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Shining Moon

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This story introduces a new character to the cast of the Twilight Series: Benjamin Purser. It focuses on the Quileutes and the wolf aspects of the series, and takes place after Breaking Dawn. After becoming a wolf, the half Quileute half European Ben Purser faces the challenges of being a werewolf. What happens when he imprints on an unlikely person: Leah Clearwater? Adds a new twist on Quileute lore.

Benjamin Purser and his mother are the only characters in this story that I personally created. All the other likenesses are the property of Stephanie Meyer. The Legend of Patitchu's Weeping is NOT a real Quileute legend. I made it up. This is Shining Moon in it's first draft. As of right now, the story is finished. I do intend to eventually extend it past eight chapters, and to expand the existing chapters. Thanks for all feedback.

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

This dream was different. It was like I was watching a scene through a fish-eye lens. I could hear heavy breathing as the trees flew past me. I was hot, burning in fact. I was angry. I was angrier than I had ever been before in my life. I could smell something wonderful in front of me, and I was running toward it. There, in a small clearing, was a bear.

I wasn’t afraid. I was hungry. I charged the bear without hesitating. I bit viciously into its throat. The warm blood ran down into my throat as the bear let out a gargled howl. I locked my jaw until it stopped, lifeless and dead.

I could hear voices in my head. I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I’m going crazy.

So hot, so enraged.

What are the voices saying?

Things began to get black. I saw something big moving out of the creeping blackness. I couldn’t tell what it was.

I was gone.

I woke up sweating. My body was in so much pain. I writhed in agony until the burning started to become bearable. I stood up. My head pounded like I had a bad hangover. My body ached like I had full-body sunburn. My legs were shaky and tired. My muscles twitched in violent spasms.

Where am I?

I was in the woods. I could not see any clues that would point me to any conclusion beyond that. The sun was shining through the trees, and it stung my eyes.

What’s going on?

That’s when the smell caught my attention.

It was a rank smell, the smell of a dead animal baking in the sun. I looked around to discover the mangled carcass of an adult grizzly less than ten feet from where I woke up.

What the hell is going on?!

“Are you ok Benny-boy?” It was Seth. “You look like hell, man. I brought you some water.” Seth threw a gallon jug of water like it was nothing right to me. To my surprise, I deftly caught it. It was so light that I thought it was actually empty. I looked down at it--it was filled to the brim. My thirst became very apparent. My mouth was cracked and dry inside; my own internal desert. I chugged the entire thing without stopping. Even though I wasn’t all the way hydrated, mind was much clearer than it had been. I was suddenly aware of something that I hadn’t been before. I was naked.

I threw my hands down in embarrassment. If my face could turn redder than it was from the burning, it would have been noticeable.

“I brought you some clothes.” Seth laughed, obviously amused. I couldn’t speak.

I put the clothes on. Old sweats from what I could tell. I wasn’t too happy about the choice because of how hot I was, but I was relieved to be able to cover up. “Thanks.” I managed to get out at last. “What’s going on, Seth? Where are we? Why did I wake up here naked?”

Seth grinned, “I’m not really the one to explain that sort of thing. I’m just the delivery boy.”

Anger was building in me again. The fire inside every cell in my body was beginning to flicker. My body began to shiver. It shot up my spine, and out into my appendages. “Whoa!” Seth said still grinning. “It isn’t that I don’t want to tell you Benny. I’m not allowed to. Sam said that he wanted to talk to you about it, so that the situation would become clear.” I noticed Seth take a half-step away. “Really I’m telling you the truth. Sam sent me to bring you to him. He’ll tell you what you need to hear.”

I sampled his word choice “what you need to hear”, not “what you want to hear”. I stared at Seth for an indistinguishable amount of time, looking for a hint of a lie. I saw none.

“Alright, take me to him.”I said coldly.

“Good.” Seth smiled again. “I was worried I might end up like that bear, the way you were looking just now. Heh heh.” He tilted his head toward the mutilated carcass.

“Let’s get to Sam.” My voice was irritated.

Seth nodded and beckoned me to follow him. We were running, fast. I didn’t even know I could move this fast. It troubled me, but I couldn’t break my mind away from the dream.

What happened? Why was Seth so calm about all this? Was it common for people in La Push to wake up naked in a forest next to chewed up grizzly?

“Seth?” I yelled ahead. Seth slowed down to look at me.

“What’s up Benny?”

“If Sam wanted to tell me personally, why didn’t he come get me?” There was a hint of anger behind my question.

“He was going to. He waited with you all last night. I decided to let him go back to get some sleep. ” Seth looked a bit concerned, but this quickly shifted back to a grin.

We travelled quietly all the way back. I couldn’t believe how far out I had gone in my sleep. The aches of my body seemed all but forgotten as my mind began processing all the strange smells that I had never noticed before. Sounds echoed through my mind that I never heard. Everything was different than it once had been, magnified.

Soon the tree line broke, and I could see the puffs of white smoke rising up from the small cabins. I could smell the various foods that were being cooked. By my account, it had to be sometime in the afternoon already. Seth continued to lead me to the edge of the village, to a lone cabin on the northern fringe.

Sam’s cabin was very similar to mine. It was small, and as ancient as the dirt it stood on. Sam was in the doorway when we arrived. There was no visible expression on his face. He was just serene. Although he was in his twenties, his face had the expression of the wisest of old men. Looking at him made me calm down. He was a person that I felt very comfortable with, even though I had only met him once. It was very odd for me.

He leaned back in the doorway to signal me to come in. His face never changed as I walked by him. He put his hand on my shoulder as I entered. His hand was warm through the sweatshirt Seth gave me. I was instantly more relaxed.

“Thanks for picking him up Seth.” Sam said calmly.

“Yeah, no problem Sam. Is it ok for me to get back to Jacob? He needs me to help him watch Renesmee.” I noticed a slight bit of tension behind Seth’s stance.

“No. Go ahead.” Sam’s change in tone was almost indistinguishable, but I was sure that name brought up some concern to him.

Before I knew it, I was sitting on the floor face to face with Sam, eagerly waiting for him to explain.