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Living a Lie

Bella realizes she can't go on trusting Edward, not with his parting words ringing in her ears.

-After New Moon- Drama/Humor

3. Chapter 3

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The pain was finally dulling. It was only an ebbing at my fingertips and toes now. I opened my eyes. I was lying on a gigantic, four-poster bed. The sheets were obviously satin or silk or something that I shouldn’t be around with my hazardous tendencies. I gasped as I looked around. Was I in a palace?

Sweeping white curtains flowed down from a vaulted, mosaic ceiling, with shafts of light coming from two story high windows every five feet or so, that touched the ceiling. The floor was mosaic, just like the ceiling, but rising in the middle of the room was a tiled fountain. The room was at least thirty feet long, with a sunken in sitting section that opened up to two pairs of ten-foot high double doors. Yes, I was in a palace or something very close.

I slowly rolled out of the bed. I was wearing an absolutely beautiful silk gown, and my arms were sparkling. Hold up! Who the hell changed my clothes… I’m sparkling? I almost screamed with joy. Now Edward and me could be together for-

Now Edward and me can nothing. I ruined that about three months ago. Bella, honestly, what is wrong with you? Why can’t you ever live “happily ever after”? Am I talking to myself in third person? Well, now I’ve gone crazy…

I heard light footsteps. Someone opened the right pair of double doors. I couldn’t see. Damn the magnificent fountain of my dreams! I was suddenly afraid, though. Hadn’t a vampire attacked me, but I am alive. Wait, am I dead? Heaven is a Moroccan Palace? I’m so confused!

“Hello.” If Edward was the god of beauty than this vampire was his even hotter older brother.

“H-hi.” Why am I so shy? He smiled. Good thing I didn’t have a live heart, because it would have fluttered all the way to Africa and still have had enough energy for a round trip.

“Yes… Well, I’m Christopher Leves, but you can call me Chris.” He smiled again. Bottom jaw please don’t drop!

“H-how’d this happen. I mean like one minute I’m driving to my new place and the next I’m in a Moroccan palace someplace. Oh, and I’m a vampire now, so that means someone bit me and stopped and…” I stopped. I had said this with one breath and forgotten to inhale- no thanks to his smiling!

“You know about this… I mean vampires?” I nodded my head. His bottom jaw was now hanging slightly. “Well then… Do you understand everything then?”

“Yes, but I thought newborns are supposed to be extremely thirsty. I’m not thirsty at all.” I felt… great! As in I am not craving human blood.

“You should be. Actually I was surprised you were so coherent. Newborns are usually completely animal-like, because their bloodlust is so strong.” He had come to stand in front of me. He was at least six-foot. Muscles ripped under his white button up shirt. He had dark, chaotic hair that framed his angelic face… He politely coughed.

“Oh… Well, no actually. I feel fantastic.” Thank the heavens I can’t blush any longer.

“You look fantastic.” Had this unbelievable hot vampire just said that to me? “Excuse, I meant no offense… Well, do you know the difference between regular and “vegetarian” vampires?”

“Yes. I am a vegetarian. I’ve already decided.” He chuckled. So beautiful…

“I’m glad, because that’s what I and my coven happen to be.” Coven?

“Where is your coven?” He motioned to see if he could sit next to me on the bed. I could barely nod my head. I should probably warn him I might start drooling, though…

“Well, first off. We are in a Virginia hunting lodge, owned by me personally. The majority of my coven is on a prolonged hunting trip in southern Canada, where they will return to our main coven home in northern Canada- It’s a huge place. The rest of them are scattered randomly around the world, either on hunting trips, vacations, or, in one instance, a honeymoon.” He smiled at me the entire time he spoke. Was he just as unwilling to look away as me?

“How big is your coven?” He sounded like he was talking about a ton of vampires.

“There are seventeen of us.” My mouth did fall open. He chuckled. Oh great, I’m the object of amusement for yet another vampire.

“I thought vampires didn’t really exist together well… I mean in large numbers.” Wasn’t that what the Cullens had said?

“Well, in most instances you would be one hundred percent correct, but because of our diet we have a better sense of family. We also don’t spend that much time together. This is a little confusing, so listen carefully. Inside our one big coven, are smaller ones. Couples, of course, are always together, but the rest come together randomly during the year. One month out of the year, however, we all come together, all seventeen of us. Henry Lee, the leader and starter of our coven, always holds a get together at one of his houses. That’s also our coven name: Lee.”

I just nodded my head. That was confusing. It reminded me of algebra. I mean one-month long family get-togethers. I shuttered at the thought.

“Now to explain how you are a vampire… I was out hunting when I smelled blood. I came across a red truck that had crashed into a tree, and there you lay dying… I could tell you weren’t going to make it and I bit you.” He looked at my oddly.

I could accept that. It explained why I couldn’t remember anything right before I was bit.

“I hope you don’t mind if I ask why are you here alone?” I hoped this was a sly way to ask Are you single?

“Well… I do not have a ‘mate’.” I couldn’t stop my lips from twitching upwards.

“How new are you to this whole vampire thing?” A sly way to ask How old are you?

“I am technically twenty, but I was changed thirty years ago… You know, I loved how you just managed to find out if I was ‘dateable’ with those two seemingly innocent questions.” He saw right through my questions, but like I was going to admit it.

“Dateable? What in the world are you talking about? I mean you are the one chatting me up the second after I-” I couldn’t finish my denial statement, as his lips were on mine. I gasped as he pulled away. He was just as good as Edward, but did I like his forwardness? I mean Edward had always been such a gentleman, but that might have been because at the time I was so breakable. Would he have been so… polite if I hadn’t been human? I shook Edward from my head. Chris could hold my attention just as well.

“So how old are you?” He was obviously basking in the way that I reacted. That I diffidently did not like.

“Well technically I’m eighteen, but I’ve been a vampire for about three days now.” I mumbled. He smiled.

“How interesting.” His lips were back on mine. I pulled away quickly.

“I’ve just met you!” Why’d I feel like I had known him all my life?

“On contrary, I have had the pleasure of knowing you for three days.” Chris was getting more and more irksome by the minute.

“You don’t know my name.” Really who kisses a complete stranger?

“Miss Isabella Marie Swan do you know you had your wallet in your pants pocket?” So he was the one who undressed me!

“Yes, but do you know that I like to go by Bella?” He couldn’t know that.

“Well, Bella, I now know that and promise to never forget.” What? He had vampire memory! Of course he was going to remember everything.

“Did you… uh… change my clothes?” I wasn’t going to let that slip, even if I get embarrassed. Too late…

“Oh no! I would never. One of sisters was luckily here to help me with you.” Thank heavens! He leaned towards me again. Well, he did know my name…