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My Home Is Where You Are

AU. Edward never came back in New Moon. It's three years later. Bella is in her second year at Yale University. What would happen if the Cullen's end up going there also?


5. Chapter 5

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[Edward's POV]

It was our second week here at Yale University. Jasper and I are taking courses to become a writer. Emmett's taking courses to become a fitness trainer. Alice and Rosalie are taking courses to become a teacher. We all thought we would try something new for a change.

Emmett had an evening class today and Jasper and I had one morning and one evening class. Alice and Rosalie were out shopping for they only had one class this morning. Emmett, Jasper, and I walking onto the campus about an half hour earlier than our evening classes started. So we decided to just walk around and waste time.

There was a couple of people walking around, some of them were running to class late. We ended up sitting down on a outside table after a couple of minutes.

"AH! There they are. They're so hot!"

I looked around to see who was thinking that. I saw a girl with long, wavy blonde hair sitting a couple of tables down staring our way.

"I wonder what their name's are. I wonder if they have girlfriends."

She looked down at the notebook that was in front of her and sighed. "Look at them," She looked up at us again, "I bet they are very good kissers."

I chuckled. Emmett and Jasper looked around as Emmett asked, "What are you laughing about dude?"

I nodded at the blonde girl, "She's thinking what we kiss like."

Emmett and Jasper looked over at her, Jasper shook his head, "Yeah, I can feel the lust coming off of her."

Emmett smiled, "Time for some fun."

We stared at him, "Fun?"

He laughed, "Watch and Learn my brothers."

Emmett laughed as he got up and walked over to the blonde girl's table.

"Be sexy. Do the sexy walk." He was saying in his mind.

I laughed as we watched and listen.

"Hey." We heard Emmett say.

The blonde girl looked up and gasped. "H..H..Hi."

"OH MY GOSH! One of them is talking to me! Breathe Ry, Breathe."

She was thinking. Emmett was laughing in his head.

"Mind if I sit?" Emmett asked.

"No, go ahead." She said pointing at the seat in front of her. Emmett sat down.

"So, how has your day been?"

Ry, I guess that was her name, smiled, "Amazing!" She stared at Emmett for a while before she shook her head, "And yours?"

"Edward, tell Jasper this is payback for breaking my A Walk To Remember DVD." He said in his mind as he laughed.

"Great." Emmett smiled. "I came over here to tell you that, that blonde dude behind me," He pointed at Jasper, "He wanted me to come over here and see if he could get your number. He has a huge crush on you."

I bust out laughing as Jasper's eye went wide.

"Emmett is so dead when we get home!" Jasper thought.

Ry looked at Jasper then back at Emmett, "R..R..Really?" Ry's eyes were huge in shock.

Emmett smiled and nodded.

I had to block out her thoughts after a second, they went from screaming to her picturing Jasper and her making out in her room.

As Ry was writing her number down on a piece of paper, I turned back to Jasper. I decided to play along.

"I see how it is Jasper. You tell Emmett you have a crush on her but not me! UGH!" I threw my hands up as a dramatic effect. Then started laughing hard.

Jasper was staring daggers at me.

That's when I heard that voice that I missed for the past three years. "Emmett?"

Jasper's and my head snapped over toward were Emmett was fast. He was just staring wide-eye at the girl standing beside Ry. Then he whispered, "Bella?"