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My Home Is Where You Are

AU. Edward never came back in New Moon. It's three years later. Bella is in her second year at Yale University. What would happen if the Cullen's end up going there also?


2. Chapter 2

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[Third Person POV]

Edward Cullen and his family moved to New Haven. They were going to pose as college students this time, instead of high school students. They're going to live off campus, of course. Having five vampires living in dorms would be a catastrophe.

After the Cullens left Forks that September, they went to Alaska and stayed with the Denali Clan.

All except Edward.

Edward didn't want to be around anyone. He wanted to be alone. He left his life and heart back in Forks.

Edward told Bella the most ridiculous lie and she actually believed him. He hated himself more now then ever.

He broke his angel's, the only reason for his existence, heart. He left his family because he didn't want them to see him like that.

Edward also knows that he hurt his family by leaving Forks.

Alice was just as close to Bella as Edward was. She loved Bella like a sister. As did Emmett. Jasper also thought of Bella as a sister, just he had to be careful around her. Esme and Carlisle saw Bella as a daughter. Rosalie... well she disliked Bella. But that was just Rosalie.

After a while, Emmett and Jasper went and hunted Edward down, with Alice's help, and dragged him back to the family.

A couple of months later, they all decided it was time to relocate and start a new life. So they moved to New Haven and were going to attend Yale University.

[Edward's POV]

I was laying on the couch in my room thinking about her. I know I shouldn't, for it will cause me pain, but I just missed her so much. There was a part of me that just wanted to go back to her and beg for forgiveness.

But there was a bigger part of me that knew she wouldn't take me back. I hurt her to much. Plus, I've been gone for over three years, most likely she's moved on.

For all I know, she could be married by now. Maybe have a baby. She's probably long forgotten about me years ago.

"EDWARD!" Jasper yelled, "Dude, cut it out! Your emotions are driving me insane."

I sighed, "Sorry."

I rolled off of the couch and went to look out the window.

A second later, Alice danced through my bedroom door, "I'm so excited about going to college this time." She looked at me, "Aren't you excited, Edward?"

I sighed, "Of course, don't I look excited?" I said sarcastically.

Alice raised her eyebrows at me, "Somebody is in a bad mood."

She thought for a moment, "I know!" She squealed, "Lets go shopping! You need to get out of the house for awhile."

With that, she grabbed my arm and dragged me down the stairs, "Edward and I are going shopping!" She sang, "Anyone else want to go?"

"Sorry babe, Carlisle, Esme, and I are going hunting." Jasper said as he hugged her.

"That's okay, You three have fun." She got on her tip-toes and kissed him.

"Rosalie? Emmett? Want to go to the mall with us?" She asked, "Edward needs some cheering up." She pinched my cheeks like I was a little kid and smiled.

Emmett laughed, "I'm in!"

"Yeah, I'll go too." Rosalie muttered, "It's not like I got anything else to do."

"I'm driving!" Emmett yelled as he ran out the door. Alice, Rosalie, and I sighed and walked out to Emmett's Jeep and got in.