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I was laughing, harder and longer then I had in the longest of times. His body was so warm pressed against mine and the splash from the water cooled me down. My cheeks were flushed, that is what he did to me. How insane the feelings were that I would get around him, like nothing I had ever felt. He had even convinced me to climb up on to this cliff to dive into the freezing water. These feelings I had for him would be the death of me.

I do not own Jacob Black sadly or any other Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn characters. Also I do not own the lyrics to Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls, though it is a great song so you should all listen to it.

2. Because I know That You Feel Me Some How

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After hours of twenty questions and two burgers with heaping piles of hash browns I was released. I slowly walked around kicking up a rock here and there. It was as if nothing had changed with my Aunt but I doubted it would be the same everywhere else. I was walking down the hill on my happy way to the beach when I stepped on a slippery rock. Within seconds I was angled to be falling down the rest of the rocky hill.

Which never really happened, I stared at the ground puzzled and slowly realized something was burning my waist. I stood up and looked behind me, right into the eyes of Sam Uley. He looked stronger and more mature, everything about him had grown and now he was even taller then before. I looked at him puzzled even more so at the dazed look he gave me.

"Anna." He let go of my waist quickly and clenched his fists at his sides. "Anna."

"Nope, my name is Marissa and I was like wondering if like, you would like paint my nails," This joke brought a small smile to his face which he worked quickly at hiding from me. Stupid boy being a poop pop like that.

"Why are you here? After what six years you just appear again." I sighed and nodded, this was more of the response I was expecting. The how dare you response. I never really got a chance to respond because Quil and Seth came running down the hill. I could hear them bickering about the hot new girl. I quickly prayed in my head that said girl was not me. Their lovely debate ended when they saw who I really was. The first to react was Seth who through his burring hot arms around my waist and twirled me around.

"ANNA! I missed you so much! Look how much I have grown now, I am taller then you. You missed so much like how the Cullens moved in and then Bella some girl showed up. Jacob is smitten with her." At the mention of Jacob Seth got nailed in the head by Quil I think. I shook my head and kissed Seth's nose.

"How about you tell me about this once we are down on safe comfy sand?" Turning I ran the rest of the way down trying to cool my red skin. What in the world was wrong with them, I don't remember them being that hot before. I sighed and laid back on the sand. It felt like home.

"Why are you back Anna? Just to run away again?"

"No, and I didn't run. I had to leave. I needed more."

"More then your best friends?"

"Yeah and then never talking to us?"

"You guys it wasn't about you."

"It was about Jacob. We all know don't beat around the bush." I looked at them both surprised, how though? Jacob swore he would never tell a soul. I sighed sadly as memories came rushing back to me.

"I am back now doesn't that count for something? Anything at all?" I sat up and tried to ignore the horrid itching sand on the back of my neck. Look calm and collected Anna that is what I must do. They all just stared at me for a moment. Maybe I should make a big sign and stick it to myself it could say: Align incoming.

"That depends on how long you are staying." I looked around surprised and looked strait up into Paul's eyes. I raised my eyebrow and reached up gently poking his nose.

"How ever long I am welcome."

"What if that was never?"

"What if I bit your arm off?"

"Then I would bite your leg off."

"Why do we need two legs anyway?"

"As Anna demonstrated they don't add all that much more balance."


"Oh hush you know you missed this."

"Missed what?"

"The confusing stupid conversations?"

"No how amazingly beautiful I am."

"Have you ever looked in the mirror Paul?"



"All of you shut it. We need to talk to Anna like sane normal people." I tried my hardest not to scuff at him when he said sane and normal. I would never use normal and sane in describing any of them. Sam with his all to serious demeanor, Paul's groudyness, and don't even get me started on the rest of them!

"I am going to be staying for a while, I missed you guys. I missed all of this, how much it is my home. My new place isn't me at all. The walls... are white!" They all fake gasped just to make me feel better. Yup it was like nothing had changed except with Sam. He just sat in the sand staring at me as I talked animatedly with Seth and Quil. Telling them my tales of California and how boring it truly was. I felt as if I was some germ he was watching in a microscope. I felt heat slowly rise to my cheeks as I waved my hands around. I stopped talking and turned to stare back at him. He didn't look away just kept staring strait at me. I wondered what he was thinking about in that odd little brain of his.

"Well my darling dorkies I best be on my way. I have a long trek all the way back up hill, and hopefully I will make it whole. I will probably see you tomorrow." I started back up the hill and looked at the ground watching my feet. I stopped suddenly and stared at a single purple flower laying on the ground, an iris.