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For Me, It's You

The Cullens, including Bella, return to Forks again. They start high school...again. Alternative title: You Can Always Go Home Again. Inspired by many Train songs.

This is my story. Please don't steal it!

1. Always Remember

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It had been inevitable that we would go back. I had known this. It just seemed so soon. I was still getting over the deaths of everyone I had known in my human life. Going back to Forks was sure to bring on happy memories that would break my heart, it already had. Luckily, I’d always been good at repressing unpleasant things. I planned to focus on the positive things: like being able to go outside during the day, every day. I was also looking forward to revisiting the old Forks high school.

It had been renovated a multitude of times, yet it still looked oddly familiar. They hadn’t changed the odd, non-academic feeling red brick buildings. The neat lawn was green and perpetually soggy from the constant rain. Sometime during the last one hundred years, they had added a garden, with a gazebo and benches. I couldn’t help but doubt that this gazebo was put to much use, considering there weren’t many nice days when one wanted to be outside. They had also added an American flag; it was nice to see Forks showing some patriotic tendencies.

It was Saturday morning when we pulled in to the parking lot of Forks High School in our inconspicuous Volvo. Edward had insisted that we stick with tradition. I had drawn the line when he wanted to get a silver Volvo; I wanted a white car. We compromised with black. Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and I stepped out of the cramped car, feeling slightly claustrophobic. Rosalie was complaining about how she had been stuck between Jasper and Emmett, the two biggest vampires in the family. Esme and Carlisle pulled in beside the Volvo. Carlisle too had stuck with tradition. As soon as we had decided to move back, he purchased a black, E class Mercedes with dark tinted windows. I rolled my eyes as I watched Carlisle and Esme get out of the spacious car. Apparently none of the one hundred plus year old vampires had enough common sense to ride in different cars. Edward grabbed my hand and walked with me toward the main office building. Carlisle and Esme entered first, followed by the group of beautiful, mysterious teenagers.

“Hello, I’m Carlisle Cullen. This is my wife, Esme. I am the new doctor at Forks Hospital; I’m here to enroll my children in school.” The woman at the front desk, Ms. Sanchez – Ms. Cope, bless her heart, was long dead – looked shocked, no doubt, that someone who looked as young as Carlisle had six, high school aged children. Carlisle understood her befuddled expression. “They are not my biological children, but my foster children. This is Edward, Emmett, and Alice Cullen; they are Esme’s brother’s children. Their parents were killed in a car accident when they were very young. We have raised them ever since. Emmett is a senior, Edward is a junior, and Alice is a junior as well. ” Here Ms. Sanchez gasped in pity; she looked at Edward and Emmett with a heartbroken expression as they nodded at their introduction. “This is Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They are twins, and seniors. And this is Isabella Swan, we adopted her officially when she was ten.” The receptionist looked staggered by the amount of beautiful children. “She lived in an orphanage until she was adopted by us. She is a junior.” Ms. Sanchez jotted some things down on some type of form or another. She looked up at us all warmly, too warmly.

“You’re all set. Have a nice day.” She smiled. We all exited the warm building awkwardly. I noted how cool it was out; it felt warm against my cold skin, though.

On the drive home we talked of the last time we came to Forks. Emmett reminisced about the times when he could make fun of Edward for being 110 years old and never having had a girlfriend. Rosalie recalled all of the boys worshipping the ground she walked on. Alice daydreamed about dressing me again. Jasper sat quietly by the window smiling at his family’s ecstatic feelings. I listened. I was looking forward to being at Forks again. I knew that this time, I wouldn’t be apart of the group sitting and gawking at the new, beautiful strangers. I would be one of the beautiful strangers. This fact made my joy grow that much larger.

The house looked the same as it had a hundred years ago. The paint didn’t appear to be chipped, there was no dust, and the furniture looked just as it had, except less modern to our eyes now. “We’ll have to redecorate.” Esme said, hardly complaining.

“I like it.” I said in an almost defensive tone. She smiled fondly at me.

“I suppose we could go for a more, antique look.” She suggested. I beamed. Our cottage was no longer standing, unfortunately. I didn’t really mind, though. I liked living with the family. Now that Nessie and Jacob lived somewhere in Canada, we had enough room.

Packing took less than an hour, though even at vampire speed it took time. Edward’s room looked the exact same as it had the last time we had been here. Same thick, plush gold carpet, same golden fabric, same black leather couch and dark stained wood paneling. Even the wrought iron roses on the bed looked the same. Although, why wouldn’t it? It was as though I had expected everything to change. It was Sunday night. It was our last night before we started high school again. Edward and I decided to go hunting one last time before we were to be surrounded by humans all the time. I figured it was a smart decision. We took our time, talking about the last time we were in Forks.