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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


1. Realization

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He was out of my life and I couldn’t believe it¡ Having found the meadow only made it worst, as there was no meaning for this place to be without him, all the feelings that I so hard tried to concealed, came to me like rain so heavy I couldn’t even move.

It is then when I fell a presence very close to me, I fell afraid, as I didn’t expected anyone to be there, I felt hope as suddenly I stupidly thought that he was waiting for me all this time in our meadow, waiting for me to find him.

“Edward?” to say his name out loud was like taking a bullet right in the heart. I would pay for this instant of letting myself think about him. I was a stupid because it wasn’t him, it wasn’t even a man.

I was totally surprised, as the girl that was standing right in front of me brought with her so many memories of my past life, her fair skin, and deep purple eye bags, her breathtaking beauty meant only one thing. She was one of them, a vampire.

As realization went through my brain a smile spread across my face, it was terrible I know, but I was happy, like all the past, like all the things I have lived with him, were somehow real because she was there and vampires were real. “It would be like I never existed” There was a proof that they did. There is another world beyond the one I knew before I came to Folks, and now is more real that I have felt it could be in months.

As she walked slowly towards me I saw her features changing from curiosity, to surprise, from surprise to fear?? I couldn’t understand what had a vampire to fear?

“Hi” was the only thing that my mouth could articulate. Don’t move¡ His velvet voice warned me, right then a struck of fear went through my system as I realized that I was in danger. After all the Cullens and the Denalis were the only vegetarian covens, could she be one of them? Tania or one of her sisters?

“Tania?” I tried tentatively as she kept approaching me. That right there seamed to froze her in place. She looked at me from head to toe, scrutinizing I thought, as she was deliberating something. She was now so close that she could have reached my face with her arm. She was now so close that I could see the burgundy color of her eyes. She was a normal vampire. The breeze swept through my face blowing my scent right to her face, in my head I heard an angry snarl from him. She gave me a dark look and slowly, as it was very difficult for her, she turned her back on me. Fear again as I thought she would leave me.

“Wait¡” I knew it was wrong, but I could not stop myself and I went after her. Of course she was so much faster than me just like when he left I knew there was no chance for me to keep up with her.

Thankfully, or regretfully. I didn’t know. She stopped in the shadows and she turned around. She was now a good 50 steps away from me. Curiosity or maybe anxiety twisting her features.

“You are one of the Denalis aren’t you?” I tried again. Hopping –thought I knew I was wrong –that she was a veggie

“No I’m not” her musical voice responded, as I stared at her, frozen in place, thinking I was having a dream. I remembered how attractive and beautiful to the core vampires could be.

“Do you know Edward?”

“Yes I know the Cullens” I could not bring myself to speak his name again it felt more general this way

“Do you know them?”

“Yes, I came here looking for them, they seemed to have moved, do you know if they are coming back.”

Lie¡ The velvet voice screamed in my head.

“Yes, they come back regularly” I responded, knowing I wasn’t fooling anyone. “Were they aware that you were coming?”

“I thought Alice might have foreseen it” she said reading my reaction to her words “I knew there was a possibility that they weren’t here but I thought Alice could have come to meet me” she looked disappointed “oh well, ok then, she said recovering herself, I might come back later then.”

“By later you mean?” I felt stupid now, like I was stalking a vampire, I didn’t want her to go just yet.

“In a year or so, maybe. Are you ok, I mean you are all alone in the woods very far from a human pat? “

“I…yes” I tried to force a smile, failed again “you know if Alice did foresee this maybe she would come to meet you”

Why are you doing this Bella you promised”¡

Maybe you should wait for them in the house”

“What are you trying to prove¡” he was really angry now. She gave me another hard look. Like something was wrong. Like I was crazy. Maybe I was.

“Probably, I don’t know” she answered in her beautiful voice. “I thought there were wolves around this area, if the Cullens are not here maybe it is not save for me, I don’t really know how it works” she said this more to herself than to me. For my part I didn’t understand.

“I know there have been people missing in the woods” I said “for the wolves” I added thinking that maybe I could have hurt her feelings. If she wasn’t a vegetarian that is, as it seamed to be the case. For right now I thought she was doing well in front of a human. Confusion and then realization lightened her face or so I thought.

“Then you shouldn’t be here, or in the woods for that matter, I’ll help you to go out to the pat before I leave, if you want that is.” She seemed to find it hard that a human girl would be comfortable with a vampire escorting her in the woods “I’m Amanda and you are…”

“Bella…Bella Swan….thank you I’ll appreciate your help, I am kind of lost”

It was true, I wasn’t quite sure of my way in and with all that was happening right now, with having her in my sight, even if she left, I could still feel the panic run thought me, I probably wouldn’t have been able to find the way this fast without her. She was really patient with me; I could realize that she was trying to be as away as possible from me, like she was scared to come too close. She was very still, I was so used to the perfect Cullen charade that it shocked me how still vampires could be, I could have swore that she was not breathing. Once we reached my car I stood by the door, unable to think straight, I did fell like I was dreaming. I wanted to ask her millions of questions but I couldn’t get myself to do so.

“Do you need a ride?” Stupid, stupid, stupid. She could go anywhere much faster by her own means. She smiled whatsoever and said “No, thanks though, I need to hunt anyways”, and then her expression went blank and she looked at me, waiting, I thought, for a reaction to what she said that never came. She smiled again.

“Take care of yourself Bella Swan. I don’t want to be a nag but you really should not be wondering the woods alone, you of most people should know that.”

Pain. I have heard that plead before. A long time ago in a happier state of mind. I couldn’t help to think of him. I needed to know. Before I could make sense of my words I asked

“How do you know him?”- Him, I said him not them, him. Again I could not bring myself to say his name out loud. Amanda however seemed to grasp the meaning of my words immediately.

“He is a very old friend”. She said smiling

I thought she noticed the jealousy behind my question. Stupid of course, because he was not mine and had never been. And somehow, even thought I could not compare myself to the beauty of any vampire; the only female vampires I knew were perfectly matched, and there she was one of Edwards vampire female friends who seemed to be totally available, and totally beautiful, I knew there were others single female vampires, but to have seen one of them was just to much. There was no way I could compete with someone like Amanda. She seemed to read right through my speculation as she added.

“He is practically my brother. You can think of me as the Cullens black sheep. I have never belonged to their coven, but I appreciate them a lot and they feel the same way towards me. Whenever I have a necessity I come to rest myself in Esme’s welcoming arms.”

It was exactly what I needed to hear (because of how she dismissed herself as a competition, not that it mattered because he didn’t love me, I was alone), and exactly what I didn’t need to hear. (Because it made me remember the Cullens and the sense of family that was to them, and Carlile and Alice and Jasper and even Rose an Emmet but specially the loving and caring Esme. I felt my heart breaking apart in even more peaces I didn’t thought that was possible.

“Can I see you again? I mean if you linger around? If you wait for Alice?”.

Suddenly the desire to see them, to see Alice, even if it was an small opportunity was so powerful that I was willing to take any change there were, if Amanda was a friend trying to find the Cullens Alice would have seen that and she would probably try to contact her.

“I don’t think so Bella, she might have not seen anything at all, maybe the future was that, as it came to be, they were not here when I looked for them, and so, there was nothing for her to see, as you can see my future was not to find the Cullens. That means that I was not totally determined to find them. The truth is that I was around and I wanted to say hi. Does that make any sense?”

“Probably, but if your future was to know me then that means that you can meet me again. Right?”

“Our encounter was no future Bella, you should know that it works based upon the decision of the people, nothing is written.”

“Then you just have to make the choice of meeting me again” I said stubborn “I’ll be in the Cullens doorway tomorrow after class. And I will wait for you.”

“Think about it, please, let me see you again.” I added as I saw the hesitation in her eyes. “I need to see you again”. I said finally like all my been depended completely on that knowledge that she was real, as long as she was real it meant that everything else have been, it meant that I had meet him, that he had been with me, and watched me sleep every night in my room, that he had hugged me through the nights, and it meant that he still existed. In a world to witch I didn’t belong to anymore. Still I was ready to take the pain that this Amanda vision would take me to.

“You need to go home Bella”, she said.

I got in the car and started the engine, it seems somehow hilarious for her, my truck, I knew it would not be the vampires’ choice of a car.

“Tomorrow after class I repeated behind myself as I left”, she giggled but as I turned to see her in the review mirror she wasn’t there anymore.