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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


13. The Chasse E&BPOV

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The phone rang in my pocket. I was confused, as nothing really made sense to me anymore, I’ve been in Sao Paolo for two full days now, and not once I’ve crossed the scent of any vampire even less a werewolf or even Bella’s. Things were different for me now and I realized that I’ve fooled myself deciding to hope where there was no hope left at all. I didn’t even realize that I was hoping to begin with. I felt the desperation slowly growing inside, me as soon as this feeling took over me I decided to go away from the city, and I was sitting underneath the shadow of a tree. It was not rational, I was a vampire, and I was ignoring whoever was so intent on calling me. I looked at the caller ID, Alice...

“Ok, Whatever you where planning on doing don’t change your plans.”


“It is still quite undefined...but I saw you ... looking at Bella.”

I could feel the stain of hope expand on my body but I decided to stop all hope right there. What had hope brought me so far? I let out a sigh.

“She is fine, but I actually need to go... they are waiting for me,” Alice said.

I wondered what she could have seen or why , being how I was particularly lost in my decisions. I realized then that I had no idea of what I was going to do or what my plans had been for the day to begin with, I tried to think about all the options knowing that if I actually changed my mind the vision would change too. I decided to go back to town to find Bella, with my mind set on that I called Alice to ask her if that was the right choice. No answer. I started to feel an indescribable wave of rage invading my body a sound caught my attention, all emotions left my body at that moment the vision disarmed me completely. I felt my legs tremble without even noticing my knees hit the ground at the vision of my own personal goddess.



It seamed that the tracking was not so easy, It had been just one day since I arrived to Sao Paolo, but I wouldn’t give up, something in me had changed ever since I decided to find him, I was really enjoying my vampire life, I had a purpose, and I was glad that I had now all the means to make myself try to find him. As for being outdoors, it was quite strange really, to be in a sunny place, while I was in the crowd I would be covered from head to toes…everyone speaking a language I barely understood, I was getting better by the hour…anyhow.

Right now I needed to hunt, and the jungle was so different to anything I had seen before. It was thick and humid, and very green. I stood there bare footed, letting the place fill all my senses, suddenly I heard something, someone was there. I was not meant to be seen, I was under the shadow of the threes but the day was sunny, and I was hungry so I stopped breathing and I ran… it was impossible for a human to have seen that…, and then the fear came, as I could still hear someone behind me, it was following me, I was not sure why but I felt afraid to have by misfortune found some wild jungle vampire, with my luck it was just likely, the feeling was uncomfortable, someone was chasing me, I had forgotten how to be the pray, but here I was, I had passed from predator to pray in one split second. I should not panic. I was not going to make it easy, I have learned eluding maneuvers from my preys, and I was fast, a new born, I felt more at ease after a while, as I could feel that I was leaving it behind. I thought about confronting it but I had not been a vampire for long enough that I would think that the world belonged to me, when I was about to loose whatever that was coming after me, he called my name.

“Bella,” I literally stopped in my tracks, it was impossible. Thousand of emotions filled the place where my heart should have been.

The tenor, the exquisite sound of his voice. Was that really him? I knew it was, the voice was just too recognizable despite the time and the change in me… and I was frozen in place, I was unable to turn around. He was closer now, I inhaled deeply, it was him alright, his beautiful scent - one that I have been obsessing over for so long - filled my lungs, and then I turned around, confusion, pain, amazement twisting his features…now it was his time to froze as he took on my new features, I rather liked that….fascination swept through his face, I could only recognize the feeling too clearly, having lived thought it myself, the astonishment in his face was hilarious somehow. I was so glad that I was not a human, firstly because I could not blush, secondly but most importantly really because I couldn’t cry. He had left me because he did not want me, will this change in me make him see me differently, would I be enough for him this time?

Smiling at the expression on his face I gave a delivered step towards him, that movement placed me right under the sunlight, if he had any doubts, now it was official… I was a vampire…I did not know what was going trough his head, or what he made of me, the only thing I knew was that he was there, I was seeing him for the first time. My human memories did not do him justice, he was breathtakingly beautiful, dazzling, and I was happy, so happy that I could not stop a smile spreading across my face… he moved towards me at a human pace still confused, but returning my smile, when he stepped in the sunlight he reached out with his hand, as he was about to touch me. I took a step back, that movement seemed to hurt him, I did not understand my own reaction, I was not afraid and I was happy, I let that feeling take over me, and then winked at him, turned around, and plunged into the threes.

Edward was just to eager to accept my invitation, I could feel him running behind me, and he was really fast too but I was a newborn. He was always in the verge of caching me, the speed and the chase were such a high, while human I was never better than Edward in anything, now he was barely keeping up at his top speed, and he was laughing too. I had thought about this moment for months, how he will react, what would he say to me, I still did not know what to say to him, so it was better just to run. All of the sudden, the chase stopped, he was not behind me anymore, what had happened?... I had left him behind; I went back on my steeps,

“Edward,” I said his name in a whisper… he jumped at me in a second… pushing me to the ground we rolled laughing again, he was everything that I wanted, he rolled on top of me and stayed there, the contact of our bodies was exhilarating. I was grateful not to have a heart to give me away this time, this moment was as unbelievable exquisite as painful, he traced my face with one of his fingers, in a movement that seemed to be shy but full of desire at the same time. I was falling for it, I was deluding myself into thinking he wanted me, it was exactly what I promised myself I would not do, but I wanted him, I wanted him so badly. Could he feel the pull he seemed to have, the electricity emanating from both our bodies? He started to lower his head so our mouths were dangerously close, stopping one inch before kissing me. Was it hesitation? He must want to be sure I was not opposed to him kissing me, I did not know what to do. However, I did wanted him to kiss me, every inch of my body screamed for the opportunity to feel his lips between mine, but my heart, my heart needed an explanation vampire or not, he could still leave, and the pain of the though put my other senses alert.

“Edward,” that came out with way too much fervour, to say his name was inexplicably beautiful, it felt like my heart was growing, and now there was no hesitation in his eyes, he leaned down to kiss me… it was not me… my body reacted at the thought of losing him again, it was going to be way too painful without this, so my unwilling arms pushed him away with a strength that made him fly… with all the emotions I was going through I forgot that I was so much more stronger than him

He landed gracefully. He did not want me, I had to remember that, he had left me, I had to put on a good show, for all he knew I had no feelings left for him either. But my body could remember just too perfectly the weight of his body on top of me, to see his face, his eyes, his lips, I imagined tracing the shape of his lips with my fingertips … Keep it light, I’d let him start.

“Bella…” he left out a sight he seemed to be speechless, if it was for me we could leave all conversation behind and stay here forever, as long as he was by my side. “Uh… I’m sorry I should not come at you like that,” the sound of his voice was… pained, he most have taken my reaction as a rejection, it was nothing like that, I just couldn’t let him, I needed an explanation.

“I am fine…I was hunting. A friend told me the jaguars were really tasty.” I was babbling. “How are you?” It was so vain, all this time, all we’ve gone through and just…how are you? He gave me a serious look, walking slowly towards me again.

“I was looking for you…Bella.” So much for lightness… I started walking towards him too; it seemed that the pull was like magnet the closer he was the closest I wanted to be. “A friend told me you might have been inclined to come here,” he sighed “I should have known, it is just that… I would have burned myself to have you avoid this fate…”

“You did not bring me this fate… I choose it myself, no need for you to help me. I am OK,” other than for the fact that I love you with obsessing love. He shook his head, gave me a humourless smile and extended his hand so that he could caress my face, I let him this time, it seemed like he could not restrain himself from being close to me. He took my face, and waited until I look directly at his amazing golden-brown eyes.

“Can’t you see, Bella?” my name pronounced by his lips was a consuming force, “The only reason I left was to give you a chance to find happiness while human… because I love you, I always will.” Is this true? “I went back, to tell you that I was a fool for leaving you and to beg you…to take me back if it is still possible for you.” his voice was deep and full of emotion, my heart wanted to surrender, I fought the hope back with all my strength “When I left you…I lied to you… me not wanting you is the most horrible, filthy lie I had ever said. But I could not know that you were in danger…”

“You went back? To Forks?”

“Yes… I looked for you… I thought…” A memory seemed to put him in the edge. I pulled myself away to think about this, he had gone back after all, he however reached my hand unwilling to let me get much further…I needed to know, but I was scared to ask. 'Would he stay with me if I was still human?'

“As long as you wanted me there… until the day you ordered me to go away” I could not understand what happened. Oh! He must have answered my thoughts without even realizing it… with all the emotions I was going through my mind, my power most had gotten unbalanced…

“What if I don’t want to ever let you go, would you then keep me forever?”

“Bella… I… wish for nothing else… I...” emotion drowned his voice. He pulled my hand making so that we were facing each other again, reaching with his hand my face and leaning down to kiss me, he did it slowly, kissing me around my mouth and then letting our lips find each other, every part of my body was alert and very intent, every touch every caress was just… perfect… even more than when I was human, as he could allow himself to do as he pleased now, passion lingering in every move… my hands too reached for him, his hair, his shoulders, his back, slowly he started going down my neck it was just too much… the sensation was incredible… so consuming it was excruciating, it made me think that I could die of love… “Bella…” he said between kisses... ”does this means…” he reach my mouth and started to kiss me on the lips again “Could you forgive me…?”

This time, I reached his face with my hand… and forced him to look at me as I thought…

‘I love you’ He looked shocked

“How did you do it?” he smiled and started kissing me again… this should be illegal. I was glad that for once, I was able to make him keep kissing me, as I did not wanted to be apart just yet. I did not want this moment to ever end, I was finally in his arms again, were I had always belonged.