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What Happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary

I've read some stories where the Cullen's/La Push Gang where youngsters in school! I've been inspired so I'm trying it out. All Human! Bella finds old memories and decides that what happens in Elementary Stays in Elementary. (Oh and the word youngsters is now declared gay by my friend!) d^_^b Chapter 4 is being validatedDaddy is downstairs taking a "power" nap, but he takes 2 hour naps instead of 10 minute ones.Did I want to go back to school with my evil teacher Mrs. Mallory? Did I want to see my best friends Jacob and Alice, yes. Mrs. Mallory, no.

Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer!!!!! d^_^b

3. Chapter 3- Edward

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(Edward's POV)

My sister Alice was very excited for a reason. It was because her new friend Bella was coming over. I didn't care for this.


I was going to practice piano today but Emmett decided to steal my sheet music for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

"EMMETT!" I yelled as I started running down the hall. I saw Alice's bedroom door opened a bit.

I opened it more. "EMMETT! GIVE ME THE SHEET MUSIC!!!" I yelled as I saw him in Alice's room wearing a pink tutu matching the light green room.

I looked to Alice. "Why is he wearing a tutu?" I asked. Alice shrugged.

And then I saw her. She was a little taller than Alice, had brown hair and the cutest little brown eyes! Um... did I just say had the cutest brown eyes?

Alice saw the look on my face. "That's Bella. And you and Edward should be leaving now because this is my sleepover with Bella!" Alice yelled scurring us out of her room.

"WAIT I WANT MY PANTS BACK!" Emmett started to yell. Idiot.

He wants his pants while I want to see that pretty girl again. Wait did I just call a girl pretty? Aren't girls supposed to have cooties?


Mommy made dinner. She made chicken paramagine...

I really don't know what it is but it's something from Italy with chicken.

Bella was quiet during dinner, but Alice was pretty much talking the whole time.

"Dear is there any reason why your quiet?" Mommy asked Bella. "This food is really good. I guess I'm savering the moment" she said.

Bella's voice is pretty too! Uhh..... can I slap myself or is that impossible?


Alice locked me out of her room because she and Bella were going to watch a movie, but then Mommy made Alice let me watch the movie too. Since Alice doesn't have a television in her room we watched the movie in Mommy and Daddy's room.

Emmett didn't want to watch the movie because he decided to play catch with Daddy.


The next day (Saturday) Bella was staying until 4:00. During breakfast Mommy said that the Hale's are coming over.

Yay! Jasper!

"Are Jasper and Rosie coming?" Alice asked. Daddy nodded. "Yay! Emmett guess what! Rosalie's coming!" Alice said bouncing in her seat. Bella laughed.

"Oh hush up! We all know you like Jasper" Emmett said back to her. Emmett looked at me and I looked at him.


"Alice and Jasper sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" we sang.

Bella tried to keep her self from laughing. "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a weird little baby in a baby carriage" we finished.

"You both were weird little babies too" Mommy said tickling Emmett.

"Bella let's leave these nutheads and we can go plan your outfit for the day!" Alice sang dragging Bella upstairs.

At least I'm not Alice's Barbie anymore.


The Hale family happened to come over when Bella was gone. Jasper, Emmett, and I were going to play spies but I was too upset to play so only Jasper and Emmett played.

I miss Bella. Well at least I could see her tommorrow. I hope. Probably not because her daddy said they were busy tommorrow.

Maybe we can see her Monday. I hope Alice doesn't be greedy an have Bella all to herself.