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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


5. Awakening

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Dying should not be so painful… or so long, I have been agonizing for what seemed to be weeks now.

The smallest change happened in my fingertips, I could feel the burn going slowly away…

“Hey Jacob, did I tell you that you are like… more you as a werewolf” I could hear a beautiful voice

“I never had that one before, not that I had been a werewolf for a while” Jacob signed there, “A freak, I should say… It is just….it is actually less painful when I am a werewolf”

“You mean to think about her”?

“To see her like this too, you know what?. The last time we were together, I told her I would always be there, next thing I know I am in the middle of the woods with voices in my head telling me I am a werewolf and a danger for her”

“Well now she knows… and you are probably a danger for each other” Amanda laughed.

“Now she knows, it is just that I never had the time, to explain”

“Well you will… I am sure she will wake up today”

“You see the future too now”

“No, but it is time already”

For what I could tell, I had been out for enough time as for Amanda and Jacob to create a sort of bound… I could still sense some tension in the way they talked… The situation was weird…Jacob was a werewolf -I still had a hard time adjusting to that thought- Amanda was a vampire. And I was becoming one.

“Do you think she will recognize me? How would she be?”

“Of course she will recognize you; she will be a new born. That is basically how we call a new vampire, she will be brutally strong, and very….mmmm… thirsty”

“You mean for blood? Human blood?”

“Well yes… the vampire conscience that the Cullens developed, is not always so easy to come by specially if you are a new born, it is the worst part of our existence, after being transformed, blood is all you can think of… it is so strong that in my case I killed Andrew…my …best …friend” She sounded hesitant to say the last three words

What? So I could just wake up and kill Jacob? I knew that it was not impossible to immediately go in a diet, but Edward said that even for them a sort of frennesi begins when you taste blood…as I thought about it I could feel the fire in my throat

“Maybe you should go for a while, or stay in guard at least; or maybe I don’t know you have a distinctive…smell… maybe Bella won’t want any of you”

“I am not leaving; we will see what happens….What is happening¡¡¡¡”

Suddenly my heart started to bit faster and faster… taking the pain away of the rest of my body but concentrating it in the center in my heart. This most be it.

“It is happening, I was kind of hopping Alice would be here for this.”

My heart stopped and the pain went away. I would rather live a thousand deaths, than go through what I had just been through, again.

“Bella” Amanda asked “Are you… How are you?” and then she turned to Jacob

“Jacob seriously you should go back as far as possible, it is not only for you own safe it is because it would hurt Bella too. I’ll take her to hunt and then I’ll bring her back, even after hunting we should be careful with you two” She said this very fast, but I still could understand everything

“You will take her to hunt? Humans?”

“Well we are in a forest so maybe elk or dear but, you should understand that it is our nature to hunt humans. I would not be surprised if Bella slips. We Cullens go against our instincts, I’ll take her to hunt and then I’ll bring her back”

I open my eyes, and I felt oddly out of balance, it was like I had never seen before. I could see everything I could sense everything, it was too late for Jacob to go, I could heart the tempting thud that was filling the cave, I could smell too, the smell made the thud less tempting.

“Bella…” Amanda called me again “We should get out of this cave, remember what I said about Andrew? Just please stop breathing” I did as she said, remembering her best friends fate, I could not do that to Jacob, I seemed to have so much space in my head that I could also understand the sacrifice that most be for him to see me like this, I could remember the sadness in his voice just seconds ago, she offer me her hand, and as soon as I took it we were running trough the woods.

Two elks and a mountain lion later, we decided to go back to the cave, my live or non live, was so interesting as it was strange, I had incredible speed, and strength I was even stronger that Amanda, as she told me because I was a new born . I saw my magnificent face in the reflection of the river, I was beautiful, breathtakingly so, the eyes were creepy, Amanda told me they would go away.

There was a new sense of freedom in me now with my extra abilities, the world seemed so beautiful, and somehow with all this in my head there was only one person in the world that I wanted to share the fascination that I was going trough with right now…Edward… now that there was more space in my head it seemed even more difficult to cast his face away from my head. Everything made me remember him. This is what I was thinking: I am really strong…I wonder if I am stronger that Edward….. I am beautiful… I wonder what would Edward think of that….Edward, Edward, Edward…It was a vague human memory, strangely the most potent in my head. Painful too, I did not want to think of him.

As we were about to arrive Amanda abruptly stopped, I stopped too.

“Jacob is most likely still there, you should be careful with him Bella. I know it may not be so easy for you just yet, so if you don’t want to, I could just ask him to wait, it is your call, remember that you are very strong, therefore, if you loose control, it would be impossible for me to stop you” She said this in a very serious tone, but I could sense something else …

“Is this funny for you for some reason?”

“No Bella, but you have brought excitement to my monotone life, this is not what I wanted for you but I am happy to be… your sister” She said this words very tactfully. I knew what she meant.

“It was Victoria” I said, “The one who changed you…Why did not you tell me?”

“Sorry Bella, I wasn’t honest, she asked me to go and find out about you, she wanted to kill you, because Edward killed James, mate for mate you see. I said I’ll come here and find out; my intention was to warn the Cullens about her. I never expected to find you all by yourself. I never meant to deceive you, if I did it was for your own good and I don’t regret it”

“… I think is Ok” It was true, I knew she lied to me but she had defended me too.

“Thank you, what you did was very brave, you saved my life…I am sorry it turned out in this”

We continued going back to the cave where I had been transformed. Jacob was there waiting for me I stopped, keeping my distance. Weird moment, thousand of emotions past thought me, after all, I was certain to leave all my friends and family Jacob included when I decided to change, it was a relive to think that I could still see him. If I did not screw it up.

“Hi Bells”

“Hello Jacob”

“Nice eyes”

“Yeah I saw, they are…,mmm…well Amanda said they will be gone in about a year”

“Maybe less if you keep the diet”

“You seem afraid” Jacob said

“I don’t want to hurt you” I was afraid

“Oh please… it would take more than a new born to take me down” I had to grin, he had no idea. Or maybe he had. He has just changed too.

“I want to thank you for saving me…Amanda said that we would have died if it wasn’t for you…” I say approaching, I needed more air but I was scared to breath, when I finally did it, it was not that bad really. The smell hurt my throat, but he kind of stink, Jacob and I we both wrinkle our noses at the same time, that made us burst in giggles, it was fine, the atmosphere was full of acceptance, he was my friend and we both had changed. Amanda left so that we could talk and Jacob and I stayed talking all night long, about our new abilities. I was a vampire, and my best friend was a werewolf. There was something that had changed with it too. I still loved him and I could feel that right now, he was exactly what I always wanted him to be, a friend.


A week passed, Jacob went back to talk to the pack, and they decided that as long as I did not killed anyone, they will keep the treaty, after all, as Amanda had pointed out. I was a Hale now, kind of because she was my sister. And I was thinking of Edward. The whole town was looking for me, lost in the woods again. It made me feel sad to know that Charlie was so worried, and that I was so close, and not able to tell him. Amanda told me that was out of the question, it would be too dangerous. And I would think of Edward, this is the kind of pain he wanted to avoid for me when he decided not to change me.

We hid at the Cullen house, the search made it very bad, human scent all over the woods, I wanted to follow them instead of the animals. I would often go to hunt with Jacob, he was a good hunting partner, I couldn’t think of feeding on humans, and that seemed to be my power, Edward would be very proud of me if he knew. Amanda said I was really strong. She herself needed human blood, even when she always fed on those who deserved it… human monsters… I could not bring myself to do it. Every time I saw my red eyes I remember the commitment that Edward had to life. And I abstained. And then… most of the time, I would curl up in a ball and I’ll think of him for hours and hours, he seemed to be the core of my existence still, my complement.

What went wrong? I had chosen this life to get away of that, but now I stayed in his room, I listened to his music. Now that there was no Charlie to satisfy with my trying to go on with life, I had transformed into a masochist this time I really went in coma. That was my life as vampire so far.

It was not everything that bad I though as I was heading to the living room, having Amanda but mostly Jacob there with me. Jacob was there watching sports, he would come to the house every afternoon, I went to sit next to him, Amanda was there too, she hated when Jacob played couch commando, I could see her concentrating in Jacob.

“famble, it is a famble,… oh noo c’mon how is that possible, they had the game in the pocket…now I’ll have to pay Embry…awww”

I burst in laugher giving Amanda away; she had put an illusion in Jacob’s head.

“That is not funny you little leach, and you” he said addressing to me as I was practically collapsing in the floor “you should not be on her side, you should do something to stop it, like extend your protection to me or something.”

“It is not something I can do, sorry Jacob, powers don’t come under delivery it is just what you get”

“Yes, whatever but I am saying that in your case it is not power at all, because you could block her already as human, now, you should take it to the next level.”

“You know what it is not a bad idea, Bella I have heard that you can concentrate in your power to make it better, my illusion did not work like this when I was a new born, and with the practice it got better” Amanda was up to everything that will give me something to do other than curling in a ball in my…in Edward’s room

“Do you think is possible?”

“C’mon Bella you should give it a try, you have to have something; I don’t buy that super control crap Amanda is been trying to sell on you”

“I don’t know how it works every power is different” From then on, I tried to concentrate in doing as they said, I did not feel like I was getting anywhere but it was something to do at least. Amanda and Jacob would always be up for the plan.

Days later I was curled into a ball in top of Edward’s white canapé when Amanda knocked on the door.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, I think so…thanks for asking me” I knew I might not be the best company, maybe I was not the sister Amanda expected me to be.

“Is there something you want to talk about? I mean, are you having a post mortem trauma or something”

“It is nothing like that…I don’t know, it is like there is so much time, and so much space in my head”

“Well that is maybe because you aren’t using your time as you should…I am thinking that maybe we should go somewhere else, I can’t really hunt here, and I don’t want to loose it, I need human blood. Carlisle will hate me if I break the treaty with the wolves” she gave me a half smile “ok he won’t hate me, but I don’t want to disappoint him even more” I knew this was coming it was more and more difficult for her. But I did not know if I wanted to leave Folks just yet. “So, I was thinking that maybe we should go up, to see them, I’m sure they will be glad” No my non heart flipped at the thought of seeing them again.

“I don’t. I really don’t think that would be a good idea” She seemed frustrated.

“C’mon Bella, I don’t understand, you are obviously, not happy, the transition can be difficult, and friends could help with this”

“I don’t want to see them”

“I can’t believe that, it was your decision, you planned this remember? Before you were transformed, you decided to go and meet them, look, you fit with the diet, and now Edward is not a problem anymore” I sighed

“Only that he is”


“It did not work” I said giving her a meaningful look. She thought about that for a second

“You still have feelings for Edward” she stated, I nodded, a spark flashed in her eyes “The more reason to go to the Cullens”

“That doesn’t make any sense, I am telling you it did not work, I will mind if I go and he doesn’t care, I will mind if he finds someone else. And don’t tell me that my relationship was different”

“Well it was, Carlisle and I, we were never a couple, we never dated, he always made it clear that we were just friends, Bells you know now, you know how difficult it is to smell a human, think how it felt for him to be so close to you” I gave her a dark look “ok think whatever you want to think but, he is not with them anyways, Edward is not living with Carlisle, he is away in South America somewhere, so there is no reason for you not to go, would you give up on Esme and Alice and all the others?”

“How do you kn….You talk to them did not you?”

“Well I, yes I called them. I thought we could go and I needed to know where they were”…Her voice was defensive now

“Did you tell them?” I haven’t had a fight with her but if she did, then I was going to test my strength for the first time.

“No I didn’t, but I think we should” I understood that she wanted to do the best for me but my stubbornness won…”the world holds a lot of entertainment for our kind” Was that what he had said? “No I’m not ready for it yet”

“What about visiting the Denalis they are all right too, you would fit with them, of course because you are a female and a veggie”

“Ok look” she continued reading my silence “I will go hunting… I will be out for a week that should be enough; if I take longer I’ll call you. Here” she added putting a small bag in my lap.

“What is this?”

“Well, just some necessities, that you should have, I am sorry it took this long”

“I opened the bag and my eyes widened at once” It was incredible but there it was a pile of money, a passport, a cell phone and a wallet that contained, a driver’s license and ID a Social security card and a Black credit card, all under the name of Bella Hale, I had to laugh at the name.

“Welcomed to the world again”

“What?... All this…this is fake, you are a criminal” I said giggling

“Yep” she replied shameless.

“I have to admit that the papers are a good idea but I can’t accept your money I said handing back the credit card and the stack of money”

“No no no, Bella, listen to me, you are my sister therefore my money is your money, look, you have seen so far that we vampires don’t need a lot of money to survive, therefore, you can just put some money in the bank and wait, think about it, or you can just go to the wall street, with Alice and make tons of money. The truth is that we are all criminals. So welcomed to the club”

“But the credit card”

“It is linked to one of my accounts, c’mon Bella, I won’t feel good if I leave you just like that, even if it is just for a week, and you might have a necessity, trust me in this one. I understand you would like to earn your own money but right now there is no way for you to do it.”

“It is just that…”

“Bella, you saved my life… I would never be able to repay you for that…but I can help you with this…Ok look, if you want, just let’s keep it like this. You can use all the money that you want, and pay me later like…a century later. It will help me be at easy with myself while I am away”

“You say that a lot, you are coming back right? Are you going to see them?” Fear crossed my body

“I am coming back and of course I’ll not tell them Bella this is just in case, you never know. Besides you have necessities. And I know that the transforming you idea did not worked, so this is the least I can do” I had to admit that the idea of being able to buy things for me was interesting, I did not had my clothes, Amanda brought some with her after going to Seattle but she was not Alice, I did not think that I could go to a shopping center myself, but I could order and ship it here. It would give me something to do while she was away.

“Thank you Amanda”

“You are welcomed, I asked Jacob to keep you company”

“Take care” she gave me a hug and then she left. I was going to use her money but I was going to repay her. Jacob would be here in the afternoon, but I did not felt like hunting.