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Living a Lie

Bella realizes she can't go on trusting Edward, not with his parting words ringing in her ears.

-After New Moon- Drama/Humor

4. Chapter 4

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Well, it’s been twelve years. Chris and I have been off and on since that first day. It’s not really serious. We spend more time with other members of the coven than each other. It’s mainly… physical. In fact we’ve already agreed on seeing other people. That’s what I’m doing today. I know. It seems very, very unlike me, but Chris has been neglecting me lately because of some other girl. I’m desperate for some affection.

Chris was right about the “smaller covens” thing. Everyone in the family was absolutely great, and I loved spending time with them, but I had gravitated to a group of seven. They completed me, in a family sense.

The girls were Rachel, Melissa, Samantha, and I. The boys were Henry, Thomas, Ray, and Chris. Yes, I was in the main honcho’s coven. Everyone had a ‘mate’, so we all took vacations regularly from each other, but most of the time we hung out in some huge mansion, on the outskirts of a town, and attended virtual hell. Wait, did I say virtual hell? I meant high school.

My “date” was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. We were going on a blind date. I’m nervous. I might hate him, and I don’t mean to sound shallow, but what if he’s not visibly attractive. As it turns I out, I’m gorgeous. I’m not being self-absorbed. I literally almost fainted when Chris had taken me to a mirror…

Flashback- That First Day

“Come, you have to see yourself.” Chris was grinning so big it looked like it hurt.

He walked me across the room into a closet twice the size of my bedroom back in Forks. Against the far wall was a full-length mirror. I closed my eyes and approached.

Wow… My eyes and lips had become larger and my nose had gotten smaller. It was perfect, of course. I was perfect. My face would blow dear old Rosaline out of the water! That would take some time to get used to. I let my eyes wander downwards. Rosaline definitely had nothing on me.

End of Flashback

My body was even more effective than I had first thought. It completely melted human men, and vampire men were at least knocked on their knees. The saying “I always get what I want” was meant for me, even if I don’t always intend to have that effect. I’m shy at heart to begin with and looking like me can be just plain bothersome. I would pity Rosaline if I didn’t know she loved to suck up all the attention she could.

“Sean, the white knight of your dreams, picked out by me, is here, Bella!” Samantha was the second youngest, but also the most… fun, outgoing, playful. Did she have to say that though? I was already nervous.

I rushed downstairs. I was on the third floor, so it took a second. I almost screamed when I saw my date. Chris?

“Hello, Bella! I convinced your date to allow me to take his place, but if want, you can call me Sean tonight. That might be fun, in a mysterious way, huh?” He winked.

“Sure you don’t just want to head upstairs, Sean.” That was all he was after. Hell, right now that’s all I was after, but like I going to share that with him. He was extremely cocky when it came to his… abilities in that area of life.

“No Bella, we are going on a date, for once.” What?

“Where’s Mandy?” It was one thing to be sleeping with someone else’s guy, but for it to go as far as going out on a date and have it start to mean something. No thanks; I don’t care how temporary Mandy is.

“Mandy is over with. I got bored of her and decided to move on to better things.” He smiled.

“You’ve gotten bored of the last seven girls. Why aren’t you bored of me yet?” He always came back to me, no matter who he was with.

“Well, you are the most beautiful and sensuous being I have ever seen. You’re fun and loving and not shallow like all those other girls I end up with. And, to defend myself you “got bored” of your last four suitors.” They weren’t as good as Chris, but of course I can’t say that. He’s heads so big it’s already threatening to pop.

“I needed them for different purposes, and that’s all!” I’m a much better liar now, with being around Chris and everything, but the king of all liars could always see right though me.

“Bella, please! I know you want more, so that’s why I’m taking you out on a date.” Him and I made better friends, well best friends, than dates. How would this turn out? I can usually talk to him about anything, but aren’t dates different?

I didn’t have time to decide, because Chris picked me up bridal style and ran to the car. He had some version of a Mustang. He argued it was the best car ever made, but mine was better. I didn’t know the specifics, but it was hotter, cost twice as much, and had more horsepower. What else matters?

He set me in the passengers seat, hopped in, and started the car. His engine did sound nice, though. We were flying down our three-mile long, paved driveway and onto the highway in little over a minute. If I sped than Chris was just insane.

“Were are we going?”

“Surprise.” I hate surprises.

He went straight through town, and we had been driving on some random dirt roads I didn’t even know, before we stopped.

“I want to show you something.” He flashed off into the woods. I easily followed. That was one strange ability I had. I could run oddly fast. I may even be able to match Edward. I pushed his name from my mind before I got too far down memory lane.

We ran for about fifteen minutes before he lead me into a cave. A cave? What was he think- I almost sobbed when the cavern opened up. The walls were pure gem, sparkling even more than me in sunlight. It was… fantastic. I almost giggled when I saw that a red satin cover lay in the center, with candles running up and down the back section of the wall.

“Romantic, eh?” Chris grabbed my hand and led me to the cover. I knew it couldn’t be about anything else when it comes to Chris.

Edward POV:

How many vampires have been through this area? There most be a coven near… I have to tell Carlisle.