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What Happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary

I've read some stories where the Cullen's/La Push Gang where youngsters in school! I've been inspired so I'm trying it out. All Human! Bella finds old memories and decides that what happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary. (Oh and the word youngsters is now declared gay by my friend!) d^_^b Chapter 4 is being validatedDaddy is downstairs taking a "power" nap, but he takes 2 hour naps instead of 10 minute ones.Did I want to go back to school with my evil teacher Mrs. Mallory? Did I want to see my best friends Jacob and Alice, yes. Mrs. Mallory, no.

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer!!!!! d^_^b

1. Chapter 1- Memories

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(Bella's POV)

I sat down in the living room watching TV, and then my daughter Svetlana came. Yes I'm married to a Russian man.

Svetlana is 12 years old. I also have a younger son. His name is Maxim.

"Yes Sveta?" I asked in my Russian accent I inhabited being around my husband before we were married. The Russian tongue had gotten to me so I sound like I actually am Russian.

"Oh nothing Mama" she said. She loves to mix up the Russian language and the English language.

I looked at her.

"Okay. In school were doing a project. We have to ask our parents what school was like for them" she said.

Her English teacher was single, and of course wanted to know how old the hot single moms really were...

"Oh" I said.

"Do you mind if I ask you? If not then I can ask Papa" Sveta said standing up.

"Svetlana. I will help you okay?" I said. She smiled.

"Thanks Mom" she said sitting down.

"What grade does it have to be?" I asked.

"Um any grade" she said.

"Okay. I'll try to remember Sveta. Okay?" I said. Svetlana nodded and left.

Then it hit me. Kindergarden. Things happened in kindergarden. Things that would probably make Svetlana's report be a crack-fic instead of school work.


(Bella's POV 1st day of kindergarden)

Mommy made me wear something pretty on my first day. Mommy has a manfriend even though she's loves Daddy.

Mommy's manfriend's name is Phil.

Daddy stopped in front of Fork's Elementary School. I was afraid.

Daddy brought me to the classroom. It was big...and... orange.

Ew. That's a weird color for a classroom.

Soon Daddy left and the teacher, Mrs. Mallory told me where to sit. I already knew Mrs. Mallory was a mean teacher because I sat at a single desk away from the other students who sat at tables.

I hate kindergarden and class never started yet.

Then three children came in. One was very big, and muscular like those adults on the weight loss programs Mommy wants Daddy to do. The next was a short girl with short spiky black hair.

The last was a boy with bronze hair and green eyes. Then two children came in. A blond boy and a blond girl.

"Mrs. Hale! Mrs. Cullen! What a pleasure it is for your children to be in my class" Mrs. Mallory said to the mommys who brought the kids to class.

Mrs. Malloy had long blonde hair with brown highlights. Her daughter Lauren had a bit of brown in her hair but it was mostly blond.

The women with blond hair smiled and started talking with Mrs. Mallory while the one with caramel hair said bye to the girl, and bronze haired boy she and the other boy left.


We colored. The other students colored with each other. I colored by myself. We had snack time. The students shared their snacks with each other. I had baby carrots by myself.

Then it was recess time. I walked outside to recess while everyone else ran. This day is terrible. I hate kindergarden. I hate Mrs. Mallory. I hate it I hate it I hate it!

I sat down on a small bench and watched as the kids played.

A tan boy with black hair sat down next to me. "Hi my name is Jacob! I live in La Push, but there building a elementary school there so I can't go yet. Do you want to be my friend?" he asked.

"Sure" I mumbled.

"YAY! You're my best friend! What's your name?"

"Bella Swan"

"Your name is Bella???? My daddy's best friend has a daughter named Bella Swan!" he said.

"Jacob Black?" I asked. He nodded.

Today was my best day ever.