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Living a Lie

Bella realizes she can't go on trusting Edward, not with his parting words ringing in her ears.

-After New Moon- Drama/Humor

5. Chapter 5

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Edward POV:

I couldn’t believe how many vampires I had picked up. There were at least eight through the area regularly, but other fainter traces lingered, too.

If they were a typical coven this could be trouble, but they are only a few miles from town. They wouldn’t be so close, or stay in one area long enough to purchase a permanent residence like that, unless they were similar to my own family.

We had purchased our own place that was about seven miles away from town, but it was on the opposite side. I was there in no more than three minutes. Everyone was down in the living room.

“Why are you talking to us?” Rosaline sneered at me as opened my mouth to begin my explanation.

Since Bella had left me my life has been empty. Time passes without me noticing. The only sense I have is to go out hunting every few weeks, before I went mad with thirst. I barely left my room; I spent most of my time sitting up there, pretending the world didn’t exist. That is what it felt like.

It was even worse than when I had broken up with Bella. Just when I realized how much she loved me, or so I thought, and was actually considering changing her, she told me she had stopped loving me. I admit I ran from her, fled to my room, locked the door, curled up in a ball, and dry sobbed until Alice broke down the door.

Alice hadn’t believed me. She said Bella loved me with all her heart and would never do that to me. How wrong she was. The whole family argued with me. I told them exactly what Bella had said. How dead her voice was, how cold her eyes were, how she looked right through me as if I were nothing. I was sobbing all through my explanation.

Everyone finally took me seriously. Alice had wanted to go “have a reality check” with Bella. It took Jasper and Carlisle to hold her back. I would do what Bella asked. Leave her to her human life; this time she would definitely move on… Wasn’t that what I had wanted for her in the first place?

“Yes Rosaline, but only to inform everyone that there is a large coven just outside of town, and that we should go introduce ourselves. To arrange hunting regions and such, of course.” She was constantly irritating me, but since Bella left… I have no feeling, anger or otherwise. I was really dead now.

“Us as in you’re coming.” Emmet looked at me hopefully. Why not? Without Bella it didn’t matter where I was. I nodded my head.

Alice gasped. I automatically blocked her vision from my mind. I would find out soon enough. I needed some excitement in my life.

“There’s so many of them. I only got to see a few, but they were talking about the rest of their coven returning home from hunting … They had gold eyes, and-!” Alice was bouncing with excited. She looked at me and realized I hadn’t seen her vision, and started bouncing even more.

Alice started singing a song in her head the instant I tried to see why she was practically jumping.

“We should definitely introduce ourselves as soon as possible.” Carlisle decided.

“Isn’t it a little late for a house visit, dear?” Esme was always so considerate.

“They’re vampires! It doesn’t matter.” Alice was really anxious to go.

“Okay, then… Everyone freshen up and we’ll meet at the cars in ten minutes.” Everyone was gone before Carlisle even started speaking, except me. “Son, is this going to be too much for you?”

“I think I can handle it.” I tried to smile reassuringly, but I think it was more of a grimace. Will Bella ever leave my mind? I hoped not…

Bella POV:

We were just finishing when my cell phone rang.

“Good thing that rang now and not earlier or I may have been upset at whoever called.” Chris was joking, but he would have probably been…

I opened up my cell phone without reading the caller ID.

“Bella! Oh you have to come home now! There’s… just get your ass here! Love you.” Ah, Samantha…

“We should get home. Get dressed.” I was already halfway done.

“What’s up?”

I quickly relayed Samantha’s excitement. We hurried home; if this was important and we took too long, Samantha would not let it go.