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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


4. Traitor APOV

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“I want you to come back” she replied and I felt better immediately, I wanted to leave some hope “and thank you, for everything except for not changing me”, she was a sweetheart, perfectly fitted for him, both of them stubborn as hell, I had to go, I hoped to be as quick as possible, it was necessary, I had a plan. I would contact Alice and ask her not to leave Bella alone (I was sure she would be up for that plan), if possible I’ll find that werewolf on my way out, explain the danger Bella was facing. Then go meet my creator and convince her that she had it all wrong.

“Good bye Bella Swan” Once I knew Bella was safe I’ll hunt Edward and take him down, I’ll rip him apart, that would be challenging, but I knew I was the only one who had a shoot at succeeding at it, even when I was not a very good fighter.

“Good bye Amanda…What was your last name?” Once I calmed myself down, I’ll explain him that Bella is miserable, and most importantly, in danger, he might not take me serious at first, but I’ll make him come back and see for himself.

“Hale” She looked surprised with my response, I could only imagine what Rosalie made of her, I laugh at the thought, Rosalie was a little bit difficult, but she was a good vampire in the end.

At that same moment I sensed her, I froze in place, I should have thought about it, it never occurred to me that I would fight her alone, it never occurred to me that I’ll fight her period, I relied too much in my power, very rarely someone doubted me, my immediate reaction was to coil to a spring facing my opponent giving my back to Bella, protecting her.

Realization washed Victoria’s features; that slight movement did not pass unnoticed to her, it gave me away. I was ready to fight for Bella. As soon as Bella saw her, her heart pumped so hard that it was impossible to ignore her, (that was going to be a problem I could fool Victoria with my illusion, but I could not hide the sound of Bella’s tempting heart bit.)

-Hale? Victoria asked, irony in her voice, of course every vampire knew that the Cullens and the Hales belonged to the same coven, didn’t I used my last name in moments of distress? To be an extension of the Cullens did had its pros. But Victoria had no idea, how attached I was to them.

“Victoria” I said, faking relieve in my voice, I was a good actress too, a good liar, the master of scams and this right here was going to be my time to shine, “you scared me there, I almost attacked you,” I added innocence in my comment.

“I was worried”, she replied her eyes intend on Bella, “I sent you here and I thought the Cullens had gotten to you as you did not returned with any news, I couldn’t have known that you are a Hale”

“Oh but I didn’t know how eager this matter made you Victoria”, I said ignoring the last part of her comment “ I was just going to meet you, even thought my news are not very exciting, as you can see the Cullens have left, leaving behind the human toy they found here” I loud sight in the back told me that Bella’s senses were alert as always, I was hoping the shock would last longer, I could only imagine what she most think of me right now.

“And Edward”

“All of them are gone, never to come back, poor Bella here was just asking me to help her change.” Surprise rearranged Victoria’s face “of course if the Cullens did not changed her, it means that she is worthless, they take a lot of care about who they decide to change, that is how they are all so powerful see?”

“They fought for her, he was tracking me..” hesitation in her eyes, it was working

“They have a reputation to uphold, you see, and what would the vampire world think if they let a couple, mess with them? It was foolish from James to have challenged such a big coven of mature vampires”

It was true, people tended to underestimate the Cullens union, after all a big coven like theirs rarely stayed united, or had deep ties like them, James probably tough that by challenging Edward he was going after the weakest of them all, how wrong he had been, if you mess with one, you mess with them all.

“So, your plan to set me up…” It was a statement “You know them more than you pretended to.” Oh oh,

“You know I have never belonged to a coven, they like to have informants, and by being a Hale I get a lot in return, to be a vampire doesn’t mean that you are safe of all dangers.” It was weird to talk about the Cullens like this, it was like I was talking about the Volturi, it was true that more than one vampire thought of them that way, and more than one vampire wanted them to face the Volturi and take over the vampire world, silly to even think that such a temptation would pass through Carlisle’s mind, Rosalie, in the other hand would not mind to be a princess of some sort.


“Victoria just… Stop messing with the Cullens”. Ok that came out with too much fervor. So I put on a cocky smile.

“And the girl” suspicion was very clear in her features “She might not serve my propose anymore, I know I don’t have to kill her but I am hungry” She was bluffing , there was no trace of thirst in her eyes, I could bluff too.

“The girl has no importance whatsoever” I said, taking a distinctive step away from Victoria’s way leaving a wide breach for her to attack Bella. I faked impatience when I saw she did nothing, the next second I was pushed to the ground with a strength that I did not thought possible, I had never before fought body to body with another vampire, except with Emmet, and he was just brutally strong, he never really left me give him a proper punch, I knew I was a weak fighter, specially with Victoria, she knew what I was capable of, and she trusted in her instincts to tell her if she was really in danger. Illusions won’t help me, especially now that she already had a hold of me. I could not even fake a disappearance. In vain I put in Victoria’s head the Cullens one after the other coming for her. She was not fooled and I was not doing any damage. Rage filled my body how could I not fight properly; I had survived the Volturi’s for all sakes¡. Without my power I was quite useless.

It was difficult, I was in a very dangerous position, all the desire that I had to kill her now, infuriated me more, I was not used to losing or to feel weak, no vampire was, it was a vicious fight, and then I fell my arm getting unattached from by body with a violent craaaackk.

“Noooooooooo!” I yeld in … well it wasn’t really pain, but it was really uncomfortable, breaking the fight for a second in witch Victoria gave me a vicious look, a smile in her face, she was winning, now she knew she could take me down. One thing was for sure, if I had to go down, I will not do it without a fight. Right then three things happened, a loud gasp and the sound of human flesh being tear up, an earsplitting wolf yell, and the smell of human blood filling the air (as soon as I realized what it was I stooped breathing), all this in least than two seconds. Bella had hurt herself in order to get Victoria’s attention and it worked, I could not believe it, it was just too much, Victoria collided in a spring directly to Bella’s neck, I throw myself at her deviating her of her trajectory, still she landed only meters away from Bella’s place.

Right there Victoria should have gone, we could hear the wolves coming now, Jacob was in full race already, his eyes intent on Victoria, but he was alone, he was in the woods earlier, he most have followed us, or Victoria. I saw the hesitation in her eyes as, her instincts probably told her she needed to go, (my instinct told me I needed to go too, I could not face a wolf pack, but I could not leave Bella in danger) I was not about to let Victoria leave, if the wolves arrived they would kill us both, it was already better that me dying and Victoria getting to Bella, Victoria should have gone, but the smell… Bella’s fresh running blood was just a delirious, all consuming force of its own, even without breathing I could feel the mouthwatering smell at the end of my tongue, not something you would get away from, Victoria coiled again and attacked, Jacob and Victoria collapsed right in front of Bella who was pushed to the ground with a loud bang, hitting her head pretty bad for the sound of it and making her lose consciousness, and now Victoria was fighting against Jacob.

I put myself together “literally and metaphorically speaking” taking my arm and forcing my brain to focus so that I would not go to drink Bella up myself, and went to join the fight, it was weird, because I did not wanted Jacob to think that I’ll attack him, so I approached slowly, it was a tense moment, when he saw that I was determined to kill her, we worked as a team and it was over in seconds, tense moment again. I was not sure if Jacob wanted to fight me now that Victoria was gone, we stared at each other tensed for a second or two and then, we relaxed at the same time.

“We need to burn every piece” I said as I started a fire, he gave me a look and if I was right I think it would have translated as “Duhh, I know”. I let him do it, the other wolves were very close now and I wanted to check on Bella, before I made a run for it. And then it started, Bella screamed and convulsed on the floor, like she was being burned inside, it could only mean one thing, I shivered as I remember my own transformation, and then I panicked, Edward was going to kill me, but what had happened? I did not understand at once.

“I did not think Victoria had bitten Bella”, I said more to myself; I almost jumped as Jacob answered.

“She did not, I got to her right on time, Bella, Bella, what is it?” Jacob had transformed and now he was at Bella’s side, which was quite surprising for me; the kid had a better control that I had expected.

“Bella”, desperation filled Jacobs every word, as he tore Bella’s shirt to stop the bleeding


Shivers again, and then I got it, Bella had a large cut, and I could only imagine the excess of venom in Victoria’s mouth, only one drop in Bella’s wounds and it was over.

“It is over” I said desperation in my voice, I was literally shaking

“What are you talking about” Jacob said, looking at me right in the eyes.

“She is changing” I replied holding his gaze “I am sorry Jacob Black”

“No that is not possible it can’t be, the bloodsucker never bit her”


“It was not necessary Jacob, I am sorry. Your friends are coming” I said, suddenly I realized I was still in danger. What about Bella? “I should take her, Jacob let me take her, it won’t be safe for her here” Would he believe me? It was just weird, he repositioned himself protecting Bella’s body this time, “Jacob there is no reason for me to think that your friends would let her live, I know it must be confusing for you, but she will still be Bella, essentially this is not the end”

“Shut up liar filthy bloodsucker you are lying,” he was desperate, he has grieving, it was clear that he hated us and now Bella was becoming a vampire.

“They are coming, please” I said begging now “If you don’t let me take her, I would have to fight you” there was not time for hesitation, I needed to take Bella to a safe place, I reached for her, but Jacob caught my arm, shaking from feet to toe, “Are you going to let them kill her?” he gave me an intend look. Was he planning on killing her himself?

“I don’t care about what she wanted, this is wrong” What did Jacob know about Bella’s wishes?

The pack arrived in that moment; they were surprised to see him as a human and with me at his side. He changed in a pop, I had to recognize that he was pretty good at this werewolf thing. I was doomed with the pack there, I was thinking of different possibilities at the top of my speed. Witch is saying a lot. Whatever conversation they had did not last long, they were arguing by the sound of it, what was going on? Suddenly tree of the biggest wolves took steep forward, and Jacob reacted with a snarl, at that moment he gave a significant look, and stood to defend us. This was it; I understood only too good Jacob’s intentions. I took Bella in my arms and ran, I was very thankful towards Jacob, it most be difficult to confront your own brothers, I wondered if they would actually fight, I hopped not, I felt uncomfortable again as I was not breathing I wanted to be able to smell.

I wanted to go to Carlisle; I had a pretty good idea of where to find him. But I knew that I could not carry Bella for long, she was still bleeding and her body was not totally infected, I could not resist for very long, and then I had to think about the werewolves. Were they coming for us? I could have created an illusion but I was using each and every one of my resources in order to resist the temptation that was having such a delicious dessert in my arms, only inches from my mouth. I imagined what it would be like to taste her blood….


I needed to make sure that I left the state at least, as I thought about this I heard steps behind me, it was Jacob. He looked, worried? Where the others coming for us? He was definitely now chasing me, he was following me.

“Are the others..?” I could not finish the sentence, firstly I did not have air left, and secondly it hurt to have Bella’s blood so close.

“No, I don’t think they are, I’ll be alert though, it is moody still”, he was running as a human so that we cold talk, that was nice, only that I had no air left. All the while Bella was still screaming, as soon as I devised a cave I went in and let her down there, in the farest corner, Jacob went to her side, and I went to the opposite direction to take some air.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to take some air” I replied, and left, there was a river near by so I washed myself trying to clear all the blood, the fresh air would help me think.

“Shouldn’t we take her to a doctor?” Jacob was outside the cave too.

“There is nothing we can do now, the best Doctor we could have here is Carlisle but I don’t have my phone, and I don’t think it would be wise to go to the house just now” I replied returning to the cave.

“I, still, she might…. What happened?” pain and confusion twisted his features.

“Victoria did not bit her,” I explained “But venom fall in the cut she had in her hand you see, it is bad, it means that it will be a slow transformation,” I turned to her now “I am sorry Bella,” I was almost sure she could still listen to me, “I am really sorry, you did not need to do that for me” emotion was tick in my voice, “your human life meant a lot more than my half live”.

“Isn’t there something that we can do?”

“Well, I could –not really I really could not- but it would be better if she had venom closer to her heart, it will speed up the process, but I do not dear, just the smell of blood is making me dizzy”

“I meant to stop the changing. I mean her blood is, she is still human¡” Oh that, he seamed mad that I did not understand

“Oh well, Edward sucked the venom out of her when she was bitten by James, but again I can’t do it.” This peace of information seamed to surprise him “When she was bitten by James you see.” I said pointing the half moon scar in her arm “If I try, I would most likely kill her.”

“Still you should try” Jacob was frantic.

“You won’t be mad if I kill her?” surprise filled my voice, and then astonishment, as he did not answered immediately, I had to be careful with him, It was clear that for him Bella dying and Bella changing was the same thing.

“What if I do it?”

“I don’t know how it works, what does the venom do to your kind?

“It kills us”, he said honestly, and then he was kneeing in front of Bella decision in his eyes. What? He has crazy.

“Nooooo” I crashed against him, propelling him outside the cave, once outside he transformed, “you can’t do it, it is probably too late either way I don’t know for sure, but I know it was not what Bella would want. I didn’t want this to happen to her either, but you know she made her choice.” I knew now he had been around, I was pretty sure he overheard us “This is what she wanted; I will not let you hurt her Jacob Black. Why did you help us leave if you did not want this?” he stamped his foot on the ground, we both tensed to fight and then, once again and earsplitting sound filled the air. Jacob was suffering, he was mourning.

“I am sorry” I said again, it was bad, when I changed I had no one, but Bella had a family, a family she would not be able to come back to. For them she was dead now. I left Jacob to calm down and entered the cave, I was sure he won’t attack us, not anymore. After a while he came in too, but as a wolf this time, he lay in the floor, we had nothing to do but wait. At night I decided to go haunting, I was sure by now he won’t do anything and I wanted to get away from Bella’s smell.

“I’m back, and I brought you some necessities,” I brought him some food, and some clothes. It was easier now, almost all Bella’s body was contaminated changing the smell of the cave “you need to eat,”

“I am not hungry, but thanks” he said taking the food and starting to eat. He looked sad, but resigned.

“What now? You said it was going to take a while”

“Three days is the most I know of”

“Yours lasted three days?”

“No, Carlisle and Edward,” I laughed “Carlisle was bitten in the ankle, and when he decided to change Edward he bite him in the ankle too” I rolled my eyes “poor Edward” I laugh again “Carlisle did not know any better”

“So you think that is how long it would take for her”


“And yours?”

“Two days”

“So you are really part of the Cullen’s coven?”

“Yes”, I lied “Amanda Hale at your service,” he did not liked my introduction “I don’t always stay with them, I travel a lot”

“Do you think they will come back?”

“I don’t think they are, for now,” and then it hit me “Alice might, if she foresaw this, she should have foreseen this” I felt relieved. I was sure she would be careful about Edward. She will probably come to help us. I was hopping she would bring Jasper, I needed a sedative.

“What does that mean?”

“Alice has visions of the future” He looked shocked, was I revealing too much? Probably not

“I heard you people had powers…so everything is true, all my legends and I still don’t believe it,” he said mostly to himself “I did not know the Cullens powers”

“Not everybody has one, Jasper can calm you down like he controls your emotions, to an extend, and then Edward read minds”

“What do you mean every mind?”

“Pretty much. Why?”

“Never mind” Jacob clearly HATED Edward “ and you?” right them Jacob gaze caught up with a little stone lying in the ground, as he got closer the little stone was a caterpillar witch transformed in a colorful butterfly and then flew around him, as he tried to catch it, it exploded in little sparks.

“I am an illusionist, of some sort” I replied. He gave me an annoyed look, ok so he doesn’t like vampires so what. I didn’t love werewolves either; they were stinky, besides there was something from the last day that was bothering me. “Is it my turn now?” I asked

“Your turn?”

“To be curious”

“Sure, sure,”

“How did you find out that Bella wanted to become a vampire? Did she tell you?” I doubted that

“No, I had no idea, how could she… what was she thinking?” he looked ashamed and the continued, I think he understood what I was coming from; it was his time to explain “I overheard your conversation; I was in a human form because I was breaking the rules. We wolves can read each others thoughts but only when we are like wolves, our minds can connect, or something, and I was in Cullen territory where Sam our leader asked us not to go, I knew that redhead was close, so I decided to stay there, when Bella asked you to…. Well I transformed and I could smell the other vampire, I was about to go after her but Sam, order me not to. When it turned into a fight I asked him to let me get Bella, but then the treaty would have been broken, so they asked me to wait for them, he tough that, it was too dangerous for a lone wolf to confront two vampires” He has all mad now with the vampires. When he could have saved her? He could have saved her. He should have stepped in no matter what that Sam told him.

“And so you just obeyed” I said ironically. My commentary angered him I was kind of angry too because it was not all my fault. But who was Edward going to kill? Me. No doubt of it.

“Look, you don’t even know ok, he is the leader, when he orders you like this, there is nothing we can do about it, but then, when Bella saw you in danger and she decided, I understood immediately what she was trying to do. I just fought against the order and it worked” He seamed impressed.


“It is a little bit complicated”

“Hey I gave you the Cullen’s dirty laundry. I can keep up”

“He was the leader, because he was the first in the pack to who changed, but I was the rightful leader for lineage I did not want to take over, but when I made the decision not to follow him, all the tights were broken.” Ok, it was a good explanation.

“So now you are the leader and they have to obey”

“No, I did not decided to be… the leader, I decided not to follow Sam, it was weird, when they got to the meadow, I could not hear them, just Sam” he looked thoughtful. And so it downed on me. He had departed his family.

“But you can come back right?”

“No, I don’t think it works that way. I am a free agent now” so he was the black ship of the gang, I was the black sheep of the Cullens too. In the end it was nice to have met this Jacob character, he was a nice fellow, I owned him my life. I hoped he could return to his place once this was over. I could see the sadness emanation on him, the next days he decided to stay as wolf.