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Edward's sister

Lilly was taken by the Volturi 135 years ago. The cullens want her back. They will get her back.


2. Chapter 2 Lilly's POV

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As I hunted I was reminded how graceful I really was. But all I could think about was what Jane had said. Would this damage me and Jane's relationship? I didn't want to think about that. My gift was stronger then Jane's gift. I had always known that. I had never tried to run away which had always confused me. Just as I was thinking about that I came across Demetri attacking a small child. My mouth dropped and my heart seemed to stop beating.

"Demetri what are you doing?" I asked him horrified.

With my gift I could force anyone to do what I wanted and make them walk away, Dazed.

I forced him to bend to my will and made him walk totally confused. I knew that later he would realize what he had almost done. I scooped the little girl up in my arms and started to run. The girl seemed not even fazed by my amazing speed. She yawned and I realized we would have to find shelter soon. I always carried money with me. Alot of it too. I saw a hotel in the distance and figured we could stop here for the night. The man at the desk took one look at me and his eyes almost popped out of his head.

"Sir, My sister and me need a room for 2 nights." I lied easily.

" Y-Y-Yes Mam." He sputtered and rung for the baggage man to come and show us to our room.

The baggage man took us to our room and asked if I needed anything.

"No sir. I don't need anything but my sister needs some food."

"Yes my lady. What type of food?"

"Anything will work."

He hurried out to get the food. I sighed and looked at the girl. She had light brown hair that fell in perfect ringlets past her shoulder. She had wide green eyes that showed she was looking for anwsers. I sat down beside her and began to tell her everything.

"Oh I see." She said.

I gasped at her. This was not a averge small child talking. She then told me about her life.

"I am half vampire and half humen. My mommy is dead as well as my daddy. I went hunting and was suddenly attacked my the guy you call demetri. Then you came along and saved me. My name is Alaigh Rain. My mom called me Laigh. You can too."

She said it so quickly.

"My name is Lillyetta Cullen. You can call me Lil. You must pretend that I am your sister. Please Laigh. I am on the run. You must not reveal my name to anyone."

She shook her head and yawned loudly. I smiled and heard the baggage mans soft footsteps. I went and opened the door as soon as he knocked. I took the food and paid her. I took a plate and put the chicken teriyaki on it. I filled a glass of water up and set it down. My phone rang and I relized that only Jane and Demetri knew my number.