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Lying for the abuser

Charlie hates Bella and rapes and abuses her everyday.When she calls the ambulance what will Charlie and the Cullens do? Charlie OOC Adult for rape, abuse and language image_areaBanners by Emmett_lover. If you can't see them or they are removed due to size they will be on my profile.


2. Abuser

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E Pov

“Edward, what is she really thinking?” I heard Carlisle whisper from across the hospital. I slipped into the room silently.

"My son," Carlisle greeted me.

"Father," I said to him as he laid back a girl that had slumped into him. “It’s too late now, but this girl, I knew she was lying. I asked if she…” he paused for a minute, thinking of my past. “I asked if she was abused by her father.”

I growled to low for a human to hear. I despised child abuse, an adult hurting a child for no damn reason to!

"What did she say?" I asked through gritted teeth.

“She said she fell. It was obviously a lie, but what could she be covering up? A recent rape, maybe, but it seems as if it came from her father. His scent is all over her. But that could just happen, being that she lives with him. But, I do know this; she’s lying about the fall, she has been beaten pretty badly, and has had sexual intercourse within the last…I’d say thirty-six hours.” I shook my head. Whoever was doing this (probably her father) was just like the people I used to hunt down.

“I suppose I’ll find out when she awakens.” I whispered, gazing at the side of her head. Carlisle shook his head, and guided me out the door. “No matter what, she’s in pain. Let’s leave her to rest.” he told me.

Carlisle's Pov

"Dr. Cullen, do you need me to contact her father?" Melanie, a new receptionist, asked.

I definitely do not want him anywhere near that sweet girl ever again. It was obvious what happened behind closed doors. I know that when he gets her again it will just continue and she will eventually die.

"Yes, please. He is probably at the police station, if you could get a hold of him," I told her.

"Okay I'll call soon."

Now all I needed to do was to figure out some way to keep Bella safe.

Ch Pov

“Hello?” The damn phone just rang, making me get up from my poker game to go find out the “emergency”. Damn people. I took another swig of my beer as Kevin scowled.

“Yeah?” I wanted to get this over with ASAP. God Damn! Why the fuck must they always call me? Could no one handling anything on their own? Stupid fucks in this town reminded me of that bitch I had at home.

Bella. My lip curled at the name. I hated her, yet lusted after her at the same time. A man of my age with a kid didn’t get that many lays these days, and your hand could only go so far. And I had to admit, that kid of mine did have a nice ass…

No matter how much I hated her, there was no getting around the fact that Renee and I made a good girl in bed. Whimpering at the right times, squirming just the right way… And when I died, Kevin would get to have her. He was my deputy, and he loved the stories I told him. Upon meeting her, I could see that side of him come out. There was no reason to tell her just yet that she was already going to get married. I grinned; she’d make me good money. In fact, maybe I could sell some guys around Seattle a night or two with her…

“Yes, Chief Swan? This is Forks Hospital, your daughter, Bella, was found at your home. She called an ambulance and is in our care right now. Apparently she fell…?”

My eyes widened, and I glanced back to Kevin for some help. He shrugged, mouthing the words, “lie your ass off,” before turning back to his cards. Some fucking help he was.

“Um, I suppose. I was already gone. Is she alright? Should I come over?” I acted as if I worried whether or not she’d live. Honestly, I kinda did. I would lose money if she up and died. But in the end, it’d be no skin off my ass.

“Yes, you might want to check on her. But she’s fine, asleep right now, actually. See you soon.” I heard the click, and rage washed over me. The little bitch was sleeping? I can’t wait to see her little fucking face…

E Pov

Where is that little bitch? I swear to god, if she said anything…I’m fucked. Out of money, a reputation, hell, out of this city. Fuck!

I furrowed my brow at this nearly constant stream of profanity. Who could that be? I had no idea anyone in this town was so…vulgar. My mind flashed back to the girl, Isabella. If I had any blood, it would have boiled.

I learned long ago to always trust Carlisle’s judgment, and he was nearly 100% sure that Bella’s, as she preferred to be called, father beat her. And what disgusted me more was that she had recently had sexual intercourse. Either he punished her soundly for such an act, or he not only beat her, but raped her too. Immense hate built in my stomach for a man I had yet to meet.

Okay, room 666. Suits the little whore well. When I get a hold of her…I can just see her face as I strangle her. He literally chuckled, answering to a curious passerby that he had recently heard a “hilarious” joke. I begged to differ.

I heard as he burst through the doors, and the sight of his daughter’s broken face angered; excited; and, perhaps most disgusting, aroused him. I tightened my grip on the chair I was currently sitting on, using all my restraint to not find him and beat him. So, understandably, I didn’t have enough restraint left to keep from turning the arm into dust. Thank goodness I was in Carlisle’s private office.

I listened as he yelled, each syllable becoming more of a hum under the fury pressing through my veins like red hot blood. There was a slap, human flesh on tender human flesh, and I was gone. I ran through the halls, barely keeping a human pace, and bustled past busy patients and doctors in my haste. Carlisle had been nearer, so he had gotten there first. I heard him dismiss the man, and that pervert was out the door. He grinned, chuckling down the hall.

I made sure to brush him, harder than I normally would. “Fuck!” he said under his breath, glaring at me. “Oh, sorry,” I began, making sure my voice rebounded with false sympathy, “I didn’t see you there, chief. Excuse me.” I smiled icily, and he continued glaring. “Kids these days,” he muttered as he shook his head, walking away as his thoughts returned to what they were previously. Which was not good for me.


Come here you little—“ I ran after her, cussing as she dashed up the stairs, fumbling with the lock on her door. I grinned, pushing it in, causing her to fly into her bed. Perfect.

No! Dad, please, n—“

Did you just say please? Well, of course!” I smiled.

Her eyes widened. “No! That…that’s not what I meant!” she exclaimed, crawling backward on the bed. Just where I wanted her to be. I pounced.

She was under me now, my hands clamped tight around her wrists, shoving her into the bed beneath me. I put both of her hands into one of mine, pulling off her shirt. I laughed at the horror-struck look on her face. Her eyes wide, mouth hanging open…

Damn! I couldn’t think about that or this would be over before it even started. She had to suffer, and I had to have the best damn fuck of my life, or she would get it. I pulled her pants down roughly, not even caring about making her suffer anymore, I just wanted mine.

She was left in underwear and a bra, and I couldn’t wait anymore. I unzipped my pants, thankful they made boxers easy to open. I quickly pushed aside whatever was left, thrusting forward hungrily…

I pulled away as an all out hatred consumed me, the remnants of that poor girl’s scream ringing through my mind. I walked faster toward her room, vowing that I would kill that man, and putting enough space between us so as to not do it right there on the spot.

I burst through the doors, red mist clouding my vision with the broken look all over the girl’s face. I locked my jaw, greeting her tensely. “Hello, Isabella.” Quick and to the point, before I exploded.

“Just call me Bella…” she sighed, staring at the ground as if it was the only thing she could look at, somehow with longing.

“Bella,” I corrected myself, before turning to my father. “C—Dad, we need to talk. Now.”

“Can’t it wait another moment son? I’m afraid I’m terribly busy…” he mumbled, as he was currently preoccupied putting slight pressure on her left kneecap. She winced. “Did that hurt?” he asked.

She put on a brave face, “Only a little, I might have banged it on my way down.”

“Father, I’ve, um…heard some interesting things around the hospital. Is it about her father? He asked in his mind. I nodded minutely, as to make sure Bella didn’t see. He froze a moment.

“Well Bella,” He exclaimed with a smile, “I’ll be back in a moment. Please, dear, rest. See you soon.” She nodded to him, before laying back, papers rustling beneath her. Carlisle followed me into the hall.

“I just heard the sickest, vile, disgusting…”

“Please, save me the gruesome details.”

“She’s been raped. By her father. And I highly doubt that that was the first time.”

He turned grave. “Well…can you tell me what she’s thinking? If there’s any way we could get her to admit it to us?”

I concentrated, opening my mind to the common intrusion of another’s thoughts. Waves after waves of thoughts hit me, but not hers. It was like there was a void.

“I…” I began, “I can’t. It’s like she doesn’t exist.”