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A Light in the Storm

IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED BREAKING DAWN, READ NO FURTHER!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!! ***** **** *** ** * The Volturi are gone, Bella and Edward are together, Bella has been changed, everything is perfect, right? Wrong. When Alice has a vision and sees that Nessie is pregnant, things take a turn for the worst once more. No one knows what the baby will be like, because this time, Alice can't just disappear and find half shape shifter, half vampire people again. Or can she?

I got the idea for this story from one of my best friends. So I just wanted to thank her! Thank you Keleigh! I love you girl!

5. Chapter 5

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Emmett lifted my father's body from my arms. I realized I was crying, which didn't shock me. I cried all the time. I wasn't sure why. I had plenty of things to worry about though. Like the fact my father had been missing, Jake had become weird and unresponsive, and that I had never felt one movement from my baby. Though my stomach was slowly swelling, I was worried, and so was Carlisle. Normally, a length of time from the baby being conceived to the baby being born was about 9 months, give or take a few weeks. But I had been pregnant for 8 months, I hadn't had morning sickness, or soreness at all. Also, my baby bump was only about as big as a woman who was 5 months pregnant, at the most.

It was very possible that the time I was pregnant was longer because of the fact that I was a half-vampire and the baby's daddy was a werewolf/shape shifter. After all, my mom had been pregnant for a very short amount of time. Was it possible I could be the exact opposite?

I followed silently behind the rest of the group. Rosalie put her arms around me and pulled me into a hug. Though they were my aunts, Alice and Rosalie had been my best friends my whole life. I had never really been around other people. My parents had tutored me, so I didn't need to go to school.

I had been around adults all my life, so I was used to it. But now I wished I wasn't the only one going through this particular problem. I wanted to know how it would turn out. I wanted someone; someone who knew what was going to occur, someone who had lived through the same thing, to tell that it would all be okay. I wanted someone who could make real promises, not the empty, no guarantees that everyone in my family had been giving me. For once, I actually felt like I was in this all by myself, all alone. No one understood. No one could ever understand. They had no idea how I felt.

The next thing I knew I was in Carlisle's hospital office thingy. My dad was lain down on the makeshift bed/cot and Carlisle began to examine him. After what seemed like forever, Carlisle sighed and leaned over my dad's arm. Carlisle bit into my dad's wrist where a blood vain would be in a normal human. No blood came out of the tiny hole in my dad's wrist. Esme gasped.

"Bella," Carlisle said, alarmed. "Take Edward down into the woods and kill a deer for him. He needs to feed but he's not strong enough to hunt by himself." My mother nodded, picked Edward up and ran down stairs, Jasper went with her. I looked at Alice, confused.

"He must have been starving himself," She said quietly. "But that still doesn't explain the red in his eyes." I didn't know what to say. Had my father been trying to kill himself? Some many unanswered questions rushed around my head. Finally, even though it didn't make me feel any better, a question I could answer pushed its way to the front of my mind. Why had he done this?

Because of me.