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For Me, It's You

The Cullens, including Bella, return to Forks again. They start high school...again. Alternative title: You Can Always Go Home Again. Inspired by many Train songs.

This is my story. Please don't steal it!

3. Let It Roll

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Tuesday, around three AM, we decided to play some kick ball, Cullen style. We didn’t want to go all the way to the field, so we were playing in the woods, which made it more challenging, having to dodge trees. It was similar to how we played baseball, with the bases all about a quarter mile apart. The teams were equal with Edward, Alice, Carlisle and I on one team, and Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Esme on another. We alternated pitchers between the innings. Our team was up to kick first.

It had taken a while to get used to being totally competent when it came to athletics, but I wasn’t complaining. My foot made contact with the ball, sending it toward the blinding darkness. It hit a tree, successfully snapping the young spruce, and bounced back towards us. “Shoot.” I mumbled, taking off towards first base. I could see Jasper at first base, waiting to receive the heavy rubber ball. I overran the base, barely making it before Jasper caught the ball.

“Safe.” Esme, who was catching, called. I laughed while Jasper shot me a dirty look.

We didn’t have to be as careful when we played kickball; there was no metal bat, and no hard baseball, so it didn’t make nearly as much noise. And, in my opinion, kickball was way more fun. We played for a couple more hours, our team ended up winning. Emmett and Jasper declared that Edward and Alice cheated with their powers, though I didn’t know how mind reading or seeing the future helped a game based mostly on the luck of how you made contact with the ball. I listened to their banter, grinning.

“You two are the two poorest losers I’ve ever met…I guess that’s what makes you both losers.” I said casually. They both got an evil glint in their eyes and closed in on me. I shook my head. “Oh, no. Don’t you –“ I was interrupted as Emmett’s massive form came at me. I turned and ran, with both of my brothers chasing me. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me until I reached the river, in two graceful bounds I had cleared it and continued running. Emmett and Jasper were still fairly close behind me. “Please!” I begged pitifully. I heard their laughter catching up to me. I pushed my legs even faster.

“C’mon, Bella. You can’t run forever!” Jasper taunted.

“Actually…I can.” I challenged. I didn’t need to breathe, therefore, I never ran out of breath. Edward knew that they wouldn’t actually hurt me, so he was of no help. I doubled back and leapt the river once more, feeling rather powerful. I laughed, airily, slowing down for a moment. At that moment, I felt two pairs of arms wrap around my stomach. I screamed loudly. The monster that had grabbed me cackled an evil laugh.

“Emmett!” I yelled. I heard Edward chuckle from inside of the house. Emmett was much stronger than me now that my newborn strength had worn off. I struggled, but his firm hold was too strong. I finally gave up, making myself dead weight, not that he would feel it. Emmett turned around and carried me towards the river. I saw where this was going. Jasper was waiting by the river with a merciless look on his face.

I felt a little insulted as Emmett passed me off to Jasper, he too was much stronger than I, and folded his arms across his chest in satisfaction. Jasper’s grip was nearly as strong as Emmett’s as he plunged in to the near freezing river with me still locked in his unbreakable hold. He swam deeper and deeper, not letting me go.

I didn’t realize what he was going to do until I saw Emmett swim up behind him. Emmett swam to the bottom of the river, where Jasper was still holding me, and picked up two massive boulders that were partially concealed in the sand. Jasper swam just above me, now stepping on my stomach to keep me from getting away. Emmett put both of the boulders across my legs, holding me down. He added six more boulders until I was no longer visible, and Jasper’s assistance was no longer needed in holding me down.

“Hey!” I screamed underwater as I saw them both swim towards the surface through one of the cracks in one of the rocks.

It would have been an easy task, to remove all of the boulders, if I had been on solid ground, and not underwater. Underwater, everything was weightless, so my vampire strength wasn’t even really useful. It took me much longer than it should have, over a half hour, to move all of the rocks. I was now soaked and irritated.

I swam to the surface, which was only about twelve feet. I got out of the water and wrung out my hair. I sprinted towards the house where I found a towel waiting by the front door, courtesy of Esme. I drip-dried myself before opening the door and stepping inside. I caught my reflection in the glass of a piece of artwork that hung from the walls. I looked like a drowned rat.

I had to shower again for school now that I smelled like pond water and looked like I had slept in a swamp.

By the time I was finished, I looked good again, but it was now 7:30, and I was running late. Who knew a vampire could be late?

I dressed simply again, in jeans and a plain, blue t shirt. I grabbed my bag and my jacket and headed downstairs. Jasper was standing behind the couch where Emmett and Edward were sitting, watching the news. I walked by Jasper, punching him in the arm as hard as I could.

“Ow!” He yelped in pain. And he was supposed to have fought in the war? Ha!

“I’m not apologizing.” I said as I walked in to the kitchen where Esme was sure to be cleaning some already spotless surface. She looked up at me sympathetically.

“Sorry. But you should know they don’t take losing well. You brought it upon yourself, dear.” Esme, it was funny to think that I had known her longer than I had ever known my own mother. In a way, she was the responsible mother I never had. I loved her dearly.

“I know. But still, somebody could have helped me.” I enunciated somebody so that Edward could hear me. I heard a musical laugh from the other room. I put my arms on the counter and rested my head on my elbow. This was going to be a very long day.