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Lying for the abuser

Charlie hates Bella and rapes and abuses her everyday.When she calls the ambulance what will Charlie and the Cullens do? Charlie OOC Adult for rape, abuse and language image_areaBanners by Emmett_lover. If you can't see them or they are removed due to size they will be on my profile.


7. Torture and Invitations

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I gazed into Edward's eyes for a moment, and saw the sadness in them as he looked at me. As I looked into each of the Cullen's eyes I saw the same thing, sadness. I let out a small sigh this would not be good if they knew.

Then Edward spoke again, "Well that's very good to know that you haven't gotten hurt again." He was smiling as he said it, but it couldn't seem to reach his eyes; the sadness just persisted to gleam through.

"Carlisle wanted us to remind you if you ever need anything just call him, or come to the hospital," Jasper told me.

"I know, and I'm grateful for that. Tell him I said thanks," I told him. I turned my head slightly while looking with my peripheral vision around the cafeteria searching for Angela, but she was nowhere to be seen. I sighed again not knowing where she could be, and glancing at the clock seeing that it was almost time for biology.

"Um, nice talking to all of you, but I need to go, and get my things for my next class bye," I told them.

"Okay well I guess we'll see you tomorrow," Alice smiled.

I got up from the table, and dumped my barely eaten food. I left the lunch room, and headed to my locker to grab my biology book and a pencil. I closed my locker, and seeing no one else was in the hallway slid down to the floor waiting for the bell to ring; which it wouldn't for another few minutes. I closed my eyes, and immediately opened them from the images of what could happen to me tonight; I shivered letting a few tears fall before wiping them away. So I just sat there staring into space until the bell rang, and I made my way to class quickly, and got into my seat. Luckily I was the only one in there not even Mr. Banner had arrived yet. I laid my head down, and watched the door waiting for everyone to come into the classroom. The next person to come into the class room was Edward, and he came over and sat in his usual seat next to me.

"Hello again," he smiled, and I smiled back and responded, "Hello to you too".

"Are you okay? Your eyes look kind of red have you been crying?" he asked his expression showed that he was carefully observing my face for any other evidence that I had been crying.

"No, I'm fine" I lied, and it was a little more convincing than usual. But the falseness was there, and from the look in his eyes he knew it was a lie, but he dropped it, because everyone else had started to file into the room. For the rest of class he watched me intently out of the corner of his eye.

The bell rang, and Edward said goodbye, and I said bye back before heading off to gym. Couch Clapp excused me from gym until my leg was better so I sat on the bleachers during gym, and due to the lack of my clumsiness interfering with the game gym went smoothly without any injuries. So I sat on the bleachers, and watched them play volleyball until gym was over.

When the bell rang I went to my locker, got my things, and started to head out of the school parking plot to my truck. As I was walking down the hallway Rosalie came up beside me, "Hi I was wondering if you would like to come to my house sometime. I'm sure Alice would love to have a sleep over?" she asked a bright smile on her face.

"Um, maybe I'll have to ask my dad," I told her, but there was little chance I'd be going anywhere for a while, because of the incident I'd be on lock down 'til no telling when.

"Okay tell me when you find out if you can," she told me still smiling, and walked away to her car.

I went to my truck, and set out to go home. A few blocks from my house my eyes started to water, and I quickly wiped the tears away not wanting Charlie to get the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I pulled up to my house seeing Charlie's cruiser was there, and let out a sigh knowing what awaited me inside. I got out of the truck, and went to the door hesitating, but opened the door. I walked into the house expecting to be hit, slapped, or throw to the floor, but much to my surprise I wasn't. Charlie wasn't standing there even though his cruiser was outside. I went into the kitchen, and Charlie was sitting in a chair at the table smiling at me.

"Hi, Bells how was your day?" he asked a dark gleam in his eye.

"Fine," I responded cautious.

"Well I'm glad, and you have some dishes to do," his smile became dark.

I walked over to the sink seeing the steam rising from the water, and sighed knowing now the reason for the smile. He'd done things like this before; it was to put it plainly a test. If I didn't do as he said I would get hurt, and what he said to do was a kind of torture in and of itself. I put my finger in the water testing how hot it was, and immediately pulled it out so it wouldn't burn me.

"Okay so do the dishes, and make diner the game is on okay Bells?"

I turned around the smile was still on his face "Okay," I responded, and as soon as I did he stood from the table, and went to get a beer heading to the living room.

I grabbed a dish rag, and put my hands in the water, and pulled them quickly out of the searing hot water. I grabbed one plate out of the water figuring out that I could wash them, and not have to keep my hands in the water the whole time. I turned on the water to run in the other side of the sink so I could rinse the dishes. So I continued to put my hands in the water, quickly pull a dish out, and then wash it so I could prevent from burning my hands to badly. When I was done my hands were red, and stinging, but not as bad as it could have been. I then went to work on dinner gathering the things to make spaghetti. I made the spaghetti quickly, and took it of the stove to cool my hands still stinging slightly and red. I put some out on a plate for Charlie, and brought it into the living room to him.

"Thanks Bells," he smiled, "Did you do the dishes?" he asked, but I was sure he saw how red my hands were.

"Yes, but I have to wash the ones I just cooked with," I told him.

"Good," he took a bite of spaghetti, "Really good thanks. Go eat then wash the other dishes then you can go do what you want."

I was a bit shocked, but he had done this once before. He had beaten me then kept apologizing saying "I'm so sorry Bells I'll never hurt you again" and hugging me, kissing my forehead, and saying I love you. But it only lasted for a month then he started beating me again.


"You really believed me when I said I wouldn't hurt you, you worthless little slut!" he grabbed my throat pushing me against the wall.

"You really are stupid sometimes thinking I would stop. It's your fault Renee left me so you deserve to suffer like I am," he told me as he tightens his hold on my neck.

Everything starts to blur, and a tear trickled down my cheek. I gasp for breath each time my air supply dwindling, and then everything went black. I woke up on the floor, and got up when Charlie had left for work. I went to look in the mirror for bruises seeing there was a huge one on my neck which I quickly covered up with makeup the best I could, and went to school.

End of Flashback

I then ate, did the other dishes, and wiped off my face with a wet rag to make sure there was no marinara sauce on it. As soon as I was done I quickly retreated to my room as fast as possible so Charlie wouldn't change his mind, and decide to hurt me. I sat down at my desk, and did my homework not wanting to give him another reason to beat me. I was done with everything around five o'clock, and starting reading "Weathering Heights" again.

I had just started reading when the phone rang. "Bella it's for you," Charlie told me from my door way.

"Thanks," I told him.

"Hello, who is this?" I asked having no idea who it could be.

"Hello Bella this is Rosalie I was wondering if you asked your dad if you could come over for the weekend, and have a sleepover?" I smiled, but I wasn't sure if Charlie would let me, and if he let me what would happen when I got back.

"Um I'll ask him now," I told her, and pulled the phone away from my ear.

"Hey dad?" I called.

"What Bells?" he called back coming over to the stairs.

"Rosalie was wondering if I could come over to her house this weekend for a sleepover is that okay?" I half cringed as I asked.

"Sure Bells what day?" he asked, and in a way that made me think he wanted me to go.

I pulled the phone back to my ear, "What day?"

"Um how about tomorrow morning I pick you up, or tonight, and you can stay tonight and Saturday night?" she asked.

I pulled the phone away, "She said she'd pick me up tonight, and I'll stay tonight and tomorrow night, or she can pick me up in the morning." I told him watching his face to see his reaction.

"How about she picks you up tonight so you can stay two nights, and is it okay with her parents?" He asked acting like a loving parent.

"He said tonight would be okay so I can stay two nights, and Rosalie is this okay with your parents?" I asked.

"Yes I already asked them they think it's a great idea, and Alice is really excited," she told me I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Okay I'll be there to pick you up soon get whatever you need bye."

"Bye," I hung up the phone, and grabbed a tote bag putting in some clothes, a pairs of pajamas, and my toiletries and a tooth brush.

"Bella, Rosalie is here!" Charlie called up to me.

"Thanks dad," I called grabbing my crutches, and bag heading down the stairs.

"Bye Bells," Charlie called as I went out the door, "Bye dad" I called back.

Rosalie's BMW was in the yard, and I walked over to it getting in.

"Hi, Bella ready to go?" I saw her eyes widen, and examine my face.

"Yes let's go," I said watching her eyes, and she began to drive to her home.

"Are you okay?" she asked her eyes, and voice full of worry.

"Yes I'm fine, why?" I asked.

"Well your hands are all red and there are," she stopped, and I saw a flash of anger in her eyes that turned to sadness, "are… bruises on the side of your face, and on your wrists," she muttered her voice weak.

"Oh, it's from falling down the stairs I guess the bruise just showed up," I smiled at her the lie almost sounding convincing.

She looked at my face and hands again, "Bella please… um never mind, but later Carlisle wants to talk to you. Alice was looking for some movies to watch when I left, and Esme is really looking forward to meeting you."

"Esme, Is that Carlisle's wife?"

"Yea, and she's really nice I'm sure you will love her"

"If she's as nice as Carlisle, and the rest of your family I'm sure I will"

"She is, and you can call me Rose," she smiled at me as she turned down her driveway.

"Were here Bella," she told me as we pulled up to the huge white mansion.