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Kim always had a huge crush on Jared, and he's never taken any interest. Now, suddenly, he's really noticing her. He's imprinted. "Jared turned and looked at me. There was this weird look in his eye. His expression went from confused, to surprised to... dreamy. His dark eyes held mine. I blushed and stared at my desk, burning a hole into the graffitied plastic. I took a deep breath and cleared my head. No. He's never noticed you before now. He's probably looking at the person beside you. I turned to my right. A wall. Okay...maybe not. I told myself there had to be some explanation for why he was staring at me as though he was in love with me."

DISCLAIMER: Sadly, I own nothing. It all belongs to Stephenie Meyer :)

4. Chapter 4

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I stumbled into the house, feeling slightly punch-drunk and light headed. Jared had kissed me. Me, Kim. Kimberly Long. I was having trouble believing it. My mother was in the kitchen, preparing dinner.

“Hey, sweetheart, how was your day?” she asked as she lay out marinated chicken pieces on a tray.

Fantastic. Wonderful. Out of this world.

“Okay,” I replied briefly, using the stereotypical teenage answer. I tried not to show the excitement in my eyes.

Mom frowned at me. Then her eyes lit up. “It's a boy isn't it?”

I was taken aback. How in the world was it possible for my mother to get I'm thinking about a boy from the word okay? She took my awkard silence for a yes.

“So, whats his name?!” she squealed excitedly, going all twelve year old on me. Sometimes my mother really embarrassed me. Once, when I was nine, I had a crush on a boy in my class named Joey Robbins. My mom and Joey's mom were best friends. I spilled everything to mom, and told her how much I loved him. The next day, when I came to school, Joey ignored me, and all his friends picked on me and pulled my hair. I came home crying, and blamed my mother for everything. Since then, I have not told her a single detail about my love life.

I frowned at her. “C'mon, Kim! I would like to know these things about my daughter! Especially if she is dating some boy I dont know!” she cried.

I sighed in defeat. I knew my interfereing mother would remain persistent. She raised her eyebrows expectantly.

“His name is Jared. Jared Gr-” I was cut off by my mom's loud gasp.

“Jared Gray?” she said excitedly, though I had no idea why. I nodded slowly, unsure of her strange behaviour. Her smile was huge.

“He's friends with Sam Uley, isnt he?” she asked, mysteriously.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I muttered. I had no idea here she was heading.

“They're good boys. I approve,” she said firmly.

“Mom, what does Sam Uley have to do with anything?” I asked, curiously.

“Nothing, nothing,” she said, brushing off my question. “Are you going out sometime?” she changed the subject hastily.

I was becoming suspicious. “Do you know something I don't mother?” I snapped.

She frowned at me. “Kimberly, I just want to know if you are going on a date,” she spoke, too innocently. I saw past her facade.

I sighed, again in defeat. “Yes, mom, I'm going with him to a bonfire on Saturday,” I replied, quickly losing my patience.

She smiled. “Sounds like fun. Who's going to be there?” she asked, repeating the question I had asked Jared earlier.

“Just a couple people,” I said warily. “Jared said Sam will be there.” I threw in the Sam card, seeing as mum seemed to like him.

She nodded her approval. “Thats good, dear.” She returned to her cooking, the sounds of clanging and frying reached my ears.

I scrunched up my face in confusion. I resignred myself to the fact that I would never understand my mothers actions, and headed somewhat cautiously to my bedroom.

I collapsed on my bed, breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling. I ran through the memory of this afternoon. I remembered the feel of his lips against mine, the smell of his skin. I couldn't wait until the bonfire. Not only was I thrilled that I had the chance to spend more time with Jared, but I was also ecstatic that I would finally know the truth about him. I felt an unexplainable pull towards him, and I couldn't wait to see him again, although I was so frustrated by him, and how mysterious he was. Almost as mysterious as my mom. I knew she knew something, and I was sure it was to do with Jareds secret. Funny. She knew more about him than I did.

I was still clueless about him. I needed to know. Saturday could not come soon enough.