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Lying for the abuser

Charlie hates Bella and rapes and abuses her everyday.When she calls the ambulance what will Charlie and the Cullens do? Charlie OOC Adult for rape, abuse and language image_areaBanners by Emmett_lover. If you can't see them or they are removed due to size they will be on my profile.


4. Memory

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Previously: Carlisle…it’s…

“It’s…nothing,” I lied quickly, changing my mind.

“It’s more than nothing Bella. Please, tell me! You came in here with bruises and a fractured leg. And I know those can be caused by falling down stairs, but falling does not explain the hand prints all over your body. So, please, you can tell me.” Carlisle pleaded wholeheartedly, looking me deeply in the eyes.

“It’s nothing. Like I said, no one is doing anything to me at all. Charlie and I are just fine. I’m fine,” I said, gazing unflinchingly back into his eyes. I was trying to convince both him and myself of the lies I was telling. Quite frankly, it didn’t work.

“Bella, I examined you when you came into the hospital; you had some lacerations of the upper vagina, and bruising of the vestibule. Now, that only happens during sexual intercourse, and usually not when it's consensual. So, tell me the truth. Has anyone…” he looked away and gulped, whispering, “raped you?” it seemed like it was hard for him to ask.

Oh God! What do I say? I can’t tell, no one will believe that the chief of police rapes and abuses his daughter. But…Carlisle, the trusted town doctor, saw the bruises and the trauma; so maybe he would believe me. No, I won’t tell, so maybe Charlie won’t hurt me as bad.

“Like I said, it’s nothing. I’m a teenager, after all; what the hell do you expect?!” I snapped, though I could still see the doubt in his eyes. It was obvious; he didn’t believe a bit of what I was saying.

“Bella, I can tell that you aren’t that type of girl. Your history shows that you bring home good grades, and you don’t even have a criminal record. You’re a smart young woman, and when you’re ready to tell me the truth, please don’t hesitate.”

I could see that he meant every word of it. “I don’t have anything to tell, but thank you for your concern,” I whispered. I was so grateful to him for caring whether or not I was okay, as no one else did. I started getting drowsy just thinking about it.

“I don’t feel well,” I said, putting a hand on my head in a vain attempt to stop the pain.

“You lost quite a bit of blood, and that’s why you’ve been blacking out. We gave you some more, so it should stop soon,” he said in a rush before I faded out. Yet instead of just black I was having a dream of something that happened a few months ago….or maybe nightmare is a better word.

Charlie was drinking (big surprise) and I knew that I was going to get it.

“Come here, you little slut, someone’s at the door.” I ran and answered it. It was Jacob, we’d been friends for a long time.

“Hi Jacob,” Charlie slurred.

“Hello Charlie,” Jacob replied. Why was he acting like Charlie wasn’t almost drunk out of his mind? Why wasn’t he worried about the bruises on my face I hadn’t had a chance to cover up yet?

“So you came to see the slut?” Charlie asked. Why was Charlie being so open with this to Jacob? And why wasn’t Jacob saying anything about it? Unless…Oh, no.

“Yes, I came to see the slut,” Jacob answered, not caring about what he just called me, or how much it hurt. Then, he smiled a dark smile at me. Oh, great. Could this situation get any worse? Now Jacob was being just as horrible, and was going to help my father? He was my friend, why in the world would he do this?

“Why Jacob?” I asked; he knew what I meant.

“Bella, from the moment I saw you, I loved you. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You were perfect. But you were also unattainable. Miss Goody-two-shoes, ‘I don’t need a boyfriend and want to keep my virginity until after marriage’ Swan. I have always wanted to have you. And here I find out about what Charlie is doing. It was horrible, and I immediately confronted him. But he made a deal with me. I could have you, as long as I didn’t tell anyone,” he chuckled grimly; “How could I refuse?”

He grabbed me by the hair then, and began to pull me up the stairs to my room.

“Jacob! You’re my friend! Don’t! Please!” I sobbed pleadingly with him, trying feebly to pull away, but all he did was laugh at me. When we reached my door, he shoved it open and pushed me inside, locking it behind him. He pulled my shirt and pants off quickly, and soon pulled down my underwear.

“No, Jacob stop! Don’t do this, you’re my friend!!!” I moaned. But he didn’t listen. He just pulled down his pants and boxers, a maniacal grin on his face as he forced me onto the bed sheets. He locked both of my wrists above me, tearing off my bra. I shut my eyes tight, but tears still slipped out. He leaned down, and I felt his hot breath on my ear as he whispered, “Don’t worry Bella. You’ll like it rough. I love you.”

“No,” I sobbed over and over, thrashing my head from side to side, trying not to hear his moans. Trying not to taste his tongue on mine. Trying not to see him when he yelled at me to open my eyes. Trying not to think of the pain.

I woke up gasping. I darted my eyes around frantically, expecting Jake to be right there. No one. Carlisle wasn’t there, so I didn’t have to worry about him asking about the nightmare, thank goodness.

I remembered my former best friend, but I hadn’t thought of him in a long time, as I had been trying to forget what happened, but it was burned into my memory. Jacob had been my best friend since we were toddlers, but all Charlie had to do was make a deal with him so he could get into my pants, and that all went away. All the good times we had had evaporated and became null and void with that. It almost sickened me.

I had been seeing Jacob change by how he acted aggressive and had yelled at me, which he had never done before, and for some reason and had been growing very fast. In fact, that was about a week or two before that day in the nightmare. But why would Jake start to intentionally hurt me? I knew why Charlie beat me. It was actually because he blamed me for what happened with Renée. I shivered, blocking the memory, but it was so hard I started to feel a bit fatigued.

I knew I was tired, but if I slept I was afraid I’d have another nightmare. So I sat in the bed my head in between my knees, trying to focus on anything that wouldn’t make me think of Charlie or Jacob. I’m not sure how long I just sat there, not really thinking. I fell asleep, but thankfully I didn’t have a nightmare.

Carlisle was in the room when I woke up next time. “Glad to see you awake Bella; I hope you’re feeling better,” he smiled warmly at me, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Carlisle, when can I get out of the hospital?” I asked, my voice full of sleep. I saw his face fall and become worried.

“Today or tomorrow, after I put your leg in a splint,” he said, sounding unsure.
“Will you do that now?” I asked, hoping to get out faster so Charlie wouldn’t hurt me. I knew I would get it bad though, for calling the hospital, and if Jacob was there it would be even worse.

“Yes, in a few minutes I’ll go get it,” he answered and left the room. Thank you, I said in my head. If this gets done quickly I might be out of the hospital tonight! Yes! I should have never called the ambulance. It had been worse then that before and I hadn’t called I don’t kn—

Carlisle walked back into the room then, interrupting my train of thought. “Okay Bella, I can put it on now,” he said.

“Thank you Carlisle,” I whispered, and he smiled.

“You’re welcome Bella; now let me wrap your leg,” he said, still smiling, like a real father would. Then again, what did I know about a real father? He then gingerly lifted my leg, setting it on his thigh. I just then noticed that he was on another chair. He looked up at me intently, while gently running his fingers down my leg in a soothing gesture.

“This is probably going to hurt Bella, a lot,” he warned me, and I gulped, nodding. “Brace yourself,” he said, and I took a deep breath, before I heard a snap.

“Oh god!” I yelled, and he looked up at me apologetically. “I’m sorry, I had to right your foot. But I’m not quite done…”

Again, pain bloomed up my leg and to my fingertips, setting off nauseating trails of fire. I felt sick at the crack I heard, but relieved when I heard him say, “All done.”

With that, he took a long piece of wood from the ground beside him, and put it on the side of my leg, before wrapping it tight with gauze. Eventually, he adjusted it so it fit better and we were done in about five minutes.

“There you go, all done,” he said.

“Thanks but will I get to leave tonight?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, you can leave in about an hour,” he said in his golden eyes I could see worry. All of my hope evaporated to dread when I realized that that worry was not misplaced.

“Thank you so much,” I smiled, and it was actually a real smile, something that I didn’t do often anymore.

“You will need to walk with crutches though.”

My smile immediately dropped. Suddenly, my chances of running away from the harsh blows seemed slim to none.