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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


11. Denial EPOV

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As soon as we were alone (or away from immortal ears, only the secretary remained), Amanda put a block on her thoughts - she seemed nervous, on edge, like something might escape from her mind at any time. It was infuriating, all the time that we've known each other she has never been so focused in not letting me in. But she was readable, I knew that. I only needed the right pressure, the right moment. And nothing had me more focused that believing I could find what happened to Bella, everytime I thought about her was like I wanted to go everywhere at once...just one second...I would rip myself apart for the opportunity of seen her just one more time, to touch her skin....I would not ever again let the pain her smell caused me stand between the two of us - I'd welcome that smell. If I was able to find her I'll get on my knees and beg for forgiveness. And would never ever leave her side again unless she wanted me to...

I started by analyzing the situation. I couldn't believe Bella was changed by Amanda, she will never do that to me. Therefore, Aro's beliefs where untrue. I also could clearly understand why Amanda lied, to protect us because we broke the laws when we left Bella behind. We were the ones to blame, but Aro obviously had something against Amanda. I needed to find what it was and try to reconciliate somehow, Carlisle would be the best in that. And I needed to find Bella.

"Amanda," she cringed at the sound of her name, but she did not loose her concentration 'Salve oh Patria Mil veces oh Patria' she was focused on a national anthem, she had picked that habit from Alice.

"We need to talk, tell me how find to Bella, where is she? Why are you keeping me out?"

'mas que el sol contemplamos lucir...'

"What are you hiding from me I need to know where she is...How do you know so many things about her?"

"What do you mean?"

"I wonder if it is even true that you know her at all... or do you just know all that from Rose or Alice?'"

"You doubt if I know her? I met her Edward!" In that moment she let her guard down, she remembered Bella and I could see her more clearly she was biting her lower lip looking straight to Amanda...she had bags around her eyes like she was sick or not sleeping properly.I could not help the moan of pain that escaped from my throat and again Amanda's perfect shield was up. Bella had not been happy while I was away.

'Salve oh Patria mil veces oh Patria...'

"So is Bella still alive? Is she still alive?" I tried to keep on the rhetoric tone trying to dig for more information "I still don't understand... Alice can't see her..." to my relief this made her talk.

"I know, when I met her I called Alice, I knew she could not see Bella with so many things happening in Forks, she did not see a thing not even me there."

So many things happening. "She is normally right about what she sees - especially with Bella. She had always been very caring about her, you on the other hand, I can't understand what could posibly bring you to Forks to begin with. I can't trust in anyone right now and it hurts not to be able to trust in my own family." It was a low blow, but I got want a wanted - I made her mad. Frustration was clear in its features when she replied.

"...Do you want to know how I found her? She was alone....in the middle of the woods, Edward!"... she replayed the scene for me Bella was in the woods and then something even more shocking, Amanda could not have invented this... Bella was in the meadow.

'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'

Bella in the meadow...she remembered the full smell of her blood and Bella's racing heart which made her more appealing and then the surprise that washes through her body when Bella pronounced my name...followed by the surprise that caused to realize that she was immune to her power.

Somehow this time she enjoyed the pain that caused me to see Bella's life so she play the scene over and over for me.

"Stop it."

She laugh "You did it not me."

"This...she wouldn't, she promised to be careful."

"You promised never to come back," it was like taking a bullet "did you come back?"

"What do you think? I couldn't stay away from her anymore, I only left because I was trying to do the right thing for her."

"Sure it did her a lot of good not to have you there."

'Los primeros los hijos del suelo...'

Now that was just infuriating, I needed to know. "What aren't you telling me?"

"Nothing." Our eyes where locked into our mental battle.

"Let me through." I knew she was about to loose it.

"Stop it Edward, I mean it!" She did it then, I had an image, it was Bella, in my house porch crying so badly she could barely breathe, holding herself like she could fall apart in any second. I could not stand it any more and Amanda could not either as she remember her desicion of doing everything to make Bella right. Next thing I knew I was padding on the floor, the suffering was so strong...just too real. What kind of monster was I?

Amanda was agitated too. "Next one will be worse, stay out of it Edward."

"I need to find her for your own good."

"Would you do that Edward? Would you bring her here?" Well that was a gap on this whole situation - I will try my best to keep Amanda alive, but of course my priority was Bella, ...I was sure we could sort something out...without needing to bring Bella here.

"I won't bring Bella. I can't. I have no idea what Aro will do to a human here, Carlisle is on his way."

"It won't make any difference, you don't know Aro besides I did not say that you should bring a human..."

"I can't bring Bella here, I will not change her" fustration and then pain so readable crossed her face at that moment.

'Maybe...Its word the try.'

"What is?"

"You would rather let me die than to change her? This is the life she wants Edward. What about her, what about what she wants?" A flash of memory scaped from her right then....Bella was asking Amanda to be changed...

A grasping growl scaped my mouth and I was suddenly almost yelling, "Bella has no idea of what she was asking for?" This was it...this was what Amanda did not wanted me to see. The betrayal, my own sister taking away everything that kept me alive... so she changed Bella herself... it was all true... as she saw the anger raising in me she let me see more... 'I refused' and then he remembered his solid decision not to take Bella's life because of me. That small diminute glimpse of truth worked miracles and help me stay straight.

"I knew it. She is still human, so why are you putting these images in my head?"

I could understand a little bit more now... "Does she know about you or were you able to keep your story to yourself?"

"We shared stories."

"If you knew that I left, why did you stay?"

"Are you really talking about Bella Swan? There were dangers... I tried to leave but your girl is a magnet for trouble Edward." Her words pierced my heart, I'll do anything to have her by my side again.

"You mean Victoria?"

"Not mention the young wolfs...Now I don't really know about you but I prefer a half vegetarian vampire than an unstable young wolf to protect her...

"Wolves? " So I was not wrong about the smell I picked in the woods

"Yes the Quileutes... You most have know that."

"The protectors we meet when we were there last time were long gone."

"Well they are back, so that is what changed," something clicked right there for both of us; maybe that was why Alice couldn't see.

"How many?"

"Six last time I saw."

"What about Victoria?" I saw a slim glimpse of memory quite indecipherable and then she gained control of herself again.

"She was chasing Bella, the wolves had her..."

"Did they follow you too?"

"No, Bella saved me... she let them know I was part of your coven." All this she was telling me on the edge, with an impresive grip on her concentration, but at least she was talking.

"When was the last time you saw her?

"I left because I was hungry and I was unable to hunt with the Quileutes so close... she stayed in Forks... I was taken on my way back."

'Y esa sangre fue germen fecundo de otros heroes...'

I tuned her out, reconsidering what we had discussed so far.

"You think the wolves are messing with Alice's visions. But she is not in Folks anymore and Alice still can't see."

"She must be with Jacob."

"You mean Jacob Black?" I know it was out of line from me but I could not stop my words "Are they together?"

"What..?" she seemed confused and searched in her memories I saw exactly what she saw, "Jacob maybe before, but Bella no.. she has one track mind." The most selfish side of me rejoiced on those words Amanda knew me so well she read right trough me.

"You don't even deserve her...." That was the whole truth.

"And I will never will. I know there's something else, you can trust me"

'Salve oh Patria mil veces oh Patria'

"No, I can't."

"You are being insufferable."

"I don't care."

"You will let me through, one way or the other."


"You can't keep me out forever." I could tell she was concentrating very hard.

"Is it something to do with Victoria?" at that moment Amanda pressed her teeth in concentration.

"Just tell me Bella is fine.." Somehow this plea seemed to displeased her.

"Fine? Sure..."and sudenly I was transported to a green patch of trees the sun shining over my skin, Bella a godess was there, I could only see most of her back and just part of her face, she was playing with a beautiful flower. I was totally caught in that vision before even I could make any sense of that, Bella was human and she seemed alright.

"What are you doing here"

"I came to beg you..."

"It is too late now Edward Cullen." Her voice was cold and distant. She lifted her eyes from the flower she was now holding in her delicate hands. "It was very cruel what you did to me..." at that moment she turned around her eyes placed on me with cold disdain a horrible scar crossing her face "I don't need you anymore".

That vision could have been enogh to make me lose my mind if it wasn't for the fact that for once I could hear Bella's thoughts as well, and those thoughts had Amanda's distinctive voice.

'Why should I pay for your mistakes.... You are the one how left her..A knowing human running loose, what where you thinking Edward ?'

I closed my eyes, "Get me out of here."

"Then go Edward. We are not doing any good to one another."

"I just want to know that she is fine, please be honest with me." I begged

"She is lost. I don't know where she is Edward, but I know she is Ok." Those sincere words were a relief to some of my pain.

"Then we will worry about getting you out of here first, and then we'll find Bella."

'Are you really willing to do that?'

If she is fine, you need me more."

"You can't do that Edward, I did not say she is fine, she is lost, she needs to be found." She thought about it and then she finally added, "She likes me you know? She would come for me, Edward."

"I don't doubt you've made quite an impression with her."

'Even if you don't bring her here, go find her, Edward.'

I thought about protesting but her words were very according to my wishes. But there is one more question I have to ask first. 'What about that other vampire, is she a friend of yours?" Another flash, a curtain of dark hair glittered on her memory and then she had her mind in check. She seemed confused.

I... yes she is a firiend"

"Is it possible that she is with Bella?"

"Maybe, she is a veggie," she added quickly, I was meaning to bring her to Carlisle or Tanya, she wasn't sure about settling though."

"How can I find her?"

"Ummm, this is a wild guess, but I think she was planning a hunting trip to Brazil."


"Not at all, but I think she was interested in going there, she might have made up her mind. I'm sure she will know something about Bella."

I turned around to leave.

'Good luck'

Once outside a known train of thought caught my attention. The same thougth was being repeated over and over... 'Edward we are here, we are not going to hurt you ...or stop you... we just need to talk to you...this is ridiculous.' Emmett's diplomatic skills were never very developed. 'Seriously, you idiot, can you act rational for two seconds?' That was Rosalie, of course, well as long as there were the only two of them, I know they could not stop me; I was glad Jasper wasn't with them just yet.

"Amanda is in trouble."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to try and find Bella so," I gave them a rethoric look, to see if they dared try to stop me.

"Figures, why if you try to stop being a jerk with us," Rosalie replied handing me over her cell phone.

"Keep in touch man, we will take care of Amanda."

"Thanks, I really need to go," I said as I was crossing the main Square. I caught a glimpse of Esme, Carslile, Jasper and Alice as they arrived and they hesitated whether or not to approach me, and it was better that way. I gave them a thankful look, but I turned around and went the other way. I was grateful they did not take my attitude the bad way, I could hear their wishes towards my regard.

'Dont worry about Amanda we will take care of her,' Carlisle thought.

'I still can't see her, I'm sorry...' Alice trailed off.

'Let me know if you need my help,' Jasper thought.

Edward, I know you can do this. Good luck," Esme's thoughts were the most encouraging. 'Good luck.'