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For Me, It's You

The Cullens, including Bella, return to Forks again. They start high school...again. Alternative title: You Can Always Go Home Again. Inspired by many Train songs.

This is my story. Please don't steal it!

2. I Got You

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I was honestly excited when six A.M. finally came around. I went to my Alice-improved wardrobe and picked a pair of dark wash jeans and a grey long sleeved t shirt. It was cold to humans so I figured I had better add a jacket. Having so much time on my hand had allowed me to learn how to do hair and makeup much better than I had before. I bobby pinned some of my hair back in to a small poof at the top of my head and left the rest to wave carefully down my back. I didn’t wear much makeup, I didn’t need it. I just wore a little eyeliner and mascara. It was only about 6:30 when I was finished. School didn’t start until 7:30. I was fidgety and nervous. I felt almost human. I ran downstairs to watch some TV till it was ready to go. Emmett was sitting on the couch already watching sports channel replays from earlier this week. He grinned at me and patted the seat next to him. I sat down next to him. I didn’t understand anything about sports, so the sports channel was excruciatingly boring to me. He figured this and handed the controller to me. “Where is everyone?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

“Carlisle had to work early at the hospital, Esme is outside working on the landscape, I think. Edward is in Carlisle’s study, reading, Jasper was with him, and Alice and Rosalie are getting ready together.” Emmett was satisfied with my explanation. Emmett had become the older brother I’d never had. He shot dirty looks at men who checked me out wherever we were. He protected me and looked out for me. He made sure I didn’t do anything stupid, and he encouraged me to do things that were totally senseless.

He reminded me of my mother in more than a few ways. He was the adult, considering the many decades between our ages, yet he still behaved like a child. He was irresponsible, always doing things he shouldn’t be. He had totally whimsical ideas that never panned out quite how he imagined them, and he was completely thoughtless. Luckily, he had Rosalie to take care of him, and when she couldn’t, I could. Thinking of my big, vampire brother made me smile. “I’m so glad that you’re my big brother, Emmett.” I said. He looked taken by surprise. He grinned sheepishly.

“Thanks, Bella. I’m really glad to have you as my little sister, too.” I giggled at him, ruining the sentimental moment.

We watched some lifetime movie that was overly emotional till it was time to leave for school. Edward came downstairs looking unbearably beautiful from Carlisle’s study, Jasper followed closely behind. Normally I would have joined him in the library, but today I was too geared up to read. Alice and Rosalie really had taken over an hour to get ready. They both looked immaculate, though. Our whole family looked un-believably beautiful. We all got our book bags and headed out the door to the car. Edward drove me in the black Volvo, and Emmett drove Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper in his new jeep. The way Edward drove no longer frightened me, it was normal. We arrived at school very quickly. We parked and got out of the car, trying to stay inconspicuous. Try as we might, I knew it was near impossible for us to stay under the radar. At a school as small as this one, no change went un-noticed. We weren’t early, for which I was glad. Though many students stared as we walked towards the main building, it wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as arriving a half an hour earlier than everyone else. I

I clung to Edward’s side, feeling childish and idiotic. What was wrong with me? Hadn’t I done this before? I felt like I had on my first day at Forks. Only this time I had someone beyond perfect to hold onto. I relaxed a little thinking about that. I relaxed further when I recalled that Edward and I had nearly identical schedules. We walked slowly toward the main building. Forks high school had formed a new tradition for the first day of school. There was an all school assembly in the tiny gymnasium. We entered the doors to have every eye on us. I immediately felt self conscious. I stared at the concrete walls, painted over with off white paint. Schools all looked relatively similar, boring. You’d think they’d want to make a learning environment more interesting. I uncomfortable looked around, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. We made it to the gymnasium after what seemed like a very long walk. Edward and I walked in to the gym first. We took our seats. Here it was more difficult to ignore the talk. The whispers were far from low key. I could hear every single one of them with my vampire hearing.

“Look at them.

“Look at him.” I growled under my breath. Edward grinned, causing about a hundred more whispers among the female population of Forks high school to break out.

“Where did she get those boots?”

“Do you think she’s single?”

“She’d go out with me, for sure.”

“They look so…perfect.”

“I feel like someone should go sit next to them, they look so isolated.” One girl commented. She reminded me of Angela. She was kind and not concerned with our appearance.

The whispers were beyond ridiculous. Between the girls who thought they had a chance with Edward, Emmett, or Jasper, and the boys who thought they had a chance with Alice, Rosalie, or me, I could hardly stand it. Edward’s hand in mine was the only thing that kept me from covering my ears, like a child.

Edward had it even worse than me. He had to hear what the hormonal boys were too ashamed to say out loud. Ew. He heard a thought he particularly disliked and pulled me in unexpectedly for a kiss. Alice rolled her eyes. She was content to just hold Jasper’s hand possessively. Rosalie and Emmett hadn’t even come in to the gym, already acting like rebellious teenagers. The kiss lasted a good ten seconds. Towards the end I heard Alice mutter too low for human ears, “Really Edward, having sex with her right here would have been less obvious.” Edward pulled away, grinning. Our full blown make out session had quieted some of the obnoxious humans. I was grateful that I was no longer a human, for I would have been bright red with embarrassment. I stared at my hands, my fingers were restlessly picking at my marble cuticles.

The principle of Forks high school, Mr. Edmundson walked up to a microphone, strategically placed in front of the bleachers. He was a fit looking man, in his mid thirties, I would guess. He wore a neat black suit and wiry glasses. His brown hair was cut short in a surprisingly stylish looking hairstyle, and his face was clean shaven. He couldn’t be placed in the stereotypical principal category, for he looked much too young, like he could actually relate to the teenagers he managed. He had kind brown eyes that appraised us like everyone else. He didn’t seem creepy, though. Some of the schools we had gone to had principals who were a little too friendly to us. This behavior coming from men and women who were usually fifty plus, disgusted me, as they were supposed to be teaching us, not flirting with us. I was pleased to find that Mr. Edmundson seemed professional, yet casual. This would undoubtedly make my experience here less miserable.

“Good morning, students. I would like to welcome you back to Forks high school for what we hope to be our best year yet. My name is Mr. Edmundson. I will dismiss you according to grade, where you will find your first hour class. Today will be rather casual, and I encourage you to help new students find their way around. You should all have received your schedules in the mail, so you should know what your classes are. I don’t want to delay you any longer.” Some students groaned. “So, I shall let you go. I will let the freshmen go first.” A scrawny bunch of ninth graders scuttled down the bleacher steps, getting tripped by cocky senior boys. They hurried out of the gymnasium, eager to get out. “Next, sophomores.” The tenth graders weren’t tripped, nor were they as eager to leave. They were comfortable enough to not worry about being hazed. “Juniors.” Mr. Edmundson called. I stood up with Edward and Alice, who unwillingly let go of Jasper’s hand and exited the gymnasium with us. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized how close I had been to humans, and it hadn’t bothered me. It rarely did anymore. Through the doors I heard Mr. Ed, as he was more commonly known as, call for the seniors to leave. Jasper soon showed up at Alice’s side again. He kissed her cheek quickly before leaving for his senior classes. She pouted.

“Why couldn’t I have been changed just a few years later? I look like I could be fourteen.” She hated leaving Jasper, I sympathized with her, I couldn’t imagine doing this without Edward at my side. Luckily, she too was my first hour class, along with Edward. We stopped at our lockers to get our useless books that contained no new information for all of us. We walked down the unfamiliar hallways of the familiar place. The renovations had changed it drastically. The classes still consisted of separate buildings, but as the student body had grown, each building contained multiple classrooms. Our first class, English, was in the same building as the gymnasium. It was just across the hall, and we made it there before many other people started arriving. The English teacher’s name was Ms. Merine. She was nice enough. Soon the classroom had filled up with other, excited students. She began the class and I tuned out. The whole academic part of high school was a joke. Hadn’t they improved the curriculum at all in the last hundred years? It seemed so…repetitive.

Throughout the year we would cover multiple books, all fairly basic for eleventh grade, that varied between several new classics that had come in to existence in the last hundred years. The first book on the list was called Twilight, it was about vampires. I couldn’t help but find that ironic. We wouldn’t be starting it till tomorrow, though. I was a little worried about raising suspicions, though I figured that the book would be completely inaccurate.

The class carried by, dully. Who knew fifty minutes could seem so long? When there was about twenty minutes left of class I started writing Edward notes. We discussed what we would do later. Homework? He wrote in his neat scrawl. I rolled my eyes and pretended to take notes.

The rest of the morning passed far too slowly for my taste. At lunch I made my way to the cafeteria building. We had mostly been ignored by the humans, except for their obvious and rude stares. We all sat together, and I couldn’t help but think that some people were seeing what I saw on my first day at Forks high school, except for this time, I was on the other side. I picked at a salad that I had gotten. I pretended to take small bites.

“Bella, maybe you should get something a little…heartier, next time.” Edward suggested. I was confused.

“What? Why?” He laughed.

“Some girls watching you are going to tell a teacher that you have an eating disorder. I don’t think you want a teacher making sure you’re eating.” I grimaced. Eating human food was disgusting. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper had the same lunch period as us, so we all sat together.

“So, Edward. What have the thoughts been here?” Emmett asked. Edward laughed.

“Same disgusting teenage boys, checking out your wife...and Jasper’s…and mine.” He half growled. Rosalie, Alice, and I laughed. “Speaking of, Rosalie, don’t go to your locker right after lunch, some kid is going to ask you out. He’s thinking of smooth ways to do it right now.” Emmett glowered. He glared at any boy who made eye contact, viciously. Rosalie kicked him under the chair.

“Well, we should really make more of an effort to appear human.” Alice said. There was something she was trying to hide in her voice. Edward rolled his eyes.

“We’ve got a few admirers who are going to be watching us very closely. Alice is worried.” Edward didn’t seem concerned, so I didn’t worry. I glanced over my shoulder casually to see if I could see them. True enough, there were two girls and three boys staring at our table with curiosity burning in their eyes. One of the girls was the one that had reminded me of Angela. She had dark blonde hair and brown eyes. The other girl had red hair and green eyes. She reminded me of a cat. The three boys were all generic, ‘Mike Newton,’ types. As soon as one of the Mike Newton’s met my gaze, he looked away, embarrassed. I grinned…a bit too widely, for the cat-like girl saw this. I heard her mutter, “Creepy.” I laughed. Lunch was quite uneventful, as was the rest of the day. History, my one class without Edward, seemed even longer than my other classes without him. Finally, last hour came around. It made me slightly nostalgic, for it was biology. I sat next to Edward. I looked at him to find he was already staring at me. I reached for his hand, remembering the electricity that had gone through me when I was a human, whenever I was near him. Our teacher reminded me of Mr. Banner, he was no more interesting than Mr. Banner had been by any means. But, I realized, with chagrin, I hadn’t really listened to anything Mr. Banner had ever said. I was too busy focusing on the person who sat next to me. I decided that another year of biology staring at the most perfect person alive wasn’t too bad, besides, I’d done it all before. The Mr. Banner look-alike announced that we would be watching a movie. When he turned the lights off, the same electricity flowed through Edward and I. Although this time around, I was allowed to touch him. I held his hand and stared in to his eyes until class ended and the lights turned on.

“Well that was interesting.” Edward said, with a smile.

“I couldn’t agree more.” I grinned, grabbing his hand and pulling him out the biology door to the lockers. We retrieved our things and headed out to the car. Once we were inside the black Volvo, I turned to Edward and said:

“I think…I think I’m happy to be home again.”