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Each Other

Bella thinking of what edward means to her and what she would give up for him...even if he refuses to see the "light"


1. Chapter 1

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Just laying here

Upon the grass

you by my side

I hope it lasts

Warm sun shining

I feel it now

Upon your face

Upon your brow

You flash a smile

my heart takes flight

your mood is radiant

so pure, so light

This is the place

the heaven in which you dwell

It hurts me how often

You mistake this for hell

How could you say that?

How could that be?

Why would you think that?

When you are with me?

I am happy

When I'm with you

You see that I know

You can feel this bliss too!

I love you truly

Can't you see?

That you were made,

Made for me

I for you,

You for me.

Accept it

Cherish it

And you'll be

for once, so