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I was laughing, harder and longer then I had in the longest of times. His body was so warm pressed against mine and the splash from the water cooled me down. My cheeks were flushed, that is what he did to me. How insane the feelings were that I would get around him, like nothing I had ever felt. He had even convinced me to climb up on to this cliff to dive into the freezing water. These feelings I had for him would be the death of me.

I do not own Jacob Black sadly or any other Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn characters. Also I do not own the lyrics to Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls, though it is a great song so you should all listen to it.

3. You're the closest to Heaven That I'll ever be

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The rest of the day passed with out anything special happening. As expected Seth followed me up the hill and thought it was his job to baby-sit me all day. It wasn't all that bad hanging out with him, he had grown up so much since the last time I was there. He was bigger and stronger too, able to lift me up and swing me around like I was nothing at all. Which he went out of his way to show me whenever he deemed worthy. We laughed more in an hour then I had in six years. We both were splayed out on a hill catching our breath.

"So Anna why did you leave us, all we really know is Jacob felt guilty." I looked over at him trying to get my cheeks to go back to their normal pale color. He looked so innocent laying there, as if nothing bad would ever happen.

"There are a lot of reasons I left Seth. I never really was meant for this place I don't think. I never fit right you know, I was always the odd one out."

"Yeah because you look like a marshmallow!" I playfully pushed his side, sending him rolling slightly farther down the hill.

"Not really, just everything seemed so small then, it still does but in a home way now. And then with Jacob it wasn't really his fault. I mean in some ways if he had said stop, I would have. But he didn't which is why he feels rather guilty. But then again I am not in Jacob's head. But I missed you guys, so now here I am." He looked up at me skeptically as if I were wearing a huge LIAR post it not on my forehead.

"Is that really the only reason?"

"No, I have been well having these dreams... they are nothing though." He crawled back up and pulled me into his huge lap. I sighed and leaned against him, ignoring how hot my back was getting.

"Anna please tell me about these dreams, they obviously aren't nothing if they unsettled you this much. And don't fight me you know I am right." I growled playfully and poked his hand on my stomach. It just didn't feel right.

"They change form night to night, but they all result in me dying. The last one that rattled me the most was, well, different. It had happened, but not in the same way. It was a dream of that night Jacob took my cliff diving. And he had to hold onto me as we fell because I chickened out and couldn’t let go. But then when I hit the water he did let go. And it's like I stopped moving but everything else kept going. And then I just, woke up. It was so odd and different from all the other dreams. In the others I could never really get a face, just a blurry outline of what I am thinking is a human."

"These dreams have been accruing a lot?" I nodded slightly. "That isn’t good, so you did have a hidden reason for coming here. Look it's getting dark already. Quil planed a bonfire for you, we should start heading down there now." Without even thinking he picked me up and started carrying me done to the waters edge. And he was correct; there was a huge fire easily six feet or higher. People surrounded it laugh and smiling. I wonder if any of them really knew why they were even down there right now.

When we finally reached it he thankfully set me down. I hate being carried around like some bag of potatoes. My feet made small prints in the sand compared to Seth's giant ones. I felt so small compared to all of the boys here, even the ones younger then me! I looked around searching for him through the faces in the ground.

"You're back." I jumped at the sound of a deep booming voice. I spun around and stared up into the deep eyes of my once best friend. His hair was longer and he was a good foot taller then six years ago. It would take more then just both of my hands to wrap around his arms. He wasn't the little boy I remembered playing games with. He was a man now.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Everything between us was tense, shifting on my feet and looking up at him. I sighed and looked down, this wasn't right. At least in my dreams we had been happy. But here in the real world it was completely different. Happiness was the farthest thing from my mind at this moment. All I wanted was to touch him, and to make sure he was real. It was a need.

"No I am just surprised to see you since you made it pretty clear we were all easy to leave." I sighed and thoughts of touching him were gone fast. He was here and I was divided on whether that was good or not.

"It wasn't easy, but it needed to be done."

"No note, nothing. I just wake up one morning and you were gone."

"I'm sure it wasn't all that hard for you." The music suddenly changed to a tougher harder beat. I knew the song, Break me shake me. I could almost taste the irony in the air. I grabbed Seth's arm and dragged him off dancing away from Jacob. He moved faster and more intricate then me but yet I didn't feel stupid. I was just getting into it when hot hands touched my waist once again. Figuring it was Quil I just kept dancing, pushing back against him once in a while. I never even thought to look who it was, but soon I was worn out and stumbled away. When I reached near the drinks, I grabbed a soda and watched the dancing. Looking back at Seth I didn't see Quil anywhere near by. I sighed, silly boy always running off into no where land.

The party kept raging on, people stopped by and hugged me. Most just watched me as Sam had done earlier at the beach. I felt once again as if I didn’t belong here. Like I was intruding on some secret place, and I was tainted. Maybe I was, and that was why I never fit in here. They all lived for this small place where everyone knows everyone, but I wanted more then that. I wanted freedom to meet new people and live my life. I didn't have forever to live and I wanted to make most of it. Maybe that seemed silly to them but not me. This life wasn’t what I dreamed of, but it was apart of me.

A soft yawn escaped my lips, at which point Paul looked over. He rolled his eyes at me and started pushing me up the hill. Saying something about how I needed sleep. I think he called me mortal but I was not sure. I stumbled out of my now sandy clothes and into soft pajamas. As I lay in bed I pondered if this really was going to help me. As I drifted into sleep I could smell the soft sent of irises in my room.