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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


10. Volterra EPOV

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As soon as the plane landed I started scanning, my senses were hyper alert. It was doubtfully that they could take me by surprise…Still I did not wanted to confront them… they were probably not there yet…or they were in Volterra.
To find the Volturi’s main quarter was easy enough. In the reception a secretary -- a human secretary -- greeted me I was announced and soon enough a young man came to meet me in lobby.
“Welcome, my name is Alec. Aro will for sure appreciate that you are here” …despite his tough look Alec was worried… This Cullen better have good news, Aro is on the edge, of course Amanda…it is like she’s screaming for it…
I was taken to an oval room in which a gathering seemed to have been taking place…Amanda was in the center it was like she was being judged. As soon as she saw me, her face went blank and she concentrated very hard not to give anything away, and she was of course really good at it. But her expression frightened me, it was like she was seeing a ghost. It was also difficult to ignore Aro’s cocky thoughts, How could you believe that us Volturi could be tricked?
“What a wonderful surprise, Edward Cullen, your visit it most appreciated specially on this moment when you can help us solve a puzzle, the puzzle that as normally Amanda presents.
“I am a mind reader Edward,” he continued “a gift that I understand we share, only one touch and you’ll help me figure out if Amanda has shared the truth with us. As you probably know she has a rather impressive way to avoid being mind read.”
“I can’t quite understand, Aro. I don’t believe Amanda capable of any behaviour that deserves your attention and I’ll be happy to help prove my point,” as I said this I was fully aware that we actually could all be in danger as Jasper had warned me before I left her; but I knew that she will never expose us. Aro’s thoughts were not far of my point.
“We vampires are bound to keep a secret, and I have reason to believe that Amanda left a knowing human running loose” I felt my heart jump in my chest.
“Now she states that I have it all wrong, she wants me to believe that this human girl was actually changed before she left” In that exact moment Aro remembered what he saw when he touched Amanda it was Bella being born to vampire life in which seemed to be a dark place Aro remembered Amanda’s anxiety and then dismiss the thought because he was very aware of the capacity of Amanda to place visions in others minds. As for me I almost choked, the vision Aro just presented me was just so vivid that I could not believe it.
“Let me Edward know your thoughts” and with this he approached me, I offered my hand caught up in the vision he just gave me, , he took it anxiously and it is when I realized how much he wanted to have something against Amanda, that he will hold on to any probability not to let her go. I searched Amanda’s thoughts but as always she was totally concentrated. When Aro let my hand go the cocky smile spread through his face.
I knew that the vision Amanda prepared for Aro, that of Bella being a vampire, was not truth it could not be true and that was the reason why she was so concentrated in not letting me know what she was thinking, that worried me even more. Why would Amanda lie? Suddenly it was all making sense, Amanda most have talked with my family because the only reason to lie about it was that Bella was dead, and knowing that I’ll look for her she decided to lie, in order to keep me alive; but I needed to know what she knew about Bella and what had happened to her.
“This is very interesting Amanda, according to Edward here, Bella is missing, he even thinks that she might have died, and he has no reason to believe that she has been converted’
“That is probably what he thinks…” Amanda spoke for the first time “ I doesn’t mean it is true. You can see that Aro. He doesn’t know where Bella is either” I had to remember that for some reason Amanda was in extreme danger.

“Demitri was unable to find her… Demitri?”
“Of course he wasn’t,” her smile was cocky now, “Edward, can you explain Aro why Demitri’s power will not help to find her?” how did she know this? I was still unable to believe that she had been in Bella’s life.
“You saw that yourself,” I answered to Aro, “she is safe in her mind… I could not read her thoughts and I bet Amanda couldn’t fool her with illusions either… I can’t see how this changes anything…how the version changes if Bella is…, either way I have the responsibility of leaving a knowing human alive, not Amanda, and if what I believe is the truth, then Bella is not a problem anymore and you have no ground to keep Amanda here.”
“A suicidal vampire…” Aro mused of course my words made my intentions clear “we certainly don’t get a lot of those dear Edward…”
“Edward…” Cauis stopped me “this is about, respect to what we are and represent, we have indeed grown tired of your games Amanda…you are talented… it is a pity… I could have believed Bella is a vampire…but now with Edward’s version I can’t but think that Bella is still alive and human…and all this show Amanda is putting on is because she is hiding her…a liability for our world we will not allow it.”
“I have followed the rules, and you can’t prove otherwise because you can’t find Bella.”
“Amanda has it right and until you do prove whatever you want to accuse her of it would be a disgrace for the Volturi to take such a hasty decision and it will make families like the Cullen’s question your authority and your service to the vampire community.” Now I was of course bluffing, we are a strong coven and I have sensed Aro’s jealousy to the family Carlisle was able to procure for himself. But we where no match to the Volturi specially if they took us one by one.
“Edward, we hold Carlisle in the highest esteem and will not take so hastily an action that could hurt you coven; but you Amanda have made it difficult to trust you… so a part from this point…everything you say is a lie, therefore either Bella is dead as he firmly believes, or she is human…and her heart still beating. Either way you have lied to us. You were given the chance to tell us the truth... that chance has passed and we don’t give second chances… this is not only about a human knowing too; much law will be enforced and those who intend to evade it with a trick will be punished. We need prove and as Edward has stated, it to help the Cullen’s coven believe in the rightness of this situation I’ll let dear Edward here be in charge of providing proof to save your sister where you decided to take this errand.”
“What would I have to do?” I could not quite understand his request.
It was Caius, however, that answered, “If you decide to try and help your friend. You will have six months nothing else, to find Bella and bring her to me…and don’t come trying to fool me for I’ll know if you have changed her after this day… If you don’t come back before that… then we will understand that you were unsuccessful, or that you are hiding her too… either way we will find you… so I recommend you to bring Bella before the time is up”
Aro was excited about the perspective. Don’t believe he’ll be able to find her and if he does, he won’t be able to change her… he wouldn’t…either way Amanda is doomed.
“We’ll be watching your behaviour in Volterra, you’ll spend the day here and leave in the night, remember,” Aro added “you only have six months I suggest you use that time wisely.”
This last word seemed to put an end to the conversation we were maintaining, after this we were taken to the lobby, where I was supposed to wait to sunset before I started my trip. I didn’t mind this delay, as I dearly needed this time with Amanda, she was going to confess one way or the other.