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Vampire Song


It's a song based on the life of a vampire inspired by the twilight series and some of my own experiences... enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

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Didn’t I tell you
That I am a vampire
Did you know that
I’m part of the fire
Would you see
That I am a chancer
When you look
And want to romance her

Spot the colour
That doesn’t appear
Look around you
And pick up the fear
Spot the eyes
Burn the ice
Look around you
You’re my vice

Picture this now
Nails like blood
A mind that can
Cause a flood
Picture this now
Scars of the past
A mind which has
Been so tasked.

Notice this now
A love of pain
Failure to burn
That’s my gain
Notice this now
A fire so ravenous
Able to yearn
A heart that can’t lust

Look at the crystal
Over my heart
See the ring
Leaving its mark
Look at the crystal
Which shows the light
See the ring that
Glows so bright

© Tori Ruth 2009