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A Light in the Storm

IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED BREAKING DAWN, READ NO FURTHER!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!! ***** **** *** ** * The Volturi are gone, Bella and Edward are together, Bella has been changed, everything is perfect, right? Wrong. When Alice has a vision and sees that Nessie is pregnant, things take a turn for the worst once more. No one knows what the baby will be like, because this time, Alice can't just disappear and find half shape shifter, half vampire people again. Or can she?

I got the idea for this story from one of my best friends. So I just wanted to thank her! Thank you Keleigh! I love you girl!

2. Chapter 2

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"Baby, what happened?" My mom asked me hysterically. I stumbled over to her, crying. Alice held me steady as I walked. I saw Alice look up at my father, who was standing behind my mom. I shifted my gaze so I could see his face. For a moment, his face went blank, then, he moved into a crouch as a low, loud snarl ripped through his throat. It sounded like a cannon being fired as the growl escaped his lips.

He leapt off the deck, headed towards where Jake's shirtless body had just reappeared from a dense line off trees. Then, several things happened at the same time. My dad's body flew through the air at Jake as my mother screamed "Edward NO!!!!" Jake turned to face us and as he saw Edward, his eyes became horrified. He froze.

"Jake, RUN!" I shrieked.

At the precise moment my father was directly over Jake, I saw Alice's graceful, tiny body fly through the air at her brother. Jake phased and tore off into the woods as Alice pinned Edward to the muddy ground.

My mom looked astounded, like she couldn't believe there was anything bad enough for my father to react that dramatically. She looked from me, to Alice, to him, then back to me. The look in her eyes were killing me. She looked horrified, astounded, and confused.

Alice looked at me. The look on her face told me she wanted me to tell my mother. "Uh..." I said, stalling, "uh... I'm going to go find Jake." Alice glared at me as I ran into the woods after Jake. I slowed as I reached total darkness, completely shielded from everyone, from Alice's disapproving glares, from my mother's confusion, from my father's snarls.

I found Jake a few minutes later. He was still in werewolf form. He whined and bumped me with his muzzle. I patted his head. He whimpered sadly and put his ears back. He looked at me with his big brown eyes.

"It's not your fault." I sighed. He looked away and sat down on his haunches. "Look at me." I asked pleadingly. When he didn't, I grabbed his muzzle in my hands and gave it a light tug. He turned his head unwillingly to face me. His eyes were now clouded, almost glazed over looking. "Listen, it is not your fault, if it's anyone's fault, it's mine." I said sternly. He turned away from me again, I knew what he was thinking, and I also knew I wasn't the only one. He was thinking that he wouldn't be able to go back to my house; my father would never let him come even close. I knew since Jake couldn't come with me to tell my mom what was going on, I would have to face it alone.
I looked at him, watching his big brown eyes looking around him. He turned towards me once more and I scratched him behind the ears. He positively glared at me, I laughed and stood up.

I walked as slowly as could back to my house, but all too soon I reached the edge of the forest line. I looked out at my home, and the scene of bedlam in the yard. My mother was calming my father; Jasper was hugging Alice, who was crying tearlessly. Emmett was standing with Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle, who all looked very confused. I kept my head held high and walked toward my mother.

She looked at me; the confusion in her eyes was killing me. I took a deep breath and said:

"Mom, I'm pregnant."

She gasped.