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Bella and Edward were getting married, when Aro appears and ruins their wedding. Bella, Violet,her twin, and Charlie become vampires and form a family , the Swan family. Please read, and tell me what you think. Sucky summary, better story:). Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. The Blacks

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Bella POV

100 years ago

It’s been eight years since Edward died. Eight years since we found out we are vampires, eight years since we began our journey. But also, it’s been eight years since we gain our loving and caring sister Anne. Which, she was now having one of her visions, but it wasn’t a good one, she was shivering and when that happened it meant that she was having a bad vision.

“Anne? Anne what is it?” Violet asked worried, and shaking her gently.

“Anne? Listen to me, what’s wrong? What do you see?” I asked, putting my hands on both sides of her face.

“What’s wrong—“my dad entered the room, but trailed off when he saw Anne.

“Anne, what is it?” my dad asked her gently and sitting next to her.

“Victoria.” Anne whispered. Violet and I started growling, what was Victoria doing now?

Christa POV

“Stop Jacob! Stop!” I giggled hysterically. My brother, Jacob, was tickling me, and I couldn’t stop laughing. We were in the back yard, our dad was in the pool, watching and laughing at us.

“Chriss. Honey, you shouldn’t have done that.” Dad laughed.

“Yeah, Chriss, you shouldn’t have done that.” Jacob smirked, and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.

“Okay, okay. I’m deeply sorry bro. But you can’t blame me, it was the perfect opportunity, and you weren’t even looking, so I just had to push you. Plus you would’ve done the same thing.” I said innocently, and trying to catch my breath from all the laughing.

“Fine, but you, missy, are getting me a new pair of shoes.” He said, putting me down, and looking down at his now wet new pair of shoes. I started giggling all over again, and he turned to me, pushing me along with him, to the pool.

“Seriously, you act like your 8 rather than 18 years old.” Dad smirked, when we were up. I turned to Jake, and he nodded. Oh our dad was in for it.

“Really?” we smiled evilly at him. His eyes widen in faked panic and he started going backwards.

“No, please you guys. Chriss, Jake, c’mon I didn’t meant it that way.” Dad said, raising his hands up in surrender, with a smirk on his face.

“Oh really, I’d say you did.” Jake said. And we went to get him, but he moved really quickly.

“Maybe I did.” He smiled and started swimming toward the pool stairs.

“Wrong answer, dad.” I laughed and went after him with Jacob. We were almost goanna catch him, but we heard a loud cry, which made us freeze where we were, and our eyes widen in panic.

“MICHAEL!” my mom screamed. My dad got out of the pool and ran quickly inside.

“Mom!” Jacob and I called panicked. We swam faster toward the stairs, but not before we heard, our dad yelled.

“JENNIFER! No!” then I heard the sound of glass breaking.

“AHHH!” the bloody scream of my mother, by that time I was shaking. Jacob took my hand and we ran toward our parents.

“NO!” my father roared, there was a loud crash, and the loud cry of pain from my dad.

“No.” I gasped, along with Jacob, when we saw our parents full of blood on the floor, and

“Sorry for the mess, but they just wouldn’t stop moving.” A woman said shaking her head and walking toward us.

“I’m… well since you two are not getting out of here; I guess it wouldn’t matter if I told you my name, Victoria Volturi.” She touched my cheek with her ice-cold hand, but Jacob slapped it away.

“Don’t touch her.” He snapped at her, the woman smiled evilly. Then she had Jacob pinned to the wall, grabbing him by the neck, to hold him up.

“Jake,” I whispered,” Let him go please! Please.” I begged the woman, walking towards them.

“Christa! No, get back!” Jacob gasped out. Tears rolled down my cheeks at seeing my brother like that.

“Aww! Isn’t that cute... I hate cute.” All of a sudden Jacob was across the room. Breaking one of the glass walls we had, and I was pushed against the wall. She tilted my head to the right, her nose smelling my neck, right where my pulse was.

“Get away from her!” Jacob yelled and gasping for air, I could see the piece of glass that he had in his stomach, he had cuts in his arms, and one deep wound in his forehead.

“Mmm… you smell so good.” She breathed, I felt her open her mouth, the next thing I felt was her teeth cutting open the skin in my neck. I didn’t feel anything first, but then I started to feel like something was burning me from the inside out. It started getting worse and worse, I couldn’t help the scream that escaped me.

“Victoria!” I heard someone… snarl.

“Well hello Bella. How are you?” Victoria asked,” And you Violet? Oh and of course Charlie and Anne.” She laughed.

“Get away from her.” A masculine voice growled.

I screamed again, the fire just keeps increasing more, by the minute. Then I felt a cold hand on my forehead, but t didn’t help the burning inside me.

“Shh, it’ll be alright.” Someone coed,” Bella I can’t do anything, the venom spread already!” she panicked. Ahh! God can this get any worse?! This damn fire!

“Anne get her out of here!” the voice from before yelled, Bella, her name is Bella.

“It burns!” I cried out.”Make it stop! Please it burns.”

“I’m so sorry sweetie.” Another voice coed apologized, “I know it burns. Its goanna be okay, we’ll get you out of here.”

“Jake…” I breathed.

Then everything went black, I felt numb. I didn’t feel anything… anything.

I stayed like that, for who knows how long, feeling nothing.

Then something changed…I felt something…

I felt something cold…

My fingertips… it felt like I had ice in them… comftarble cold… it felt… nice…

It felt good…