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Living a Lie

Bella realizes she can't go on trusting Edward, not with his parting words ringing in her ears.

-After New Moon- Drama/Humor

2. Chapter 2

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Three months has passed. The Cullens were gone the next day, after the break up. They left due to “a family emergency”. I had expected Alice to chew me out, but I never received any such call or visit. At first I was miserable. Almost as bad as when Edward left me, but now it’s like it happened a lifetime ago. I had never expected to be able to move on this easily.

Today’s my last day in Forks. I’m moving to Virginia. No, I did not do the ‘map and dart’ thing. I chose it because of that song ‘Meet Virginia’. It seems weird, but after I broke up with Edward I decided to take a drive in my truck to calm down. It was the first song that played on the radio, and I was like “Hey, this must be fate telling me to go there!” At the time I was emotionally unstable and drowning in my own tears, but I went straight home and did some research.

I found a little town, not much bigger than Forks, called Knife. I almost choked when I saw it. You had to zoom in to actually read the name, but it clicked automatically in my head. I got a small apartment arranged and everything.

College is officially out of the picture, much to Charlie and Renee’s dismay, but I’m ready for my ‘normal human’ life to start. It is what Edward wanted, after the college of course, but this was my life.

For the last week I’ve been debating whether or not to visit Jake. I decided not. I know I’m so desperate for support right now that I’d jump into Jake’s arms and never move. I have to get at least a state away from Forks, and so it’s just not possible.

I have already said goodbye to everyone. I even sent Charlie off to work, saying that there was no need for him to linger while I finished packing. My truck was already loaded down with all my stuff. I hadn’t had a clue just how much stuff I had collected since I came to Forks. I guessed that my truck’s speed limit just went from sixty all the way down to forty.

I sighed. I was sighing a lot lately. It was like life wasn’t as bright without Edward, but it wasn’t anywhere near like last time, when everything had gone pitch black; it was just like a slight grayness, that’s all.

I hurriedly checked to make sure I hadn’t forgot anything and got into my truck. I was out of Forks boundaries within thirty minutes and on my way east. I was actually excited. I was moving out! This was probably going to be the biggest adventure I’ll have in my human life. Wait, we’re talking about me, the walking tragedy. This will probably be nothing compared to the many life-threatening situations I will no doubt get myself into.

The drive took forever. I had to stay off main highways because of my truck’s speed. I also had to stop every ten minutes, or so it seemed, to get gas. Luckily I had planned my truck’s extreme gas expenses into my budget. Even though I loved my truck, I was on my own paying for everything and definitely did not need a gas-guzzling vehicle. Get a new car was top on my priority list.

My own bank account was really scant, but Renee and Charlie were really generous when it came to their “moving out contributions”. They said they wanted to make sure I was going to be comfortable until I found a job. I was really surprised when they said this, because I had to actually fight with Renee to get her to approve of the move. I think we may have tripled poor Charlie’s phone bill.

I just passed the ‘Welcome to Virginia’ sign, which meant I was only a couple hours drive from Knife. Forest surrounded the back road I was on, and according to the map, there wasn’t a town anywhere near here. I was so exhausted, but being so close gave me the energy to continue. I had only stopped once, because of a very disturbing experience with a creepy man that would not stop staring. I was a little unsettled, especially when he got in his car and drove behind me for like five minutes. He finally turned onto another road, only to reappear two hours later, in another state! Yes, I was considering hanging out in a police station for a while.

Suddenly a huge, furred figure flashed across the road a few yards ahead of me. I slammed on the brakes. That was huge! The only thing I had seen that big was- is there another pack in Virginia? I jumped out of my truck. I really have no sense of self-preservation.

I stumbled off of the road, intent on seeing if that was a werewolf. Then it felt like a boulder smashed into me. I couldn’t even scream before a sharp pain appeared on my neck. This burning was very familiar to me. I looked up. Gold eyes met my gaze.

The vampire looked surprised. Like he hadn’t even realized I was there. The fire was spreading, and I was most definitely screaming. The last thing I noticed was my attacker’s beauty. He was even more perfect than my Edward. No not my Edward, just Edward. Wait, this is something Edward had not wanted… Why’d it feel right, behind all the pain?