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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


12. Clouded APOV

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Having Edward away was such a relief. What a chicken I was, I needed to think about something else while I knew Edward was around. I have no idea how far away he can read minds from, but it had been a long distance about 70 years ago.

The door opened, and the vampire I least wanted to see at that moment appeared. Even Aro would had been more welcomed than him.

I braced myself ready for a fight.

"A Cullen...?" he said sarcastically.

"I'm not technically," he stopped me from speaking by lifting me from the neck.

"The whole conven is in Volterra as we speak."

"I am Carlisle's protege," I tried to release myself but he was just unstopable....

"What do you see with those freaks?"

"I can't see how it bothers you," It should not bother him - what did he care about me?

"You were souposed to be one of us," I knew that was just an excuse, he was going around the question.

"I thougth it was a choice not an obligation," I said with annoyance. These words filled him with rage.

"You made me believe you've died," he almost yelled at me, pain was clear in this last statement. But he recovered quickly.

"I wasn't sure about joining, and by the time I made up my mind I didn't know if Aro would let me go."

"We aren't forced to stay here."


"We are here to protect our world to give us a peaceful living. To warn stupid vampires like Edward Cullen and his blind family so willing to make his wishes, in in spite of what it could mean to our world and the consequences for our kind."

"Then why am I the one being held prisoner?" his expression went blank, it was clear, for everyone who knew Aro that he just wanted to get me out of the picture.

"You could have told me the truth."

"And let Aro know what I did just that much sooner."

"He trusts me. He doesn't read me anymore."

"I guess I'm happy for you then," irony was clear in my voice, he really loved being part of this circus. He graved me again and I thought he was going to throw me against the opposite wall, but our bodies were just too close now and he seemed to loose his will, he lowered me slowly making it so our lips were dangerously close at every second. I was not going to play that game, as I was about to take some drastic measures I saw his features change from arrogance to concern.

He turn his head around, "LEAVE US ALONE!"

"Certainly master," the secretary disappeared as fast as her human legs allowed her to.

"Will they be able to get you out of here?"

"Edward in on his way to find Bella."

"But you are still scared," he stated I had to admit he knew me better than I thought he did.

"Because I don't know if it's going to be enough for Aro," I was true, Aro was very used to get his way.

"He won't have anything against you, and he will have to let you go."

"Are you sure?" he dropped his gaze he knew what I meant.

"I wont let that happen," determination was clear in his features.

"I don't think it is up to you... but if I could ask for something," His eyes melted at my request.


"I don't want to be in pain. I'll understand if you can't," His features turned to pain again.


In that moment the doors opened Emmett and Rosalie arrived, Emmett of course braced for a fight, and Rosalie very cocky and confident in the impression that her presence caused to any room she entered, she was the first to speak.

"Is everything in order here?"

"It is. Alec was just leaving."

Seen him again... well it was as time had never passed and yet again...

"I'll do as you wish," Alec said giving me a meaningful look that passed unnoticed for Emmett and even the ever intuitive Rosalie, but it reassured me in a way nothing else did, whatever happened to me I knew I was not going to feel a thing.

I convinced myself that I didn't want to see him ever again in my whole existence, but the less composed side of myself rejoiced the moment he stepped in that room and in the seconds our entire conversation took.

He was already leaving when I finally brought myself to thank him, he just nodded keeping up his pace his long dark cloak floating behind him.

The rest of the coven joined me right then, Jasper analysing every move and mood, he had witnessed before the Volturi power, Alice seemed quite sad and concerned it made her uncomfortable not to know the future, specially not to see Bella. Carlisle gave me a comforting smile, but Esme was in the verge of tears sort of speak, concern was clear in her features, it was then looking at my mom's worry that I realized all the deepness of my trouble I through myself in her comforting arms and it was there in her embrace that I realized just how scared I was, and for the first time I was conscious of my fear, for Bella, for Edward, for me but also for the situation that brought all my family to this place in the pit of the most powerful, merciless coven the vampire world had ever met. I did not had a lot of time before I felt a wave of peacefulness invade me.

"Thanks, Jazz."

Carlisle went to meet Aro before even speaking to me as he wanted to know the most possible way to avoid more trouble. The rest of us stayed behind.

"So... what?... I really can't understand I didn't see,"Alice started.

"No one blames you Alice," Jasper immediately comforted her.

"I have a theory," I started "after you left Forks the kids in La Push started to shift to werewolves, I believe that is what clouded you vision."


"Yes, in La Push," there was a silent moment after which Emmett spoke.

"So what happened?"

"Well basically Victoria wanted Bella dead, I tried to confront her but she was stronger than me, by the time the wolves stepped in, Bella was already changing," I did not felt the necessity to let them know my part on this whole mess and I was happy that I was actually able to talk because with Edward - it would have been impossible to say even this tiny bit without giving more that I wanted. I could only see surprise and amazement in their faces as it was. However before I could fell any remorse about saying of not saying my part in Bella's transformation I was bombarded with question.

"You mean Bella is a vampire now," Alice said, she was in total shock.

"Yes," Jasper seemed suddenly relieved.

"Is she strong?" Emmett asked.

"Yes, she is a newborn, Emmett, of course she's strong!" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"Good," he pointed out.

"Is she beautiful?" Rosalie asked, of course.

"Very… dazzling so..." I said beaming, to my surprise Rosalie's face went white, jealousy was readable in her every feature. I was taken aback.

"Of course no one could ever be as beautiful as you are.... " I added almost laughing at the lack of Rosalie's confidence in her breathtaking beauty. I was not he only one laughing, suddenly it was clear that Rosalie had a bad relationship with Bella due to her jealousy, Alice was actually pressing her face against Jasper's chest trying to contain herself.

"Oh baby," Emmett started trying to control his amusement "was the whole fuss about this… you know there is no comparison to...."

"Shut up Emmett" she cut him off, embarrassment clear in her face.

It was Esme's turn to ask, she had not felt better with my assurances as her mind was set in a totally different issue, "Does she loves him still?" everyone tensed again, as they all knew that human and vampire love are a very different thing and a whole new concept.

"Yes, she does, it wasn't just admiration like in my case," only then Esme let a grin spread her face she repeated to herself "She loves him still. I shouldn't ever have doubted that."

"I don't understand then," Emmett said, "why didn't you tell Edward the whole truth?"

"Because ... well... I just..." It was a simple question - Emmet had no idea of the implications of his innocent enquiry.

"How do you tell Edward you were unable to protect Bella?" Alice stepped in to my great relief.

"Yeah... here," Rosalie added, trying to get even as she was still upset "call him, tell him his Bella is a soulless vampire now" Emmett gave a cocky smile and flipped the phone open... he was about to dial when he stopped.

"Well... ummm... actually he has always been a little bit weird about Bella hadn't he...?" he chickened too, and Edward was not even in front of him, which actually made me feel more at ease with myself "He's already going to find her right? It might be better he sees it for himself." We all laughed, and listening myself laugh filled me with hope. Maybe this wasn't going to be a mess like I feared before.

"So how did you end up here?" Jasper was curious.

Oh no..."It is really a long story."

"Werent you supposed to be looking for Edward?" Rosalie stepped in, I thanked that, until I realized I had no idea what she meant.

"Ah, what?"

"You called me four days ago and asked me where Ed was."

"I did not... I was already taken."

"But..." it suddenly clicked in all of us, Rosalie's eyes flashed with anger "that little..." and the words died there are as Alice let a hiss scape from her mouth. I realized that human Bella was not much of Rosalie's favorite and their vampire relationship wasn't starting the right foot either.

That moment Carlile came back. "Is she..?"

"Yes Carlisle..." he left out a sight "Good, Edward is on his way."

"Shouln't we try to help him Carlisle? I mean if Bella is a newborn she will be irrational and her behavior... well you are supposed to take care of your creations, Amanda is in enough trouble as it is."

"Well I did not changed her so tecnically it is not my responsability... anyways," I continued as averyone gave the SERIOULSY look "she is not like a normal new born, her transition was actually quite smooth."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, basically...She was a depresed human and now she is a depressed vampire."

"You mean she didn't give you any trouble?"

"Not at all."

"And her diet?"

"Vegetarian through and through."

"Unbelievable" Jasper was almost shocked. Carlisle was pleased as it seemed more and more that Bella was everything his son will ever need, however he knew me better than anyone else.

"There most be something more, what kept you from telling Edward what you know."

I was about to break in pieces, I could not lie to Carslile, I wasn't in love with him, but I loved him, for everything, for helping me while I was human, and vampire, for never judging me for not being able to be a vegetarian, or not wanting to.

"I was scared, and I'm so sorry," I took a deep breath but I knew that unlike Bella whatever I've told them Edward will know right away so... .

"I know Edward can be imposing sometimes... " Carlisle encouraged.

I decided to say something else, that was still true. "It is more than that Carlisle, he is in denial, he saw I mean I try to block him but he still saw you know how he is... he saw glimpses of Bella as vampire he definitelly saw Bella as vampire from Aro's head... after her transformation we stayed in Forks, and it is the same scent, Bella's scent only not so powered by the blood smell, and he still asked me who that other vampire was... I couldn`t believe my ears! If he doesn't want to accept the truth nothing that we could tell him would work. And I was just to chicken to admit it, but I'm not sorry for having met Bella or for staying in Forks with her."

"It is not your fault and I'm glad that at least one of us was there to protect her," yeah right that was way more credit that I deserved and I felt bad for having Carlisle trust me, I wasn't a very good vampire.

"It is probably then better to let Edward do this his own way... However there most be something we can do... a lead... Is there anything that you can tell us that could help him find Bella?"

I looked back retrospectly "Well... I gave her a cell phone. I don't have the number," I added as soon as I saw everyone entusiasm, "I just wrote my number and some others in her phone memory, and I had to destroy my phone when I realized that there was no point in trying to escape Demitri."

"How does that helps us?" Emmett questioned.

"Well, she called Rosalie," she instintively moved her hand to her pocket, before Emmett added "She gave her phone to Edward."

"You mean Edward has Bella's number in the cellphone he is carrying?" Alice was practically jumping up and down.

"No," Rosalie interrupted. "She called the house - not my personal cellphone."

"Oh." The excitement vanished completely, and quickly.

"Something else," Carlisle said, "don't feel pressed, just try to remember."

"I gave her fake documents."

"A credit card too?" Alice asked hopefuly then she wrinkled her nose "She probably didn't use it, we are talking about Bella after all."

"Yes... that is right I gave her a credit card," I turned to Carlisle, "It's linked to the main account. If she ever made any expense with that it will let us know where she is or has been." Before I was done talking, Carlisle was already on the phone talking to the bank.

"What is the name of the holder?"

Oh no! Rosalie was going to hate me forever "Bella.... Isabella Hale."

"Seriously," Rosalie was fuming "Seriously!"

"Well, yes, I mean I had enough hard time making her accept the doccuments, besides if she is going to end up with Edward it would be weird that she would be Bella Cullen right now wouldn't it?"

Rosalie gave me an impatient look, "She is not even a blond."

"You say that like it is a bad thing," at that moment Carlisle hang up the phone inmediatelly dialing another number, we all went quiet.

"Edward, I..." I've neer before had seen Carlisle hesitating, like he didn't know where to start, "We found some clues according to which Bella is in Sao Paolo, she purchased a ticket 4 days ago," he stopped there.

"Be patient son... I know things are not very clear for us right now."

"Yes, I understand... just let me know if you need our help."

"Good luck."


Being on the Volturi's land as a member of the Cullen family was not really like being a prisoner. Aro was very attentive to Carlisle - we constantly were visiting the teathers and opera houses there, making the best of your Italian vacation was what it seemed like. We were getting ready to go out the second night of our stay when Alice stopped in her tracks, we all turned to her.

"Ah...finally!" her features full of confidence in herself again "Jasper...hand me the phone," she added a full smile spreading across her face.