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Save Me

Late at night when no one is watching, when no one can see, they share their deepest secrets with each other. Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan are total opposites, they aren't really even friends, but they trust one another for reasons that neither one can explain. He has told her things that no one else does or will ever know! She knows how he is, the things he does and why he does them...but she just wants him to see the beautiful soul he possesses. While she watches him spiral out of control she wants nothing more than to save him! But in order to save someone that person has to want to be saved..He is stubborn and can't see the truth about himself..he just wants the pain to end..can she make a difference before it's to late?

Okay guys this is my very first attempt at fan fic! I usually stick to poetry but I just couldn't get this idea out of my head so I started writing a one-shot and it just got more and more out of hand, so i decided to do a longer story. Once the story spun itself out of control i had to go with it! I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for reading Oh and just incase you don't already know: I own nothing but the plot and my OC! All else belongs to Stephenie Meyer! No copyright infringement is intended!

3. Chapter 3

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Another boring ass Biology class in the boring ass town of Forks. It’s a small town which I hate because it means everyone knows who you are and what you do. It would be easier to disappear and no one notice if you live in a big city. But the one thing I love about it is the rain, it rains almost constantly which is fine with me. Rain is like a release of all my feelings inside, the sky cries for me because I never will. I can’t remember the last time I even shed a fucking tear. I just can’t find it in me to release the emotion. I don’t know if I could if I wanted to. But why would I, I have no heart or soul for that matter, I’m numb. But I won’t change that nothing could be worth feeling for me. The bell rings bringing me out of my drug induced daze so I grab my bag and head off to Phys Ed.

When I walk in I immediately notice the new addition. He is slightly taller than my 5’11 build and he looks like he’s been taking steroids since birth. His dark hair is cut short and he’s smiling a goofy grim right at Bella. I make my way over to James watching him the whole time.

“Who the hell is that” I ask motioning with my head in his direction.

“Haven’t you heard, everyone has been talking about them all fucking day” James responds.

“You know I don’t pay attention to fucking high school gossip, who’s them, I only see one?”

“Well the big guy is Emmett and he has a sister named Alice, apparently they moved here from New York. He’s going to be the quarterback next year. Although if he’s going to be on the football team and be the big man on campus, I can’t see why he’s flirting with Swan.”

“Yeah, me either” I threw in.

I watched as Emmett made his way over to Bella’s spot on the bleachers and introduced himself. Bella smiled and did the same, but I could see the shock all over her face. We were released to go change into our gym clothes and after she let him sit next to her and they continued talking until the teacher called Bella to take her turn at racket ball. I saw her cringe when the teacher handed her the racket. Bella is extremely clumsy, almost to the point of making her handicapped and while I usually watch her stumble around during her turn out of the corner of my eyes, today I didn’t.

Instead I keep my eyes on Emmett who kept his wondering around the girls in the gym and then right back to Bella. Probably wondering why none of them seemed to talk to her or even notice her. I’m sure eventually he’ll hook up with some cheerleader and start ignoring Bella.

When the coach released us to go change out of our gym clothes I headed to the locker room, but I almost froze in shock when Emmett stopped in front of me. Then I noticed he wasn’t paying attention to me, he had caught Bella on her way to change. I didn’t hear what he was saying, but I did see when he reached up and brushed a stray strand of hair, that had come loose out of the ponytail she always woreand grazed her cheek with the back of his fingers. A sudden wave of emotion washed over me and instantly I wanted to knock his teeth in. I pushed the feeling to the side, there was no reason for me to care anyway.

I was in no way interested in her, but she knew my darkest secrets and him having access to those was not something I wanted to happen. Besides, Bella is way too innocent, definitely not his type. He probably just saw her as “a challenge” and he looked like he was a guy who loved a challenge. I expected to see Bella’s blush flood her cheeks, but they remained the cream color of her skin. Hmm, interesting, I wonder why that is! She smiled slightly and turned back onto her original course. I continued on mine as well.