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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


6. I, Vampire

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I, vampire.

With Amanda gone, it felt like I had even more time in my hands. I should probably go too, I should camp in Goat Rocks, Edward had gone there last year looking for bears, I haven’t tried a bear yet, I could ask Jake to come with me. As I was thinking this, a tiny object called my attention… it was a small bottle cap, on top of Edwards’s desk, it was like it was an ornament of some sort, I went to explore a little bit more, most of his things were still there, I took the bottle cap trying to make sense of it, I smelled it too, it had a strong Edward scent to it, like he used to hold it. It had another scent too, was it my scent?, it was not garbage obviously because he had kept it for a reason, and then it hit me. Was it the bottle cap he took from my bottle the first time we sat down in the cafeteria to talk? I was surely making things up, only that I remember having lemonade, it was the same brand… and he stayed behind because we were blood typing that day. That day was unforgettable for me. I could not believe it was the cap… maybe it meant nothing, after all he had leaved it behind… it could not mean nothing because he did not throw it away, maybe he left it behind for a propose, what else had he left behind?

My logic was crazy, because if he would have left something behind for me, he would have left it in my house. In my room, still it was impressive that he had kept that bottle cap, like he was a stalking vampire… No. That was me, the stalking vampire in her ex boyfriend’s room¡…suddenly I had the urge to go to my house to see if he had left something there. Charlie would not be at home, he will be at work or probably in the woods looking for me. I cringed at the thought. It would be better to go now than to go at night while he was there. It was a cloudy day; I was fast enough that if I went straight to my window, it would be impossible to see me, unless someone was paying a lot of attention, doubtfully.

I entered through my window, the scent in the room was mouthwatering, did I smelled like this? My room was the same as I remembered, almost no change, it was clear that someone had been looking for something, another scent was filling the air, that most be Charlie’s, a scent that was stronger in my pillow where it mixed with salt? Had he cried there?…Pain…I was making my dad go through a lot of pain, how bad and selfish can someone be? It was dangerous; it would be dangerous for him to know. As it was right now, I was doing the best I could for him. I comforted myself with that thought.

The bed had Edward scent too, of course not so recent, but it was there, it was an amazing combination. I concentrated in that scent, and soon enough I discovered, a small box. I reached for it, it was all there, the pictures, the flight tickets, the CD, and he had left them in my room. Why? “Because he wanted you to find them, because he did not want you to forget him” my thoughts answered to me, this time, it was my own voice in my head, or should I say the voice of a hopeful Bella. Perfect, in top of everything else I was developing a multiple personality syndrome. It was true thought, he could have destroyed them, and he clearly made the choice to leave them here like with the cap. No, no , no, no … I will not think about it, I put the box back (except for the Cd) and went back to the house, it had been silly to have gone there, if anything it left me feeling more confused.

Try as I may, I still could not bring myself to do as I wanted to, I put the CD on, it was a good thing that my eyes did not produced tears anymore, the sorrow was infinite, I thought about the last days he had been with me, I knew something was going on, I thought we would go…I was ready to go with him human or vampire…It never occurred to me that they would leave without me. Their human toy, those had been Amanda’s words, bluff or not, it had touched a sensitive string. I was not worthy of going with them.

“But things have changed” The hopeful Bella answered. He left me, because I was week “but now you are not” breakable “not any more”, uninteresting, would he find me interesting now that I had changed? Would my differences be enough, to attract him, to make him stay this time?, I thought about that, I never understood why he set his eyes on me, he being beautiful and immortal “like you are now¡¡”. It was difficult to let the hopeful Bella win, because once the horror of reality hid, it may be so hard this time that it might burry myself under its weight, vampire or not.

All this reflections made me come to one inevitable conclusion, I missed him. At least when I was a human I could put myself in danger to listen to his voice. I wondered what could I do to put myself in danger now, I wondered if it would still work, I thought about the pack… they would not hurt me and I was not about to kill someone to force them to…the royal family I couldn’t remember their name…. Maybe… only that I did not know were to find them, I will have to wait for Amanda to know that. I had to laugh at myself, all this just to hear the tenor of his voice; wouldn’t it be easier if I just go find him?

I had the means now what with the black credit car burning in my pocket and my new powers, I could just go take a plane and look for him, he did not need to see me, I could be careful enough, it was lucky he couldn’t read my thoughts, the only problem was that maybe once I was in front of him I could not resist the temptation to talk to him. I knew for sure that he had cared about me, at least that much he did.

It would take less than a day for me to find him. I could probably find him in less than 24 hours, that was an interesting thought, tomorrow at this same time I could see him, in my mind his face was surprised but not annoyed of seeing me like this, for what he knew I had not feelings left for him, like what happened to Amanda, he would think that I did not loved him, he could not read my mind, and I could see him, be next to him.

I wonder how long could I keep the façade once I saw him, I would probably loose it quite soon, I thought about that, worst comes the worst, I would turn around and leave at the first sign of dislike, I’ll go away and curl into a ball for the next century or so, but would I be able to read the signs? Or would I delude myself with the thought that he wanted me there, stalker ex girlfriend or not, I knew he would still behave like a gentleman with me.

“Ready to go?” Jake voice almost made me jump. Just when I thought he read my thoughts he added “Sorry, I thought you say you wanted to try bears”

“Yeah…mmm…It is ok. I am ready” for bears at least…but was I ready for Edward?