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Shining Moon

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This story introduces a new character to the cast of the Twilight Series: Benjamin Purser. It focuses on the Quileutes and the wolf aspects of the series, and takes place after Breaking Dawn. After becoming a wolf, the half Quileute half European Ben Purser faces the challenges of being a werewolf. What happens when he imprints on an unlikely person: Leah Clearwater? Adds a new twist on Quileute lore.

Benjamin Purser and his mother are the only characters in this story that I personally created. All the other likenesses are the property of Stephanie Meyer. The Legend of Patitchu's Weeping is NOT a real Quileute legend. I made it up. This is Shining Moon in it's first draft. As of right now, the story is finished. I do intend to eventually extend it past eight chapters, and to expand the existing chapters. Thanks for all feedback.

1. Chapter 1

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Shining Moon

By: Randy G.

Chapter 1


I had done it a few times in the past. I never got much further than the front door. This dream had obviously shaken me. I woke up near the tree line behind my house. I didn’t know how I had gotten there. Had I somehow learned to open doors like the dinosaurs in that movie I saw once? I chuckled at the idea of me running around the back yard roaring in my sleep.

I got up off the soft grass patch that I was laying on. As I stood upright I brushed the moss from my khaki shorts revealing the mud-stains. I felt a prickling on my head, and I combed through my blond hair to pull out a collection of twigs and leaves.

What had I been doing?

I did one final scan of myself to make sure I hadn’t bungled my way into another injury, nothing.

I walked my way back to the front door of our small cabin. I had just moved here with my mother. I hadn’t been back to the La Push reservation in 18 years, back when Dad had still been with us and I was two. I didn’t understand why mom wanted to come back here. I knew she didn’t like it because of how it reminded her of him. One day, out of the blue, she just said that we were going. I didn’t expect the tribe to welcome us as easily as they did. After all, Mom wasn’t part of the Quileute tribe, and I was only half.

A man by the name of Sam Uley had set us up with this small cabin on the edge of the collective village. I liked Sam. He was dark-haired, and about the same age as I was. Despite his age, I could tell that he commanded a lot of respect from the other tribe members. He was very kind. He didn’t stare with judging eyes like some of the tribe members had when mom and I first arrived. He treated me like family.

Maybe I should go see him later…

Lost in thought, I had managed to cross the yard to the front of the house. I pulled open the screen door slowly, trying not to make noise. Maybe If I could be really quiet, Mom wouldn’t hear me coming. She had been getting very upset about my sleep walking. In fact, everything I did recently was making her angry. The last time I tried to ask her what was wrong she simply denied any feelings of anger, and told me to leave her alone.


“Shit.” I muttered to myself.

“Where were you so early in the morning?!” Her blond hair was slightly ragged.

I shuddered. Her nagging was irritating me more that it usually did. My arms started to shake a bit as I stared into her eyes. I didn’t see anger behind those blue eyes though. I saw sadness. She averted her gaze. The shaking stopped.

“Sorry mom. I should have let you know I was going outside for a bit.” She softened. I didn’t want to tell her I had been sleepwalking. That might start another argument.

“Just go change out of your dirty clothes Ben. Honestly, I can’t believe that you’re 20. You are as messy as you were when you were five.” She smiled then. Her wonderful toothy smile that became rarer since we came back to the reservation.

“Alright.” I mumbled. Then I headed to my room.

It was true that I was 20. I had decided after high school that I wouldn’t be going to college. Mom needed me more. I helped her by working part-time jobs, and doing whatever home repairs that were needed. Even though I knew that our contributions to the family were about equal, I could never shake the feeling that I was somehow a burden to her. This feeling had been increasing for the past few weeks. I had been going through some changes.

I looked through my small room for a change of clothes. I pulled out some fresh khaki-cargo shorts and a grey t-shirt. As I undressed, I looked at myself in my tall mirror that hanged crookedly on the back of my door. I was slimmer than I remembered, and my muscles were more defined. I used to look on my doughy physique with a sort of mocking grimace. This was not me in the mirror. I didn’t really understand it. I hadn’t been doing more than I usually did as far as exercise. As for food, I was eating more than I had ever eaten before. It was like my metabolism was in hyper drive.

Mom said that is was just late puberty. Every textbook I had ever read on growth and development said that puberty happened in the teens. I thought my growth had finished. After high school, I had stood at a respectable six feet. In just the last two weeks I had shot up to about 6’ 6’’. Was growth like that even humanly possible?

I threw on my fresh clothes and walked back out to where my mom was watching television.

“Did you put your dirty clothes into the hamper?” She said this without looking at me, apparently glued to whatever news story was on.

“Yes.” I replied. The irritation in my tone was obvious. “I’m going to go walk around.”

Mom spun around in the couch, and looked at me. “Don’t stay out too long. You don’t know this area too well, and I don’t want something to happen.” She could only look into my eyes for a second, and then she turned away. I saw something in them. Like she couldn’t look into them for long or she might shatter into pieces. What had I done?

Pissed off and confused, I went out the screen door. I was shaking a bit again.

I didn’t know exactly where I was going to go. Mom was right, I didn’t know the area. I had seen a group of boys out by some rock faces. Apparently they were jumping into the water below. A sort of extreme sport I guessed. It must keep some of the boredom of this place in check. Even so, they looked very cliquish. Most of them had the same short haircut, and they were huge. I wondered for a minute if they were brothers…it might be possible. I decided instead to go into “town”, which consisted of a handful of small businesses and homes.

The walk from our secluded cabin was long. I had never really had a taste for driving. The dirt road wound up and down several hills, like a snake through the dense woods. I walked briskly, enjoying the cool air of a late Washington summer. It was then that my paranoia kicked in. Something was watching me.

I knew something was. I could feel it. I stopped and scanned the tree line. Behind the initial line of pine trees it was dark, and covered in thick shrubbery. I couldn’t really see anything. I resigned to quicken my pace so that I could avoid whatever it was. Attentively, I ran my way into the main part of the village.

I calmed down now. I felt safer being around more people. The tingling in my spine began to fade. I took one more glance around to make sure that there wasn’t anything there. I put the paranoia out of my mind, and walked into town.

As I entered the town a strong sense of boredom overcame me. There was nothing that looked remotely promising as far as amusement went. A simple general store, a tourist shop filled with tacky-overpriced trinkets, a dozen or so small houses, and what looked like a school.

“It isn’t much is it?” a voice behind me snickered.

I turned around quickly to see a boy, probably about 16. His hair was long and black. It flowed over his russet-colored face, almost concealing a massive grin. He was tall for his age, and somewhat gangly. I smiled back, it was almost impossible not to return it when so much happy energy came out of him.

“Don’t worry”, he said “Things do eventually get interesting in this place. I’m Seth, Seth Clearwater.” He held out a massive hand. His grin never left his face.

“U-uh…I’m Ben, Ben Purser.” He shook my outstretched hand enthusiastically. The force of his grip was almost crushing, and his skin was very hot. He released my hand, and I winced a little as I pulled it away.

“Sorry.”, he said honestly. “Sometimes I forget how strong I am.”

Strong? This kid was a freak! Still, he was interesting.

“So you’re the new guy huh?” His tone was more like a statement than a question. “They said you weren’t full Quileute…guess that explains the hair.” Seth took a step closer to inspect it. Then he squinted, like he wasn’t sure about something. His face got uncomfortably close to mine as he studied me. I wasn’t sure what to do. “Cool!” he yelled in my face. “Did you know that your eyes are different colors?” I stopped myself from saying the cliché “duh”. Seth suddenly became less interesting.

“Uh, yeah I have something called Heterochromia iridium. It means that my eyes each have different levels of pigment in them. My right eye has very little, so it is blue. My left eye has a lot, so it is brown.”

Seth got a confused sort of look on his face. He paused, his grin turning into quiet contemplation. He scratched his chin absent-mindedly. “I guess you really are a mutt, eh?” His grin was even bigger than before.

I wasn’t sure if he was insulting me or not. He didn’t seem like the type. I laughed, “I guess so.” Seth, I decided, was a good kid.

“You know not much is going on today, but I actually was looking for you. My mom wanted me to invite you and your mom to dinner at our place tomorrow. Lots of people are going to be there from the village. I know a lot of us were hoping to get to meet you.” I groaned in my head. I was always terribly uncomfortable in social situations where I didn’t know anyone. As if he could tell what I was thinking, Seth spoke again. “C’mon. It will be fun. You’ll get to meet more people your age. Everyone is going to be there. Me, Leah, Jacob, Paul…” My mind wandered off. Surely Seth could have realized that I didn’t know any of these people. “…and Sam.”

My ears pricked up. “I actually did want to thank Sam for helping us.” I said reluctantly.

“Great! We’ll see you there, around nine.” With that he was off. He ran straight for the trees, without me actually agreeing to go.

What a goofy kid.

Feeling surprisingly good after that, I decided to run back home to tell mom. I didn’t even pay attention to see if I still thought I was being watched. Maybe being here would be nice.