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Seven years after the epic battle, and Edward is angry at Jake. Well, Bella knows just the right way to distract her husband.

After watching the New Moon movie, I was in the mood for some pwp fluff. ^_^

1. Fathers

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‘Bella, I can’t stand this!’

I looked up from my book hearing Edward approach the door of our cottage. He sounded angry, even furious, but I could feel the hint of exasperation in his voice. I smiled a little, because I could guess what had him so riled up.

It’s been more than seven years since that fateful battle, more than seven years of living our happily ever after. It was amazing how despite the smooth flow of our life, we were never bored.

It was a difficult time to interact with humans – with me being a newborn at first and especially with Renesmee’s growing up so quickly – so we mostly kept to ourselves. Days were spent with Renesmee, quenching her thirst for knowledge, playing with her, talking to her, enjoying her spirit, her love, her utter happiness.

The nights – well, you know. I still got the feeling that if I were a human, my breath would hitch and my heart rate would accelerate every time I saw Edward enter a room, or heard his voice, or drew in a breath and smelled him – that honey-lilac-sun smell, the smell that brought back a myriad of images and memories. Of our first kiss, he so hesitant, me so overwhelmed. Of our first night after I started our new life, of discovering him anew, of letting passion fuse us together. Of hundreds other nights – of his long fingers running down the curve of my waist, of his palm following the shape of my body, of his moans as I planted a thousand kisses over the planes of his chest. Of hundreds happy days – of stealing a kiss in my former room in Charlie’s house while visiting with Renesmee, of running through a forest after Edward and suddenly bumping into him when he reached a waterfall, of holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes for hours.

Edward. Oh, I was still unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. And, of course, I wasn’t the only female in our family who was marvelling at her love.

I saw him enter the room. His eyes softened when he saw me reclining on our bed, but there was still an air of annoyance around him.

‘Edward, you know they can’t help it...’

‘I am her father, and I can’t stand the mutt’s thoughts! I want to strangle him, or at least knock him out so I won’t have to hear his thoughts!’

‘Edward, may I remind you that you love Jake, too? And, forgive the bad pun, but you can’t keep them on a leash forever, Renesmee is full-grown, so it’s natural that the imprinting is evolving. They’re getting married in a week, for heaven’s sake!’

‘As if I could forget it, with Alice the wedding-planner prancing around the house. But Jacob! Oh, it’s even worse than it was with you occupying his thoughts, now he’s so-so possessive.’ He looked troubled, worried that his little girl was grown-up and so in love. He reminded me so much of Charlie that I had to stifle a laugh.

I looked earnestly into his golden eyes and said, ‘Just don’t give Nessie the sex talk, please. I think they can handle this on their own.’ He smirked, remembering my embarrassment when Charlie tried to be a responsible parent. ‘Besides, Jake is too terrified to try anything before the wedding – he told me he still gets nightmares from the time you ganged up on him after their first kiss.’

With his ability to read thoughts Edward easily saw Jake and Nessie’s giddiness when they returned from a hunt one night. With a roar he attacked him, and Jazz and Emmet quickly joined the fray, realizing what had happened. It took Carlisle, me, Nessie and Esme to pull them apart, with Alice and Rose giggling nearby. Poor Renesmee, the memory of her kiss darkened by memories of tending to Jake’s bruises afterwards.

‘As if that could stop his thinking, dreaming, obsessing!’ Frustrated, Edward flopped onto his back and stared at the white canopy over our bed. ‘He practically shouts his thoughts, it’s impossible to block them!’

Ah, fathers. So unwilling to give their daughters away, so anxious for them to be happy. It was always funny to observe Edward with Renesmee. Both so young and beautiful, the same hair, the same long-limbed grace. But it was how their expressions were often both so alike and so different. They loved each other so much. He always looked at her with the love of a parent in his eyes – the slight condescension, the severe urge to protect her from all harm, the discomfort of seeing a child turning into a beautiful woman, the absolute awe. And she – well, she adored him, looked up to him, always wanted to impress him.

He would never tire of fussing over her, of trying to protect her from Jacob. As if they needed it. Well, it was part of my job description to guard my daughter’s and best man’s interests. And, of course, to distract my husband.

Smiling slightly, I rolled to my side and put a hand on his cheek to make him look at me. ‘I think you need to stop thinking about them. And I know perfectly how to do exactly that.’

His smile mirrored mine as he reached for the zipper on the back of my dress. Ah, the beauty of being eternal newlyweds.