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Jasper's second life has been nothing but revenge, blood, killing, anger, and more blood. He needed something else. He needed out. Alice woke up from nothing, to see her future. Now all she has to do is wait for it... wait for him...

I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT! I DO NOT OWN ALICE OR JASPER! I'm just kind of fiddling with this idea right now... please tell me what you think and if you think I should continue or scrap it. :)

1. Jasper: That's The Life

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That is what surrounded me.

That was my life.

"Jasper?" A familiar voice asked.

I turned my head from the window I'd been staring out of. "Yes, Maria?" Her porcelain skin glowed softly in the faint light, battle scars scattered across it.

"It's time." She said casually, brushing a lock of dark hair out of her face.

I nodded, taking in her emotions. The usual tenor of slight anger, alertness. Maria was forever ready for battle. But today she was... bored. She gave me a comrade’s smile as I past her to get Peter.

He was watching over the recruits in the training room. "Peter." I said, my tone decidedly emotionless.

Several heads came up, and a mixture of emotions followed. Peter was instantly at my side.

"Call the first." I told him, starting towards the back of the large building we occupied.

Nodding, he went off to start the process. I felt his reluctance, but I brushed it off. He would get over it soon enough.

I waited in the room for him to arrive. When he did, he had George Strenton with him. George was nervous, but confident. He had helped us win many battles throughout his time here. I wouldn't be surprised if he thought he was being brought here for praise and even a promotion of sorts. How wrong he was...

Peter led him to the middle of the small room, aligned with me in front of him, and the back door to his right.

I walked up to him as Peter retreated. He stiffened, worried, but was not frightened. The only time I ever fought the recruits was for training. He knew I would not attack him. It was not right to trust me so. It was not right to trust anyone in that place.

Slowly, I circled him, looking up and down, trying to calm him a bit with my 'gift'. It would be easier that way. As I made my third turn, while behind him, I suddenly grabbed his head and pulled, ripping it straight off and tossing it aside towards the door where Peter was now. I did my best to ignore the rush of pain, terror, and betrayal emanating from George as it washed over me. I quickly dismembered the headless vampire, metallic ripping noises filling the air, while Peter tossed the pieces into the already-made fire outside the door.

He performed his duties without delay or hesitation, but, again, I felt his reluctance. You'll learn in time, Peter. I thought to myself. You do what you need to survive, and you'd better not get caught. That's the life.

As we finished with the first of many, Peter turned to me. "Really, Jasper, some of them have potential. Some could even possibly learn to be as good as you. If you only consider--"

"No, Peter." I interrupted him. "All of them are to be disposed of. Maria's orders." That's the life, Peter. That's. The. Life.