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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'



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I had just empied a well sized jaguar and then turned to Edward who had stayed in the same place frozen while I hunted. He was analyzing my every move


“Nothing I’m still having trouble adjusting to the tought that you are not so breakable anymore” he gave me a half smile then added “and I’m also impreseed by your gratfullness when chasing”

“I was not always like that” I smiled to myself remembering my very first chasse

“I would have loved to be there” and then his expression becamed pained “ I should have been there”

“You are here now…and I rather you see my gracefulness now than my messy first preys” I encouraged reaching to his lips and planting a small kiss, I was about to turn when he embraced me further and kissing me fireusly which suited me everytime. “ I still doubt that this is all real, how can someone do something so reckless and still… I canot believe it. I don’t deserve to be this happy”

“So, having me as a vampire was not so bad after all?”

“It was always the easiest solution…For me…not for you…you deserve much much better”

“I don’t believe that, I think I believe that whatever course of action you or me would have taken it will end in this” I could see that this subject was still touchy for him... he had not hunted yet and I wanted him to be fed thinking on my own thirst and knowing the he would be burning too.

“Are you ready go find another jaguar” I said eager to move on, I found that even thought mountain lions where my favorite jaguars where also very doable . There was a crease of concern in his feature something I could not really but my finger on…doubt? Undesition?

“Another how many have you had already” he said mockingly I was happy to see him relax.

“What do you mean how many? I just got here”

“I thought you’ve been here for days” how strange “I was under the impression that Isabella Hale bought a flight ticket to travel to Sao Paulo days ago” he let a small laugh as he pronounced my last name

“Oh that…” So he knew... Amanda most have tell him “I was about to get in the plane… but the smell…to think that I had to sit there for hours” I cringed a the thought of the horror movie that would have been. “ I held my breath and got out of the airport as soon as possible… Instead me and Jacob took a road trip. He accompanied me as far as Colombia, and then he returned home and I crossed the jungle.

“Wolfs” Edward said in distaste.

“Yeah they smell pretty bad don’t they”

“Not to mention that they were part of the problem. Do you know that Alice can’t see them? We had no idea that you where going through all that. about all that you and Amanda have been doing. ” resentfulness was tick in his voice

“They helped me a lot. Jacob the most” I defended him

“I thought you died Bella” It was clear that he was using all his will to stay correct “I went back and could not find you or your scent or and Alice was unable to see you what conclusion I had left”

"So you didn't found Amanda in Forks?” That was strange how did he know then where to find me.

"No, I followed Amanda's trace, when I found her, she was not very explicit, mind games over and over I guess in her way she was trying to tell me that this was the best way , probably the only way without someone watching over you while human, but still ” anger was filtring though his velvet voice, I did not pass unnoticed his hesitation when speaking like he was editing, he did not say for instance where he found her " I can not believe that she did this to you... No wonder why she was that cryptic with news like this"

He lost me there I tried to connect what he was saying, her anger towards Amanda could only mean.. the only reasonable explanation to his behavior would be that he believed she changed me “But she did not do it"

“What?” A frond appeared in his mind he was perplexed

“She did not change me”

“That is what I had understood...”

“No… of course not… it was….” But al of the sudden I realized that if he really saw Amanda, and she did not tell him what really happened she most have had her reason, I knew her enough to know that even though she was not able to live with the Collens for her diet, she was attached to the coven and considered them as family, in how much trouble will I get her? And really in the end was it really her fault that she happened to know Victoria? “someone else … I finished”

Edward expression changed from confusion, to curiosity to anger to pain? It was definitely some kind of sorrow, to anger again, being a mind reader, I could not be easy for him to not know. to realize he has been lied to or that the information was not complete

“Who was it? How did it happened”

But instead of answering his questions another click sounded in my head, for it was the first time that I realized that not only Amanda had not picked up the phone that day I called her but she had never return the call, that was not like her and if Edward was trying to find me wouldn’t she come with him too? I ran trought my head once or twice the idea that the hunting trip she mentioned was only an excuse and he was trying to get in touché with the Collens before, As Edward was looking for me I had assumed that it was her who pointed to him where I might be. “Why isn’t she here?”

“Where is Amanda” The reaction in his eyes was immediate this time too, fear and then intrigue. I have to admit that he composed himself rather fast even for our kind but I knew what I saw, it made me wonder how many times he had got his way by lying to me before.

“I’m sure she would have like to see you” he said surrounding my waist with his arms and planting a small kiss on my lips “but she could not come here” I knew what he was trying to do he was trying to deviate the conversation-which was working- and he was trying to dismiss the fact of Amanda’s location by trying to make it sound like it was nothing to worry about… which of course made me be even more suspicious

“Is she all right ?”

“What makes you think…” he started shaking his head

“You are not as good of a liar as you think you are….” I knew he was bluffing with his your are imagining things actitude “What is that you are not telling me? ”