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Kim always had a huge crush on Jared, and he's never taken any interest. Now, suddenly, he's really noticing her. He's imprinted. "Jared turned and looked at me. There was this weird look in his eye. His expression went from confused, to surprised to... dreamy. His dark eyes held mine. I blushed and stared at my desk, burning a hole into the graffitied plastic. I took a deep breath and cleared my head. No. He's never noticed you before now. He's probably looking at the person beside you. I turned to my right. A wall. Okay...maybe not. I told myself there had to be some explanation for why he was staring at me as though he was in love with me."

DISCLAIMER: Sadly, I own nothing. It all belongs to Stephenie Meyer :)

2. Chapter 2

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It was strange, I thought to myself two days later, how suddenly Jared had gone from never even noticing me to gazing at me constantly with stars in his eyes – not that I was complaing though! Everyday he walked me home from school; me becoming less awkward around him – to the point that I wasnt able to shut up – and him listening intently, smiling all the time, chattering back. Everyday, as he left me at my driveway, I could see in his eyes, him wishing he could stay. I didn't know what he wanted from our relationship, but I hoped that this routine would continue.

Together, Jared and I left our last period History class and made our way to the gates. The sun was showing itself today, an unusual occurance in this part of the world. The sky was bluer than it had been all year. I threw my head back, my eyes closed, soaking up what little sunlight I could get, breathing in the fresh smell of a Friday afternoon during spring. Jared smiled at me.

“What?” I said, trying to resist the urge to smile back.

“Your hair looks different in the sun... its got red in it,” he replied.

His response took me by surprise. I had no idea he took such notice of me. I was liking him the more I got to know him – if that was possible.

“Do you mind if we take a detour today?” he asked.

“Sure...where are we going?”

“Lets go down to the beach. Make use of the sun,” he said.

I nodded eagerly. I loved the beach. It was one of my favourite places in the world.. not that I had been many places in the world. It was my dream though, to travel anywhere and everywhere. First Beach was less than a kilometre from the school however, and it didnt take us long to reach the sands.

The sun reflected off the blue ocean, making it glitter and shine. I pulled off my shoes and socks and rolled up my jeans, stepping onto the cool sand. Jared, who was only wearing shorts and jandals reached for my hand. I grasped it, trying not to show my eagerness, but the temperature of his hand surprised me.

“Jared, are you feeling okay?” I asked, concerned.

He looked at me questioningly. “Um, yeah? Why?”

“Your hand is like boiling hot!” I said, wondering if he always ran a steady 40 degree temperature.

He burst out laughing. “Do you know anything about the local legends?” he asked, without supplying an answer.

“Not really. My parents aren't really into that stuff, so I've never really heard any.But weren't the old Quileute's supposed to be like vampires or something?” I replied curiously.

An angry scowl crossed his usually cheerful face. “Definately not,” he snapped, his eyes narrowed. Taken aback, I wondered why that comment had touched such a nerve. It was the first time he had lost his temper with me.

He sighed. “Sorry. Vampires were the Quileutes enemies. They still are.”

I raised my eyebrows. “You believe in that stuff?”

He smirked, like a naughty child who knew something he shouldnt. His sudden mood change surprised me.

“Yeah, I do. Most people don't these days though, huh?” he replied.

I smiled back at him. “No I guess not. Okay, so tell me about these ancient Quileutes.”

He looked pleased. “Hmmm... Well, there's one tale, its definitely my favourite of the lot,” he said smugly.

I looked at him, a question in my eyes. “Okay...what is it?”

“Well, this legend claims that we descended from wolves, and that the wolves are our brothers still,” he said.

“We're descended from wolves?” I asked, sceptically.

He nodded his head. “The ancient Quileutes were able to turn into wolves, and they -”

“Hang on,” I said, interrupting him mid sentence. “They were werewolves? As in, werewolves?” I asked, stunned.

He grinned at me cheekily. “What - you believe that stuff?”

I gave him the 'look'. He smirked back.

“Okay, go on,” I urged.

“As I was saying,” he said, sarcastically, “the wolves protected the land and the tribe from the cold ones... or vampires” he whispered. I was surprised at the venom and hatred in his voice as his lips formed that last word.

I tilted my head. There was something wrong. Jareds entire body was quivering – like actually physically vibrating. My eyes widened. His face was intense, his eyes tight shut.

“J- Jared?” I stammered, reaching out for his arm. At my touch, the quivering stopped, as though I had flicked a switch. He took a deep breath.

“Sorry,” he whispered. He gazed into my eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked concerned, avoiding his starry gaze.

“I- I have to go. I'm sorry. Can you make it home on your own?” he replied, without answering my question.

I nodded.

“Okay. I'll see you later,” he said hastily, staring at me. I felt as though there was something I was missing, but I was too afraid to ask - at least while he was like this. He nodded once and turned, breaking into a sprint as he climbed over the slight bank.

I was left, dazed and confused, wondering what on earth had happened. There was something about Jared, something strange, that I was determined to find out – with or without his help.