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Edward's sister

Lilly was taken by the Volturi 135 years ago. The cullens want her back. They will get her back.


1. Chapter 1 Lilly's POV

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Carlisle told me the story of how I had been changed. It was odd at first but I was okay with it. I could barely remember the day it happened. I was half conscious and humen the day it happened. It began like this: I was only 18 years old. Young and Gorgeous. I was Edward's sister. I was his full, true sister. My name was Lilyan Rose Masen. I was in a terrible crash when I was 18 years old. The crash has almost killed me but Edward had took me to Carlisle to either help me or change me. They couldn't save me so they took the last option they had. To change me then and there. That was 135 years ago. Today I was living with the Volturi. I had gave up hope they would ever save me. Not only that I enjoyed living there now. My best friend was Jane and the guy that loved me was Demetri. All was kind to me and I was so grateful for that.

"Please Jane. Pretty Please." I begged knowing she would give in. I wanted to go with Demetri on a date and she had said no. We 3 had gone to California as a small vacation.

She smiled and said " Of course I was only joking. of course you can go. Just tell me where your going."

"What are you talking about, Guys." Demetri asked as he walked in.

"Oh nothing." I said.

"Did Jane finally agree to let you go on a date? If not next time I am gonna stick her and a closet and just go anyway."

I laughed and Jane smacked him on the arm. She shot me a glare that could kill if you didn't know that she was playing.

I had light brown hair with light blonde highlights. I had butterscotch colored eyes. I was the "Good Kind" of vampire. Demetri had light sunkissed brown hair with slightly red eyes. Jane had brownish blonde hair with full red eyes. She put contacts in while around humens. It wasn't like they couldn't resist. They could. The just liked something diffrent. I had accepeted this from the beggining.

" We want to tell you something important Lil."

What could be so important that Jane would look this way?

"We were not sent on a vacation. We came so that we could test your strenth with being so close to your old clan. Please don't be mad lil. We didn't want this either." Jane said wringing her hands.

I thought about what she had said then relized this was typical Aro to do this. I knew little of my old clan. But I knew I was strong enough to face them if they ever came near.

" Jane I know you would never do this to me to hurt me. Could I please have a little time alone though? I may go hunt."

"Yea that would be good.I will leave you alone. Do you want Demetri to go with you?"

"No, Thank you though."