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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


7. I, Vampire II

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“So did you like bears”

“They are ok, I still prefer mountain lions thought”

Amanda had been away for 4 days now I was planning for a weekend out, but as it was I really did not wanted to stay that long. My mood was dark, Jacob noticed it.

“I am sure the killing look won’t do it, Bella you should actually go and attack if you want another bite”

“I am sorry Jacob, I am really, I don’t know”

“I thought you vampires had energy forever”

“We do, I am not tired, just…”

“Depressed?” I nodded “I thought this was the life you wanted for you”

“It is Ok, but it is true that it might not had worked as I expected it, there are so many things that, well I knew it was coming, it doesn’t mean it is not bothering “

“Like?” like the fact that Edward is in my every thought that I can’t cast away the urge to run towards him, that I have his face in my mind at all times everyday. But also…

“I was thinking on Charlie and Renee, and what I have done to them…it is not like I did not think it through but somehow, I would have liked to leave a better conclusion, it most be so hurtful for them”

“It is, you have no idea” Jacob agreed not sparing my feelings, it was what I deserved really “Look sorry Bella, it was you decision and I am glad that I can still be a part of your life, but, for a moment there I thought that I was loosing you, and the feeling is well… “

“Thank you, that did cheer me,” I said sarcastically “I miss them too. But I can’t put them in danger like this”.

“Well.. If is comes to that, it is better just to hurt them than to kill them” My face went blank

“What do you… mean?”

“I am talking about Leah of course”

“Leah Clearwater? What about her?”

“Well, she… Ok, you know how when we become of age we transform right? We thought it only happened to man”

“You mean she changed too?”

“Yes, right in front of Harry too, the impression was so strong that he had a heart attack” my brain processed this information

“What? How are they?”

“Well… Leah is adjusting”

“You mean Harry is…”

“Yes, two days ago…” that most have hurt Charlie even more. I wished I was able to comfort him

“Why did not you tell me?”

“I am telling you now”

“But I mean before, I could have…”

“Gone to the funeral….? Trust me Bella is better this way”

It was. I knew it. What was going on in the world? I could still not believe that Harry… poor Leah… people was dying and I was just here, unable to live my life, it had to be unfair.

There seemed to be a pull, it was pulling me to Edward, away from Folks for me to find him, I wanted Edward to be happy, and he had decided to leave me, but if he left me for letting me be human, then that was it, there was no need for that.

I was back in the house, holding myself to the pain that meant to restrain myself for running towards him, I could just give in…just the thought brought to me relieve, so exquisite it was painful too. The feeling grew stronger and stronger; I closed my eyes to concentrate, and I stayed there for ages, when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, I opened my eyes again, two hours had passed, only two hours¡¡ that had just been hell. It was more that I could stand; it was out of my force to resist, right there, I decided to go, I would find Edward.

Now that the decision was taken. How to proceed? Amanda was coming back tomorrow. Could I wait for her? No, I could not do it, I needed to put myself in action, I called her, using the phone she gave me for the first time, as I did this an idea occurred to me, voice mail, I was sure she would understand.

“Amanda this is Bella, I am giving up, I’ll try to find him, wish me luck, and call me as you heard this”

The phone memory contained not only her number but a serious of different phones, Carlisle, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, Tanya along with the houses numbers… My first impulse was to call Alice, she would know what to do, maybe not. Maybe she would tell me the outcome. I did not want to know before being able to see him. I pressed the sent button to call the Cullens, cringing mentally. If it was Alice, that would be a sign that I should tell her. Did she had time to forsee this? I had just made the decision so I couldn't tell

“Hello” It was Rosalie, I did not expect that.

“Hey Rose” I said faking Amanda’s voice to perfection “How is everyone doing”

“Same old same old, I thought for some reason that you were coming some time soon, it would be great if you could, Alice is insufferable this days utterly fixated in Edward, and I could use a shopping partner”

“Well that would be great…Is he still in South America?”

“Yes, in Sao Paolo by the looks of it, Alice is not completely sure, that prat, to think he is putting Carlisle and Esme through this” I barely listened to the last part I had the information I was calling for.

“Classically Edward, listen I’ll call you about the shopping idea, I am kind of far right now you see, but I would be good to visit”

“Oh could you, I had been asking Alice for months now, and it would be good for Esme to have you here”

“I’ll do my best, see you Rose”

It had worked, she had even invited me to her house, I did not wanted to know what would happen, if she ever found out. So Sao Paolo, ok how to get there? I did not know, but I made my suitcases I was going to the airport, I thought about taking a car, I could take Rosalie’s M3? No, that was pushing it too far, I would go thought the woods, I could probably find Jacob there. I was ready, ready for love to do as it pleased with me, with a last look back I plunged into the threes.