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Crimson Time

The Cullen family is separated. But this time is different. Renesmee is thrust into the arms of a family she knows, and yet doesn't. They are all sent into a world that is familiar, yet unfamiliar. The Cullen family has, before now, lived through every tragedy possible. But can they survive when they are thrown into their past?

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it! Sadly, I do not own the Twilight Saga. The wonderful world of mythical Forks belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

1. Destroyed

Rating 5/5   Word Count 619   Review this Chapter

“Hey! Get back here!” Edward looked up to the ceiling from where he lay lounging on the couch. Alice was trying to force Bella into large high heels, and, even though Bella was no longer uncomfortable in them, she would rather only where them on special occasions.

“Bella!” Alice yelled again. Edward chuckled. Alice was never going to get Bella into those death traps. She knew it, too. She just wanted to deny it all she could. Bella just kept on running.

“Oh, laugh all you want, brother,” she hissed at him from above. Although she could not see him, she could hear him just as perfectly as if he were laughing right by her ear.

“Yes, please,” his wife giggled, still running from her sister-in-law. “It seems to distract her.” They came to the stairs, where Edward could see them. Bella was running backwards, and, instead of wasting any time turning herself around, she back-hand-springed all the way down the steps. The rest of the family gathered in the living room to see what all the fuss was about.

Bella hit the floor with a bang, making a small – invisible to the human eye – dent in the floor. Esme flinched.

“Sorry!” she yelled, and ran away.

“Go Bella!” Emmett really got into these things. He turned to make a bet with Jasper that his newest little sister would win, but Jasper declined. He knew his wife wouldn't win, but betting against Alice was never good.

“Yay, mommy!” Renesmee was highly entertained by seeing her mother in playful moods. She giggled and clapped. Edward and Bella smiled in unison with the rest of their family. Bella winked at her.

Bella ducked behind Edward's baby grand, which made Edward panic for a moment. Alice would go to drastic measures to get what she wanted. Sometimes he actually thought that if she ever ran out of money – thankfully impossible, due to her talent – she would sell his Aston Martin for the newest pair of shoes. Fortunately, Bella kicked off the wall, into a back flip, and landed on the opposite side of the piano as Alice.

Jacob finally joined the Cullens, his face stuffed with food. He stood next to Renesmee, as always, and watched the sisters' cat and mouse chase.

Finally, Alice just gave up and decided her new spring fashions were more important than Bella's stubborn feet. Bella smiled in victory.

Emmett swore under his breath. He had had no one to bet with. And he would have won, too!

Bella danced over to her husband and sat on his lap, barefoot and grinning.

“Very entertaining,” he told her. She laughed.

“Thank you,” she said. “Always nice to meet a fan.” The couple stared at each other, before bronze curls suddenly broke their gaze. Their daughter squealed in delight.

“I knew you would win, mommy!” she told Bella. Edward sat up, and wrapped Renesmee in a hug.

“I think everyone knew she would,” he told her. “Your mother is uncontrollably stubborn,” he whispered in her ear, while looking straight at Bella.” Renesmee laughed. She knew her mother could hear what her father had said, and it was fun to her to be in the middle of their teasing.

A gasp echoed through out the large room. Alice and Edward's eyes glazed over.

Still seeming dazed, Edward whispered things that made no sense to anyone but Carlisle and Alice.

“Distruggali tutti.” His voice was blank of all emotion. Everyone listened and waited.

And that's when everything went black.

Distruggali tutti.”

“Destroy them all.”