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Lying for the abuser

Charlie hates Bella and rapes and abuses her everyday.When she calls the ambulance what will Charlie and the Cullens do? Charlie OOC Adult for rape, abuse and language image_areaBanners by Emmett_lover. If you can't see them or they are removed due to size they will be on my profile.


5. Going Home

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B Pov

“Okay Bella, I’ll go get the crutches and you can get dressed and go home.” He smiled, but in his eyes I saw that lurking, half smothered worry. I smiled back at him, somewhat painful. I was happy to be going home, to not fear of exposing my secret when he was examining me, questioning and begging, but dreading what would be awaiting me when I got there. I had no idea, and I had no desire to know. I had never called the hospital before; despite my injuries. I had no idea just what Charlie had in store for me.

He left the room then, so I started getting dressed, reaching over to pull my sweater over me, before grabbing my jeans. I had some trouble with them, since I had to shimmy on the bed without crutches, while not moving my leg, but I got them on. I was done with everything when Carlisle came back into the room, and I noticed how odd his timing was, as if he knew I was done at that moment.

“Here you go,” he said, handing me the crutches one at a time. I placed them under each arm and wobbled slightly, catching myself. I started to go, trying to keep my balance, and somehow I did.

“Thank you,” I said, smiling again, I owed him so much, what with how kind and compassionate he had been, even if I had acted ungrateful and mean as I attempted to cover up what Charlie hid so poorly. And if one day I could repay the favor I would. Hell, he cared for me more than my own father, and I had just met the man!

“Can you call my…father?” I asked. It felt so sour on my tongue; I could hardly bear to call Charlie a father, let alone mine.

“Of course, I’ll have one of the receptionists do that,” he said, leaving the room for only a minute before he was back.

He scratched something down on a sheet of paper, handing it to me and a little white bottle, “Okay…here you go; it’s a bottle of pain killers to help with your leg.” He looked sympathetic, “They called your father, and he said he will be here in a few minutes to get you.” His eyes were conflicted as he said it.

“Okay, t—thanks again.” I smiled at him, though now it was that forced, happy looking grimace. The topic of Charlie immediately made my stomach curl and my eyes water.

“You’re very welcome, and Bella…if you ever need anything, just tell me, okay?” he asked, looking pleadingly into my eyes.

“Yes, I’ll remember that.” I answered, but I’m sure if I did, there would be nothing good to come out of it anyway. I was probably going to be on lock down for this screw up, beaten more than ever, and I didn’t need sympathetic, rich doctors prancing around, pretending they cared. He might have, but telling him would do nothing. The chief of police for over twenty years against the newcomer, an anti-social one at that. Chances really just weren’t in my favor.

“You’ll need to come to refill your medicine in a week or so, and I need you to make sure you bring that,” he said, pointing to the paper.

“Okay…I’m ready to go, and Charlie will probably be here soon, anyway.” I hated to even think about it.

“Bye, Bella,” he said softly. As I left the room, he followed me out, before veering down another hall to a different room. He waved slightly, and I sighed, walking to the front lobby and taking an awkward seat in an orange, plastic chair.

Soon Charlie was there, signing me out with a triumphant, evil smirk, and even sooner after that, we left. I got into his police cruiser, muffling the moan of pain as he walked by, deliberately pretending to “accidentally” slam the door on my sprain.

“Oh, Bella, sweetie, I’m so, so sorry!” he yelled dramatically, kneeling at my side and digging his elbow into my thigh.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” I gritted out, still feeling it throb. He chuckled quietly, going around to the other side of the car, and starting the engine, gunning it toward the exit.

“So you think that was a good idea?” Charlie sneered quietly, not yelling only because there was a chance that someone might be close enough to hear. All I could do was shudder, and he saw. “You shouldn’t have even thought about calling them. No one would believe you, you know. Even if you were stupid enough to tell,” he laughed, knowing I could never have enough guts to tell, anyway. “Jake’s at the house, in case you were wondering. He knows too, and he also knows that with that splint you can‘t even think about running,” he smiled evilly, and I cringed at the mere thought of how much pain awaited me behind the closed doors of my house. What was supposed to be my safe haven; my comfortable oasis in the world was my Hell. Funny.

That was so much like my luck.

And then he was pulling up to the house, and he let me get in safely. I knew it wouldn’t last; only a show for the neighbors, in case anyone happened to walk by. The houses were pretty spaced out around here; once for a newlywed couple, but it served his new purpose quite well. And then there was the most sickening click of my life as he closed the door.

Suddenly, he grabbed my arm and slung me against the wall. “Ow,” I groaned as his hands fisted my hair, pulling angrily. He just laughed, as he usually did. He slapped me, a stinging spreading over my cheek. Then, chuckling as usual, he pulled me off the wall, throwing me on the floor. I listened to uneven, heavy footsteps as he straddled my backside, whispering evil words into my ear as he twisted my splinted leg.

I yelled out a loud, muffled moan as my gaunt cheek flattened against the cold wood, his hand forcing my head down harder. Then, he grabbed me by my hair, getting off and pulling me off the floor with him. He held me a moment by my hair, bringing my head back over his left shoulder to stare at the ceiling. I whimpered as he licked my neck, biting down hard. “Easy bitch.” He whispered hoarsely. And then, I felt him grabbing me by the hip, digging his fingers in as I smelt his beer-stained breath whoosh over me with his crackling voice, “Welcome home. We missed you.”

I heard slamming footsteps, a russet figure appearing in my peripheral vision, smiling something fierce. “Hand her over Charlie, I want some,” I heard him say, footsteps pounding toward the area in front of me, where I couldn’t see.

“I want seconds,” Charlie said flatly, and somehow knowing that I would be a sex toy not once, but at least twice, brought angry, hot tears to my eyes. They clouded my vision, and my blood rushed in my ears as I missed the reply.

“Here you go, you stupid little slut!” Charlie yelled, pushing me toward Jacob. I felt warm, too warm, hands wrap around me as I buried my face into the chest I tripped toward. Cackling, maddened, crazy, take-over-the-world laughter made the chest vibrate with his words at my ear.

“Missed ya, Bells.”

Jacob Pov

I smiled thoughtfully, my gaze landing on the beautiful girl that was suddenly in my arms. Charlie, her father, limped out of the room, muttering random cuss words about my property. I almost growled; the territorial instincts telling me to push her behind me and warn him. But if I did so, these sweet little rendezvous would come to an end.

Even I was not that stupid.

Because, Bella was mine now. She belonged to me and me only, no matter what Charlie seemed to think. The day he dies is the day I steal her away to marry, where we would fall blissfully in love. She would love me; even if she didn’t quite yet; nobody else, and that’s how it would stay. She would never, ever belong to anyone else. The thought of her, smiling happily in another man’s arms, made me growl too low for her to notice, though she may have felt it, as her head was buried in my chest, her hot, shuddering breaths warming a moist spot on my shirt. Tears. Oh, how I loved those tears.

I stroked Bella’s hair gently, pulling my fingers through the knots her evil father had made. Oh, I knew he was evil. He didn’t love her; he hated what was meant to be adored. But I, I loved her. I cherished her, mind, body, and soul. Like I said, even her tears were wonderful. I sighed, then grabbed her as soft as I could without allowing her to run, and began to pull her gently toward her room, as always.

“Bella, Bella, Bella,” I sighed in a sing-song way, “you shouldn’t have even thought about calling, you know. It only made him hurt you. But don’t worry…”

She looked up at me, hope shining in her once dim eyes, “You mean…you’ll help me?” Oh, what an ignorant, unknowing question, which just served to make me laugh at how clueless she truly is.

I snuggle my face into her hair, opening the door as her eyes fill with pain, simply answering, “I love you so much, Bella.” And then I whispered more sweet, soft things in her ear, grazing my lips over the shell. She shivered, instantly sparking my enthusiasm, but I knew, though I tried to ignore it, that it wasn’t a happy shiver.

“No Jacob,” she whispered, closing her eyes, gulping once, opening them again, and raising her voice three octaves, “please don’t do this! This isn’t supposed to happen, I don’t love you, we’re supposed to be friends; you were supposed to help me!” she cried out, trying to wriggle away from my hand, maneuvering her wrist in vain. I felt a prickle in my stomach, a fleeting thought, telling me something that I didn’t want to hear. I had to admit, her announcement stung immensely, making me take a deep breath and accidentally squeeze her wrist to the point of breaking it.

“Ow!” she yelled out, her voice laced with hurt and fear. I instantly softened my grip, smiling serenely at how breakable, soft, vulnerable she was. I opened my eyes to find innocent, chocolate swirls staring at me with a deeply laced pain, astonishment, and even a tint of loathing.

I always ignored that part.

I sighed, “I’m sorry I hurt you, angel.” I reached up, stroking her cheek softly with my index finger. Again that shudder came, and I struggled to ignore it.

“And yes, Bella, my love,” I smiled again, looking down on her and thinking, My God, I know I’ve found the eighth wonder of the world, before continuing, my smile only growing wider, “you just don’t know it yet.” I laughed slightly at her stricken face, and pushed her gently backward, until her knees hit the corner of her box-spring, and she fell onto the bed. I watched as she instantly moved to cover herself, her arms wrapping her torso in a protective cocoon.

She should have known that I would have none of that.

I gently, though firmly, pried her fingers from where they were bruising her delicate skin, opening her arms and spreading them wide, raking my gaze unashamedly down and up and down again, taking in each distinct detail that was my Bella. She whimpered, instantly heightening the feelings and making my pants quite uncomfortable.

I lowered myself on top of her, slowly, and put her wrists up above her head. I could see those adorable tears streaming down her face again, and I wiped one with my free hand. I then leaned down, our faces inches away as she avoided my eyes. I was sure she could feel me, feel what she did to me, but she didn’t show it. Finally, I got my lips to her right temple, close to her ear as I whispered softly once again, “But don’t worry. I’ll show you.”

Again she whimpered, and the sound was just so…broken. Hurt and resigned at the same time. I furrowed my brow at the strange pang of longing; longing for her to finally realize just how much we were meant for each other, to realize that I was doing this because I cared, to realize that I wanted to cherish her and love her and respect her and give her what she rightfully deserved. I felt needy for these things, and again that little flutter on the inside of my brain made me hesitate, and even briefly made me wonder if this was the right way to show her just how much I loved her, just how much I cared. But I knew it was. I mean, in a situation like hers, what other choice was there?

I shook those thoughts away, as I knew that she was just not ready yet, and that soon she would be able to love me as much as I loved her. I knew that this was the only way for us both to be happy; and together; in the end. I knew that, but who didn’t second guess their decision every once in a while?

But I knew also, where I was meant to be. And at that moment in time, all thought was forgotten as I maneuvered over her splinted calf carefully, knowing that I was meant to be with her, as one, or, to put it bluntly, inside of her. We were made to be together; we fit as a man and woman should. Although she didn’t enjoy it; she would. Eventually. She just had to warm up to my feelings, and hers.

I gazed into those stormy chocolate eyes again, dark and brooding as she looked at me, seeming impatient. Though, not impatient for our union; but to get it over with. In due time, Jacob, I reminded myself. And yet, as I stared into those deep holes of…despair was the only word that came to mind, desperate and longing also somewhere in there; I had the strangest gut wrenching feeling, as if I had eaten too much for lunch or something. It was like head rush for my stomach, and in that moment, that very same voice that I had stuffed into the deepest, darkest crevice of my mind possible, told me that this was not exactly right, that something vital was missing from her gaze. That this moment, right here, was not the perfect thing that it was meant to be.

And yet, it still felt so right.

Bella Pov

Jacob started getting dressed slowly, smirking as he hummed happily to himself. I sobbed once as I curled up into a ball on my bed and began to cry as quietly as possible. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing me. I sniffled, thinking over my situation.

I knew that as soon as Jacob left the room, Charlie would be up here and I would have to suffer again as I did almost every day. God, I prayed that somehow this would all end; that everything would magically be better again. I didn’t want this; and I didn’t think I deserved this! What did I do; was I bad in a past life or something?! Jacob leaned over me and kissed me again, interrupting my thoughts, “I love you, my beautiful Bella. Buh-bye.” I wanted to scream I don’t love you! in response but all I could do was lie there, still broken and alone as ever. Jacob left the room and I sobbed harder, knowing Charlie would come up soon; hurting me in an even sicker way; not only would I be raped, but it would also be incestuous. Great.

But at the same time, at least I knew why Charlie abused me. It was obviously because he blamed me for Renee’s leaving. She had wanted to take me with her; to go to a more promising, not so dreary place. She practically begged me to go; and begged Charlie. But I couldn’t do that to my beloved father. He was a wonderful man; at the time. I remembered one of their fights, the last one, where Renee tried to argue that she was only doing what was best for me. Charlie said that it was best for me to have my whole family; and she said to go to a larger city with better opportunities. I took my father’s side, but allowed my mother to leave; she had been miserable here. And then, after a few days of being drunk all the time, his anger began to lash at me. He said that if it wasn’t for me and my needs, Renee would’ve stayed. I guess he didn’t realize that it was because of me and my needs that she stayed as long as she had. But he began to move from verbal to physical abuse; and I was breaking with each passing day. And on my fourteenth birthday, I got the present of a lifetime, from my very own father.

He stole my virtue, beat me for it, then did it again.

But I couldn’t tell my mom; she was so happy with Phil now. I had heard of him in emails; a baseball player. She always avoided the topic, should my father realize just how happy she really was without him. Instead she asked for every detail of my life. Right now, I had an intricate lie going; I was the most popular at school and even had a boyfriend. At least, that was what she thought.

After about twenty minutes I figured that Charlie was probably passed out; drunk. I got dressed as quickly as I could with the splint as my handicap and slowly opened the door. I limped my way down the stairs as quietly as possible and looked into the living room. As I had guessed, Charlie was lying on the couch with an empty beer can next to him. I sent my thanks up to whoever gave me that small fortune. At least I wouldn’t have to go through more torture; tonight at least. But I knew I would get it worse tomorrow. At least, on the bright side, I would be able to get some much needed rest and recuperate before-hand.

I cleared my head as I went back up the stairs and changed into my baggy blue sweats for bed. I set my alarm clock and lied down, rolling a few times to get comfortable with the awkward splint. I finally drifted to sleep, looking at the bright green numbers announcing that it was nine o’clock.

Carlisle Pov

I looked at the clock in my office; it was nine o’clock. My shift was finally over. I gathered my things to bring home slowly; taking my time to keep certain troubles from my mind. I shut off the light and locked the door to my personal office, jingling the keys as I walked down the dim hallways to the entrance. I saw the Mercedes in the way back; where I always parked. I could never take a much needed spot toward the front; those few seconds wasted might save someone’s life. I revved the engine, trying to get the sound to drown the brown, broken eyes from my mind.

I pulled out of the parking lot slowly; for me; and after about a minute of driving the speed limit, I took off, going about ninety. I felt better with the faster speed; making up my mind about what I needed to do. Although it wasn’t fast enough for the situation, it was better than the measly thirty the laws expected of me.

I have to tell the others about what is happening to Bella, the thought came to me without permission, but I knew it was true. My subconscious was already coming up with ways to go about it. It wouldn’t be easy, for I knew that Esme and Rosalie would not take this well when they have both gone through situations too similar to Bella’s.

I finally got home five minutes later and walked into the house, amazingly slow; I didn’t exactly look forward to the conversation ahead.

“Hello sweetheart! And how was your day? Splendid, I hope?” Esme asked before kissing me softly.

I gulped, my tongue suddenly like cotton as I slurred, “It was okay but there’s something I need to talk to everyone about.”

Immediately, sensing the sad formality in my voice, everyone headed to the dining room. I followed after, and seated myself in the ornate chair at the head of the table. I took hold of Esme’s hand and instructed Rosalie to sit next to me. I grabbed hers also; but it was more to restrain than to comfort.

“Everyone,” I began, taking time to study each individual face, “there was a girl at the hospital.” I stopped suddenly, unsure about my wording. This was a delicate situation; I couldn’t ram through it and expect everything to turn out well. I couldn’t make up my mind; and that definitely didn’t escape Alice’s attention.

“Everything will be okay, Carlisle; whatever it is, we can deal with it.” She was confident with what she said, but I lacked that blind faith. Then again, I wasn’t as blind to this situation as I wished I could be.

I took a deep, unneeded breath, and for once it lacked the much-needed comfort, “She was there for a few hours, you see. She is very quiet, and she hides her emotions well. I was unsure about her; but she was very kind. Her name is Bella Swan. She was in pain, and the reason she was at the hospital was because she had a sprained leg. But just in case, you know, hospital procedures, I had to check her arms and legs and torso. I saw a lot of bruises…too many. And in…” I couldn’t seem to say it; I tried to swallow the bile in my throat, but I could not find the right words.

“Carlisle, sweetie? What are you talking about?” Esme, kind and gentle, whispered lovingly from next to me. And in that moment, I felt like scum telling her this; reawakening those memories, tearing open those scabs. But it had to be done.

“Esme…dearest…those bruises were in the shape of hands. Male hands.” Pure shock crossed her face, followed by anger and sorrow. Rosalie was frozen in an odd trance, Alice’s face was horrified, Jasper looked frantic, and Edward snapped the granite counter. But I couldn’t bring myself to care; not now. There was still more to be done. And I had a feeling it would make the already horrible situation crumble.

“What?” Esme whispered brokenly, her face stricken.

“There’s more,” I barely even heard myself say it. God…I prayed, in that moment.

Dear Lord above, wherever you may be, I pray that you please give me the strength to not only help my family through this, but to save this girl. I beg of you…

I was interrupted by Esme’s voice, shrill and frantic, “What are you saying, Carlisle? You can’t possibly mean…?! No! NO!” She sobbed once, twice, before sniffling. With a cry of rage, her eyes glazed, she slammed her fist on the table; cracking it. I knew that before too much anger built up, I would have to drop the big bombshell.

“Also…” my voice shook, “I decided, since she was still out, to examine…the rest of her. I knew for a fact; before Edward confirmed my fears; that…” Again, I was tongue-tied. There was no possible way for me to say this. It seemed as if my tongue was swollen and stuck to my teeth; I couldn’t get it to move so I could form the words. And yet, for Bella’s sake, I had to. Edward nodded to me, indicating that he agreed.

“That what?” Alice, calm, and grim, looked over to me with steady eyes. I was still unsure of how to say anything, or what to say at all, but beside her omniscience, Alice was sometimes able to sense bad news; sniff out trouble. She knew that what I had to say next was not going to be good.

“I found out that…those bruises were not limited…to where…you could easily see,” and as they were still shocked, the dam inside me broke, the words gushing out faster than humanly possible, “His scent was all over her; her private areas were bruised in ways usually related to forced sex. Her virginity was gone; and the girl looked broken and pitiful. Edward then saw the man’s thoughts; he forced himself on her.”

“Just say it.” I looked to Rosalie, who was squeezing my hand hard. She was not looking at me, but glaring furiously at the table. Her beautiful face; once corrupted with evil; was a dead, stoic calm. Her muscles were locked, and she craned her neck to me tersely. And then, she was up, her chair crashed against the wall, and our hold was broken, “JUST FUCKING SAY THE WORD! HER FATHER RAPES HER! HE TORTURES HER AND ABUSES HER AND RAPES HER!”

With an angry shriek, she slammed her fists onto the table, shattering it to mere dust. She flung her arm to the side, breaking a rather expensive vase, and knocking a picture from the wall. She kicked the wall, making a huge hole showing the outside. Emmett, enraged and worried, got up, grabbing her shoulders and cooing calming words into her ear. He pulled her onto his lap, hugging her to both comfort and restrain her as her breath came in angry, depressed gasps, and her body shuddered with sobs. I looked to Esme, who was sitting straight up, her pupils dilated to mere black dots in her equally black eyes; her face, if possible, a shade paler than normal. Alice looked disgusted, a growl vibrating her chest as she stared at me in an outraged shock. Her nostrils flared angrily as she glanced at Rose and Esme; her mouth in a tight line. Jasper looked pained, but also there was a calm look about him. That old soldier was showing in his eyes; that assassin he used to be. Edward was behind me; but I could sense him. He was tensed and coiled to spring.

“Carlisle,” Esme didn’t look at me as her voice came out in a hoarse whisper, “please tell me that you didn’t send her home with him.” Her voice was ice-cold, and it tore at my heart to hear it that way.

“What other choice did I have?”

“What the Hell?! ARE YOU AN IDIOT?! YOU LET HER GO WITH THAT…THAT…DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A MAN?! THAT DEMON?!” Rosalie stormed at me, pulling against Emmett’s embrace; but I could see that he had half a mind to allow her to rip me to shreds. I needed to explain the complexity of the situation and hope that they were rational enough to realize that there was nothing I could have done.

“Family, listen. Her injuries did not require me to check whether or not she had been raped. What I did was technically illegal. There is no way I could justify keeping her from her father. Edward’s ability can’t be revealed, and my breaking of the law would only complicate things further. The only plausible way for us to know was if she told us; which she didn’t. I want to help her…but I don’t know how.” I felt ashamed for not being able to help my patient. It wasn’t often it was so.

“We have to do something!!” Rosalie yelled, pounding her fist on the wall. “We cannot leave her to rot with that evil man! There is no way in Hell you can keep me from…from…” she was panting as she tried to think of something horrific enough. Finding nothing, she just glared at me with concern deep in her wide eyes.

“We can’t.” Jasper finally spoke, and all angry eyes turned to him; even his own wife looked slightly disgusted. He quickly elaborated, “It’s like Carlisle said; if we get too openly involved, people might find out.”

“No.” Esme brought the attention to her small, quiet voice, “We won’t. There’s ways. Maybe if we can…earn her trust; become her allies. She might…open up; like I did to you, Carlisle. But I will not stand by and turn my head like everyone I knew did to me.” Her voice was wavering, her lip trembling minutely as I saw her eyes become distanced with memory. To relive her own fears through this girl must have been horrifying.

But what she was saying made sense, and Emmett echoed my thoughts, “It seems…possible.” For once, the child he was had disappeared, leaving a grim mask of a man. Everyone nodded slowly, probably trying to clear their heads and allow rationality to overrule the anger. I understood; though I didn’t show it, I was furious and wanted to rip that man to shreds piece by pitiful piece. But I needed to be strong and resist such delectable temptation; for my family and for that poor, poor girl.

Speaking of which, “Alice, is it possible for you to check on Bella now?” Her eyes glazed over for a moment, but soon she looked to me and nodded, “She doesn’t look good; but she’s okay. For now.” I let out a breath of relief as Rosalie began to speak.

“Well, how in the world could we get her to accept us? To befriend us? We barely know her. We just moved here; what if we can’t get close enough…Carlisle, what’s plan B?” Rosalie looked worried and scared, and though everyone’s eyes were still filled with anger and hatred, they had calmed since Alice’s confirmation of Bella’s safety.

I felt horrible for what I had to say; my voice croaked, “We’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it.” I saw an angry acceptance in her eyes, but she held her tongue.

“But it’s agreed,” Esme’s soft voice drew us to her again, “we’ll help Isabella Swan in any possible way we can.”