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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'



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“Bella you have to stop this, it is killing me” were his only words as he took me in the car, a slap in the face would have been easier to swallow, I could only fell remorse for his words knowing how difficult was for him to express his feelings, I felt confused at first and then surprised as the clock in the car showed that is was past 3:00 am. I was so involved in Amanda’s conversation that I lost track of time.

“Jacob told me he saw you driving to the Collens house, he hasn’t stopped calling” was his comment as we arrived to the house. I was glad to hear that Jacob was finally out of bed.

“I’ll call him tomorrow, it is too late now, I am sorry for today” I added, I wanted to promise that it would never happen again but I was not sure it wouldn’t be a lie.

As tired as I was I could not bring myself not to think of Amanda’s story. It had my every though, the way she changed her life, even under the “she didn’t find true love” light, it seemed to me that with the change her real life started.

I could only understand that he cared about me, that was why he put up with me, he cared enough that he wanted me to stay human in spite of the vampire rules, something else, very powerful hit me right there, if Amanda had it right, witch seemed to be the case, I was danger not only for Edward but for all of them, for all the Cullens, including Amanda now. It seamed silly for them to jeopardize the family for something like that. If I was a vampire they did not had to worry about it, more than that, if something happened to them because of me I could not live with that, I thought about that, and then remembered Alice’s words, she had once said “we are a strong coven”, or something like that, if something was to happen to them she would know.

I thought about this Volturi family too, what was the worst thing they could do? Kill me? I could live with that as long as they didn’t touch Charlie. It is not like I was living to begin with, so it would not be a great lost, but if I were a vampire I could probably had a chance, to live, to be happy, did I want that? What did I want? I want to see Edward that is why I was learning to ride bikes, and I wanted him to love me but that was not possible, therefore I should not want to see him again, ever, but of course with the way I feel about him that is not a possibility.

What I really wanted was not to feel this anymore. And somehow I had the answer to that. I wondered if it would work the same way it did for Amanda, I wondered if once I was a vampire I could see him without feeling what I felt right now, if I could be happy if he ever found someone, just the idea made my stomach spin. But if that was the case I could see them all again, it was the perfect solution. My feelings would stop, I could see them again, of course it was a family I was sure I could belong to it. I would be happy to be with them, Alice, Emmet, once it was done Jasper would not have to be careful with me anymore, Rosalie would stop hating to have a human in the secret. If they didn’t accepted me I could live with Amanda, in the worst case I would end up alone, but I was alone right now, there would be no difference and besides I would not feel this, I would not think of him anymore. It was just what I needed somehow, if the choice was between the life I had now and a vampire free of the love ties, then my decision was clear.


The next day I was running late, but not for school, I had a meeting with destiny, I would try the Cullens house again first, and then the woods, maybe the meadow, I had to find her, before she left, she had probably already left, I did not wanted to think of that possibility, as I was ready to go, the phone rang


“Bella are you oK?” It was Jacob, my sun, to hear his voice was just terrible at the moment, I was so eager that I did not stop to think about what my decision would do to him, or Charlie or Renne – no that was not true- I was thinking of them but I had made the choice way before, it was bound to happen either way.

“Jacob, I am fine I’m glad to hear you finally recovered”

“Sure sure”, he sounded cold, “Listen Bella, I saw that you went to the Collens house yesterday and I wondered if they are back, and if they are for how long, in fact I would like to speak to them so do you know if they are going to school today.”

Wow that right there was really painful; I stopped for a second to think how wonderful it would be that they came back and that I could meet them in school that same day.

“No I said, only one of them is here and it would be for a very short time”

“Still it would be humm… nice to talk to them” What? Where was this coming from?

“Jacob are you Ok? I don’t even know if she has not already left.”

“Never mind then if you see her, tell her to call me please?”


“Could you just do as I say please” he was mad now.

“Ok” SO, something was going on, I realized that it could be the last change I had to talk to Jacob, how to say a proper goodbye without giving anything away.

“Thanks” he replied

“I…” he hung up before I could even start my sentence, if this was our last conversation it did not went as I wanted it too.

I needed to leave, when I arrived to the Cullens, of course she was not there, it was to be expected, where to go from here? I decided to try the woods; I started walking wishing with all my heart that she would be close; I tripped soon enough, and cut my hand, interesting. .. “Bella, please don’t” She was not a veggie, if she was near maybe the human blood smell will catch to her, I kept walking touching now and then a tree or a rock with my blood. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would go out of my chest “You promised”

“You promised too” to heart his voice meant that I was probably on the right pat, I was not safe.

Not an hour passed when I found Jacob, right in the middle of the way without T-shirt, he looked really tense like something was out of place.

“Bella what are you doing here, go back this is not a good place for you to be?”

“Jacob what are you talking about”

“There is a vampire very near I think she is dangerous you have to leave, I’ll try to stop her”. He said as I continued walking towards him, he was trembling head to toes, - I felt I wave of sock, so he knew, that was not possible.

“What are you talking about?”

He seamed mad at my comment “you know exactly what I am talking about Bella”, well his Dad knew I guess it was only a matter of time, still, shocking. I understood now the eagerness in talking to them.

I did not wanted to leave him there, besides Amanda would not do anything to me or my friends (ok I was not sure about that) but I was not about to leave Jacob alone.

“Trust me Bella please listen to me just this one, go straight to your car, and don’t look back, I wont be able to control myself for very long.”

“What are you talking about Jacob? I am not leaving you¡¡” I said still approaching. – Don`t go any further Bella, do as he says,- what? Jacob was not dangerous and something was obviously happening to him.

“Bella” Amanda’s voice called me from behind she was there after all, “Stop right there, can’t you see he is about to lose it, it is dangerous for you”

“How dare you, Jacob snarled, his trembling was even stronger now”

“Easy Jacob, there is just one person that would be hurt if you loose control.” I wanted to go towards Amanda. After all she was the one I was looking for. But I could not leave Jacob like this

“I would never hurt her, I am protecting her…” As he said this Amanda came to stand in front of me.

“Not right now dog¡¡¡” That was it, next thing I saw was Jacob exploding to reveal a big brown wolf fierce and lethal, at the same moment Amanda took me with her and I was flying thought the woods. I could not believe what I just saw, that was not real, I needed to be dreaming, as we arrived to the house she went inside and set me in the couch, she disappeared for a second and when she was back she had what I needed to take care of my hand.

“Clean it, quick” she added, I was only too stunned remembering the last time that my blood was smelled in that same place. Did I just saw my best friend turn into a wolf?

“Was that?”


“Is Jacob?”


“It is not possible¡”

“Well, Bella that is what you get for wondering around in the woods alone, like I asked you not to, we were lucky too, I believe it is a bigger pack protecting the woods, it was only one this time.” Protecting the woods? Protecting, not killing. I was dizzy

“I was looking for you” I said

“Is that supposed to be an excuse?”

“No not really.” I decided that I would leave the shock of what happened for a little later, I was after all lucky to have found her, I did not know how to let her know my decision

“You are really weird for a human Bella” she said more relieved now

“I know, I was thinking that maybe you can help with that.” She gave me a confused look. I decided then that I’ll go straight to business I had after all nothing to loose. “Amanda”, I said pleading “I want you to help me to become a vampire” her eyes widened “I…”

“I’m stopping you right there Bella, you are saying nonsenses, I won’t hear any of it in fact I’ll pretend you did not say a thing”

A wave of rage invaded my body, I was so furious that I started trembling and it made me wonder if I was not going to explode like Jacob. How could she refuse¡, it seemed that me becoming a vampire was the undertone of our hole yesterday’s conversation, she had made the decision as I was doing it now, she had received help and now she was just not even letting me be heard.

“Your kitting fury is very endearing,” she said a smile in her face, “The more I spent time with you the more I can see why Edward likes you.”

“I did not know vampires could be so annoying” I said in the verge of tears “and so blind” she was still thinking there was more than just appreciation from him. This made her laugh of course

“I’m sorry Bella, but you took me off guard something like this can’t be decided overnight.”

“But I have not decided this right now, it has been a long made…”I sighed… I did though that I would have to explain myself.

“Why Bella, can’t you see? Edward was right not to change you, once it was done, you would have left your humanity and human feelings behind, and would have hated him for giving you this half life, he is wiser than that, he loves you. How… ”

“I am stopping you right there,” it was my turn to stop listening to nonsense, “this is not about him, it is about me, I know what you think, but I can not accept what you are saying, I meet him last April, and I have stayed human, I am human, he did not changed me and then he left”

“Which means, th..” she started again.

“Still, you have it all wrong, I don’t want to change so that I can be with him, I want to change so that I stop feeling this way, like you did”. She gave a deep look.

“You want to stop feeling love, Bella this suffering… what you are going through is what makes you human”

“I don’t want to stop feeling love, at least not altogether, you know that vampires do love too, please consider my request.” I could not stop being formal for some reason “How is that you could decide to change and now you can’t even think about changing someone else?”

“Because I know better now, I would have made my decision different. You ask me to give you immortality, we would all trade everything we have, anything, for a chance to become humans again, I would bet him more than anyone else” she stopped, her expression deep in thought, “Anyways not everyone is the same you can’t be sure it would work”

“But I have thought about it and it only makes sense, not only for you” she gave me an intrigued look. “It worked for Alice too, a vampire was in love with her, he make the decision to change her so that James would not kill her,” she shivered “but once the change was done, there was nothing, she could not even remember him, and now she is with Jasper, her perfect match” she sight.

“I won’t be a burden for you, I am thinking that once I am over ….him, I could still see the Cullens, I love them too, Alice is like a sister to me, Esme loves me and Rosalie,” she gave me an incredulous look “well I am sure we could work something out”. She stared at the window for what seemed to be centuries, I could see her hesitation and I wanted to say something else something that could help.

“I can’t do it Bella, I do like you, it seems impossible not to, but you have no idea what you are asking for, I know you think I am wrong but I believe that he cares about you, and that he is making a sacrifice by staying away from you, witch is silly too, and I’ll find the means to help you but not this way. I have to leave now but, be patient Bella, and if you want me to I can assure you that I’ll come back, but it is all I can do, I’ll come back, but I’ll never change you. I could never do that to Edward”

I hated, this was still all about Edward, I was about to lose it again but she looked at me and the way she did it was just warm that is the only explanation I could give to the ways her features were arranged in her face, it was interesting how strong the bound between us came to be in such a small period of time. I did felt bad knowing that was the last time I’ll see her for a long time.

“I want you to come back” I replied “and thank you, for everything”, I added “except for not changing me”

She gave me a smile and walked to the entrance, I followed behind and stopped at the front door, she looked back.

“Good bye Bella Swan”

“Good bye Amanda…What was your last name?”

“Hale” She said giggling of my surprise, as I burst in laughter myself her body tensed and her features changed immediately. Fear swept thought her face. ”No” she whispered, as she positioned her body in an almost unnoticeable crunch.