

Get a hold of yourself! This is for her!

I knew the voice was wrong, that this was so selfish, but I didn’t care. After we were both completely disrobed, I gazed down at her hungrily. Beautiful.

I slowly crawled back up, caressing every inch of skin on the way. Her face flushed even deeper when I touched her in overheated areas, and tingles were sent up my arms and traveled through my spine.

I was finally eye level with her, and I leaned down slowly. We kissed, as I slowly lowered my body along with me, supporting my weight above her. I was sure she could feel me, so close to her and what we both wanted. There was no stopping now, this was happening.

Soon enough, warmth enveloped me, covering me and smothering me in a delicious way. I growled lowly, but kept my eyes focused on Bella. With each millimeter, her face grew more discomforted. I was beginning to get worried.

I was not too new; I had taken Sex Ed multiple times, and knew that this was going to hurt her, one way or another. There was no getting around that, to fully become one; I had to put her through pain.

I had heard that it could be immensely painful, agonizing. I didn’t know, for obvious reasons, and I wasn’t that excited about finding out.

Finally, there was a pulsating warmth, wet and thin. Bella’s face was in a grimace, and I gave her time to adjust. The expression never left her face, but I saw her eyes calm. I leaned forward slowly, keeping my lower half completely still.

“I love you…” I whispered, my lips just brushing the shell of her ear. She took it as it was; a question. She nodded silently, and with a quick and precise movement, I pierced her.

She gave a low cry, eyes watering as the smell of fresh blood permeated the air. I sucked in a breath as she continued whimpering, leaning into her ear again. “I’m so…so sorry.” My voice broke in the middle.

She just tightened her grip on her back, settling into a more comfortable position as she wrapped her legs around me. I kissed her neck chastely, ghosting my lips over her collar bone, trying to comfort her as much as I possibly could.

I was incredibly guilty, at my reasons, but also at the fact that while she was in so much pain, I was seeing stars at the beautiful warmth. But it wasn’t just the feeling, it was knowing.

We were finally one, body, soul, and mind. Bonded in an unbreakable way, making so many unspoken promises to each other with a simple, instinctual action.

Slowly, the tension in her body lessened, her breathing became more settled and level, and she began to squirm underneath me. That was when I came undone, when the fire came alive again.

Skin on skin, whispered nothings, moans and groans, touches, kisses, feelings. Scents swirled around us, musky and thick, laced with pleasure. Tastes of her skin and lips, better than the finest wine. The sight of her, flushed underneath me, head tilted in pleasure, lips parted. It was all so divine. Why had I refused so profusely before?

Three hours later…

We moaned loudly to each other. She screamed out my name when I heard a thought. "Please no, please tell me he isn't." Then, she screamed my name again. Oh no. I knew he had heard us. Bella knew soon also, as a howl of pain came from him. "I'm so sorry Bella…" I said once I was away from her "I just made it a harder decision for you…I was too jealous. I wanted to make sure you still wanted me, Bella it was wrong! I took your innocence just to make sure you wanted me more than him!" I was dressed now, my back to her, self loathing flowing through my veins.

"Edward I would never want anyone but you. I'm sorry…this was my fault." Bella said in a small voice. Then I heard Jacob coming his thoughts were "I'll kill that bloodsucker!" Bella was also dressed now and Jacob phased into human form."Bella Jacob will be here in about thirty seconds!" she gasped.

Jacob unzipped the tent then "Why?"

"We love each other" I said.

"Bullshit, I heard what you said to her! You just did it to make sure she loved you more than me."

"Stop it Jake." Bella said.

"Jacob, I let him, I wanted it…he didn't make me."

"So you made your choice Bella?"

"The bloodsucker, I can’t deal with that! I shouldn't have even tried. I knew you would choose him, but I still hoped. Good bye, Bella.” Jacob said in a sad voice; I could tell he was destroyed on the inside. He left to go fight again. After a few minutes everything was sorted out, even though I had apologized a million times, much to Bella's annoyance. We were fine and Bella would go talk to Jacob tomorrow. Then, there was a crash, mingled with fierce growls. Victoria had come.