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An Immortal Love

What if.... it was not Laurent in the meadow? Bella meets another vampire, she will make Bella see things from a different perpective. Bella makes a decision that will "change her life" and put her in the most interesting adventure Bella and Ed'With the way she smells, if I wouldn't find her someone else would have...'


9. Surprises EPOV

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This was not happening, I wished I was able to sleep in order to believe that this might be a nightmare, I could never sleep so…this was not a nightmare and my biggest fears where entirely truth…I thought about how difficult was to find her in Port Angels, At least back there I knew for sure she was in the city.

I was not right I did not had all my senses in function, but I knew that I could not wait for my family, I followed through the woods the scent in Bella’s room, it leaded me to my house, so maybe someone was just curious, according to Alice, it couldn’t have been a dangerous vampire but I could not really believe it anymore.

As I steeped in my house porch my senses went wild. What had happened here? There was a concentrated stinky wolf scent, Amanda’s scent….What? What had she been doing here? Is it possible that the other vampire was a new Amanda’s friend? I cringed at the thought because Amanda was a normal vampire, she had been in Folks and sure enough Bella’s scent was mixed with hers, I tried to follow it but it was soon eclipsed by the wolf smell making it impossible to follow, as it disappeared

I tried getting a little bit away from the wolf scent I searched hi and low for Bella’s scent. I found it soon enough, there were multiple traces on the woods, but they were not recent, all of them leaded to the road again, some of them were mixed with a wolfy scent, the trails that did not led to the road leaded to my house where it disappeared….no no no….the hopelessness was drowning me…

Right when I was about to leave, another scent called my attention, a scent that I knew because I had tracked it before…. Victoria. This was about all that I could take. I wanted to be able to pass out to shout out all the other feelings and concentrate, Victoria had been here, there was only one reason for her to come back to Folks…vengeance and it had reached the only person that was innocent, the only person that had nothing to do with it because Bella was not guilty of having a Vampire fall in love with her. I followed Victoria’s scent and soon enough I found her ashes, the trees had hold the smell of the purple fire that had been the end of Victoria…it was a relieve , I breathed again and now I worried about Amanda too, was it possible that the wolves killed them? Bella included by mistake maybe? Thousands of possibilities ran through my head, but it was obvious that a gathering involving Bella, Amanda, Victoria and the wolves (because it had to be more than one) had happened in the doorstep of my house.

I followed Amanda’s scent fearing that just as Victoria’s it would lead me to a pile of ashes, of course it was not the same as Bella’s but she was the runaway foster kid, I had always love her like a sister. I followed the trace for miles…that gave me hope maybe she ran away, but if that was the case, Why haven’t she saved Bella? She wasn’t with Bella, but she probably knew what had happened, couple miles further I found…impossible…I could not recognize the new vampire scent but a piece of tick red dark cloth was stuck in a tree branch, it was obvious that it belong to the Volturi guard, Amanda’s scent there was not a week old, like she had been going back to the house and intercepted, she had fought but she had been eventually taken, as socking as this could be it was totally irrelevant given that I was not closer to find Bella.

I could see the big picture now everything that could go wrong when wrong: the wolfs, the non vegetarian vampire of the strangest family, the blood lust of Victoria and the vampire law enforcement, it all had converged in one inevitable conclusion drown to the unluckiest yet most important person in the whole universe…Bella…

“Alice” I answered the phone in a heart bit

“I know what you have found Edward”.

“Can you see Amanda”

“Yes, she is meeting Aro, he is mad at her for some reason…she is in danger, Emmet and Rosalie are going to Italy now, I don’t know exactly what is happening there, but Esme, Carlisle, Jasper and I are going to Forks to help you we are just boarding now…”

“Why to bother?” I realized that there was no hope left for me it was definitive…a battle field…no scent to follow…nothing that will help me found her….I was resoluted, as much as I have always been…As I made my decision it gave Alice a glimpse of my future

“Edward….there is hope…there has to be…wait”…Her voice has tick with emotion

I let my phone fell to the ground and then I ran…It was all my fault…the vampire guardian had given his back to love and to live, and this was my punishment …was it possible that they knew, it was impossible for Alice to have missed so much. So they knew, my whole family knew what had happened to Bella and they did not tell me… A stain of betrayal pierced my body…Emett and Rosalie were going to see Amanda to Italy…. I could see their plan now… to stop me here with Carlisle and Jasper would be enough, or if I decided to go to the Volturri, Emmet and Rosalie would try to stop me there…how far would they go in this lie? I knew the answer, they would do everything in their hands not to loose me, because I will do everything that I could not to loose them too, I would burn for them, I would die for them, but this was something totally different, because I was dead already…the Edward they knew could not live in a world where Bella was not a part of.

A part of me, my love for them made me believe that they didn’t know what had happened to Bella, but if they were with me when I found the truth then they will not let me get my way. I knew two things… I needed answers…and if they confirmed what I was 99% sure of then I will need the Voulturi…I had only one clue and probably one chance before it was too late and Rosalie and Emett bit me to Italy

I was sure that by now Alice had foreseen that I will go to Italy, to find Amanda and ask her what has happened or to end with the misery and the pain of living in a world without Bella. One way or the other my destination was clear, I run to the airport hopping that I would be able to arrive before they did.